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Remaining calm is a universal challenge for parents, especially when managing defiant and aggressive kids. While you can’t just “will” yourself to be calm when your child is pushing your buttons, you can learn to stay calm in the most emotional situations with your child. The Calm Parent AM & PM gives you realistic solutions to help you keep your sanity and become a more effective parent.

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how to stay calm when dealing with a defiant or difficult child

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What Are Parents Saying?

  1. 5 out of 5

    Things are Better

    I purchased the program because my 17 year old son was failing in school, was hostile and wouldn\\\'t follow house rules. I was constantly grumpy with him and I was afraid of falling into a downward spiral of anger and worsening behaviour. I know the only person I can change is me, so I have and I More feel so much better knowing that I don\\\'t have to attend his fights, that I can almost always figure out a calmer way to sort things out and that I can love my son and let him fail anyway, when that is what he chooses. I take my time making parenting decisions now, and he is starting to develop much more respect, self-discipline and he and I are finding the love again. Thanks so much for all the helpful suggestions. I keep referring to other programs as well - THe ODD Child, The Total Transformation and Consequences. They are all very, very helpful.
  2. 4 out of 5

    Help for managing difficult behaviours

    I bought this program to help me deal with the challenges of parenting two children with ADHD and another with a learning disability. On some days, their negative behaviors can be a lot to manage! The CDs offer sensible, easy to implement strategies with an explanation of how and why they work. The More key is to modify OUR behaviour as parents, rather than trying to change our children. The program covers a lot of information; I found it works best to listen to the entire program first, then go back and review each CD one at a time.
  3. 5 out of 5

    Its as if they had a camera in my home to make these tapes!

    I purchased the program because I have a son that has ODD. I was at the end of my rope. We had already been through therapy, we tried all the tips and tricks with little improvement. It started to affect my health and my marriage. I finally realized that we could not FIX my son but we could at least More slowly address how we were handling each situation.
  4. 5 out of 5

    ADHD Parent to Parent Support Group

    I am a coordinator and facilitator of a ADHD Parent to Parent support group in Ontario. And a parent to four children. When making decisions in regards to working on materials to help parents, I feel that teaching the people in our group to become "calm parents" would be the best place to start. If we More as parents can't demonstrate a"calm position" to our children in the moment of teaching them skills, then no message will ever have an impact on them. we as parents need to stay in our own box and keep it together. Staying in "control" I would have to say would be the very best message you could ever give to your kids.
  5. 4 out of 5

    The Calm parent AM &PM

    I am having a lot of difficulty with my adult children ages 21 and 23 who are in college with respect to chores, money, disrespect, alcohol, sex, room, etc. I was also having difficulty with my husband who had a different view of parenting. This program enabled me to understand where the problem belongs More and how to detach myself from situation. I think a lot before I say anything and I think after I say something. Debbie Pinkus addresses simple problems like getting out of bed. I would like help with more complex issues with adult children and their irresponsible behavior. I have listened to Debbie's CD's more than five times. I love it. It is very soothing. I will reccommend this program to families with children ages 2-18. For older kids, I think different issues have to be addressed. Debbie's calm tone of voice is wonderful and dignified. I have become a more calm person as a result of this program.
  6. 5 out of 5

    Calming Down and Untangling

    For years we have struggled with anxiousness in our home. I believe we Have tangled and tugged primarily because I have been a combination Of pushover/dogmatic. Pushover to zone out and then dogmatic To get my authority over her. The stress of being anxious about how We relate has been consuming to our More family. I've constantly been trying to Soothe her by doing things she's capable of....then in exhaustion...lash out and lay the law down...then in guilt try to soothe it...then get resentful. She Is able and precious when I let go of the tug of war rope. I get relief. I have learned how to breathe and quit trying to avoid conflict, the conflicTs will teach lessons in problem solving. I got out of her box and I'm calmer,more in control in a healthy way. She is more confident and my load is lighter now!
  7. 5 out of 5

    Lovely Advice

    After struggling with my child and his anger issues and quick temper I have seen the light which this wonderful program offers. I can't recommend it enough for anyone who has anyone with deep and difficult issues. Staying separate from others and focusing on one's self is the key to solving any problem More anywhere. We can only change ourselves and THAT is so very hard in itself, but with it comes true and lasting peace.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Very Helpful!

    This program has a ton of great information that really helps parents understand our role in continuing the dance of arguments we are constantly engaging in with our kiddos! Awareness is a HUGE step!!
  9. 5 out of 5

    Calmer evenings in our house.

    The Calm Parent is very calming to listen to for starters, Debbie Pinkus has just the right voice and tone for easy listening. She just knows her stuff and is able to give so many examples of real life situations, I felt so often that she actually knew my 16 yr. old. I would think "OMG that is me". All More the tapes are helpful. Since I commute to work I keep all the tapes in my car and listen often. On the way home from work I listen to the PM tape and feel, now I can handle any situation that arises, I can stay calm and not escalate my voice. Calm is contagious and I am actually finding my 16 yr. old is raising her voice less along with me. The advice is extremely valuable for any parent with a frustrating teen!
  10. 5 out of 5

    "Required Reading" for EVERY family!!

