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Effective Parenting

Dear Future Me

I stumbled onto a website last year, where you write a letter to your future self and then choose the date it gets sent to your email.  I excitedly wrote mine and I just received it today.  Wow! What a blast to read what I wrote — and not just because I can’t seem to... Read more »

There’s No Such Thing as a “Bad” Kid

I remember so clearly the first minutes I spent alone with my newborn baby.   I was wheeled into the maternity room from delivery, exhausted and in pain, and he started to cry.  My initial thought was, “How am I supposed to know what he wants?  We just met!” And even now that he’s older, when I’m... Read more »

Stop Just Raising Your Kids, Start Empowering Them

As a parent, you always want to be there for your children—whether that’s congratulating them in their victories or consoling them in their defeats.  And while this is a natural tendency, this type of behavior can sometimes have unintended effects; it could even become harmful. Indeed, intervening too frequently throughout your child’s life could stifle... Read more »

On #AdrianPeterson and Parent Training

The Adrian Peterson story has ignited a debate about corporal punishment in our country—particularly around whether it’s ok to use the same methods of physical discipline some of our parents used on us. I’m seeing comments that run from one extreme to the other on social media: “My dad used a switch on me, and I... Read more »

Chasing the Myth

A little while before my son was born, I started on a quest to track one the world’s most elusive creatures. There have been times when I think I am really, really close and have caught glimpses of this rare beast over the past 20 years. I’ve seen something out of the corner of my... Read more »