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Parental Stress

Does Facebook Leave You Feeling Down?

I recently came across a study that suggested it may be in a mother's best interest to take some time away from Facebook. This may hold true for fathers as well. Numerous studies have been conducted in an effort to understand what effect, if any, Facebook and other social media sites have on our outlook... Read more »

Why I Yell At My Kids

Hi, my name is “The Orange Rhino” and I yell at my kids. Actually, I should say that I used to yell at my kids. All the time.  For whining, fighting with each other, leaving toys out, not listening to me, refusing to get in the bath…the list could go on and on. I used to... Read more »

Dealing with Transitions

It’s that time of year again—the time when there’s a great deal of change happening! With some of it, you have a long time to think about what’s coming.  With other changes, you may not have much time to think, and jumping into the changes happening around you can be very stressful. Every now and then... Read more »