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Health, Nutrition & Safety

ADHD and Hyperactivity: Does Artificial Food Coloring Affect Behavior?

Editor's note: Halloween -- and the Tsunami of candy that accompanies it -- is almost here. It seemed fitting that this week's guest blog post should come from nutritionist, blogger and mom Kimberly Bither, who examines the possible link between artificial food coloring and hyperactive behavior. Does artificial food coloring negatively affect behavior in children?  Many parents... Read more »

Nervous Wreck: When My Baby Had Cochlear Implant Surgery

A while back, I wrote about preparing kids for surgery. However, the game changes quite a bit when you're talking about an infant or toddler! When that’s the case, it's more about preparing the parents. Just like our son E, our daughter has hearing loss. And just like E, she had to get a cochlear implant... Read more »

When Your Child Says, “Mom, I Started Smoking.”

We all measure our abilities as parents. We measure ourselves against our friends’ kids and even strangers’ kids. We don’t talk about it, but we all do it. My boys are not perfect. My oldest son had emotional/behavioral issues and could not succeed in a comprehensive public school program. He never had a Bar Mitzvah... Read more »