    Already having been impressed with the Total Transformation Program, i knew that anything coming from Empowering Parents was worth paying attention to. When i saw that the program dealt with how how to parent non-anxiously, I knew it was for me. What I didn't expect was the enlightenment of how common More the problem of FUSION is with our children, and how that was at the core of anxious parenting. Debbie's statement "Calm is Contagious" has been absolutely right on and I'm finding that as I change MY OWN steps in the parent-child "dance," the partners (i.e. children) eventually begin to change theirs. Such a simple concept, yet NOT EASY to do. The real life examples shared in the program are extremely helpful as are the concrete tips on HOW to change our own dance steps. I can't say enough about this program!!!
  11. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the program to improve my "calm" skills as my kids grow into the teenage years. And, also for my husband, who really needed to look at things with a different perspective and be able to handle situations in a calm manner with success. He laughs when he uses the techniques and everyone gets More along. It's so simple, and yet takes practice. It's easy to fall back into old bad patterns. I have listened to the tapes several times, and remind my husband to, when we're having a tough week. They're like a parenting coach on your shoulder. Thanks! L
  12. 5 out of 5

    A new relationship

    I purchased this program because I love The Total Transformation Program (still completing it)as it has transformed my parenting, thus my relationship with my children. I however needed direct help with controlling my emotions in order to be able to think clearly 'in the moment'. This program was direct More and addressed the issues which had prevented me from being an effective parent. I don't have a lot of time and it was concise with helpful role plays. I found myself tearing up because it was like they were filming myself and my child! I can honestly say it has turned my relationship with my child around. I can't believe the many hours spent with counselors, reading books, talking with friends that yielded little fruit. Not to mention the stress put on my marriage and my own emotional health. I wish I had this program a decade ago.
  13. 5 out of 5

    Can't Say Enough

    It was sometimes difficult to carve out the time to listen to the CDs and complete the workbook exercises. However, it was so worth it! My household is much calmer now. I know that as I continue to practice the techniques Debbie shared in her program things can only get better. Thank you Legacy Publishing More for another fine program.
  14. 5 out of 5


    This is a geat program and eye opening. Easy to follow. I have listened to it many times and learn something new each time. Excellent source for any parent who is looking for a calm approach to parenting.
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Product Features:

  • 3 Calm Parenting Audio Lessons on CD
  • 1 AM Audio Lesson CD
  • 1 PM Audio Lesson CD
  • Bonus Audio Lesson CD: “The Instant Calm Down”
  • 113-page Workbook

Keep your cool, and your sanity.

If it were easy, every parent would be cool, calm and collected in the face of their child’s anger. Just remember that it is doable. This program shows you exactly how to respond to your child in a calm way, especially in stressful day-to-day situations.

Move beyond being reactive.

  • Respond calmly when your child pushes your buttons
  • Don’t allow the adrenaline of anxiety overtake you
  • Separate from the anxiety and be more effective
  • Stop taking your child’s misbehavior personally
  • End the anger, resentment and embarrassment about your child’s attitude and behavioral outbursts

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Why, like most parents, you react to your child
  • What’s been missing in your attempts to stay calm with your child
  • How to recognize your reactivity and understand it
  • What your specific triggers are
  • How to separate emotionally from your child’s behavior and think more rationally
  • Techniques you can use in the moment to not lose control
  • Boundaries to set with your child that let you remain calm and teach him responsibility
  • How to apply the calming process in everyday morning and evening scenarios

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Q: My child's behavior is so bad! Can I really become more calm by listening to this program?

A: In short, yes. The author, Debbie Pincus, has years of experience helping parents to respond more effectively to a child’s acting-out behavior, rather than reacting out of frustration or anxiety. The techniques described in The Calm Parent can be applied to most parenting situations you may encounter, from mild disrespect to more outright defiance and noncompliance.

Q: I have both The Total Transformation® Program and The Calm Parent AM & PM. Which program should I start with?

A: Both programs can be helpful in changing the relationship between you and your child. Starting with The Total Transformation Program can assist you in addressing your child’s inappropriate, acting-out behavior. The program will give you step-by-step tools to start making changes in your family. The Calm Parent AM & PM can help you with changing your own reactions to your child’s behavior, such as yelling at your child, giving your child the silent treatment, or simply feeling overwhelmed with his/her behavior.

Meet Debbie Pincus

Debbie PincusFor over 25 years, Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC, has offered therapy and coaching to individuals, couples and parents, helping them heal their relationships using Bowen Family Systems Theory. Debbie is the creator of The Calm Parent AM & PM, and has authored numerous books for children and young adults on interpersonal relationships.

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