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Self Esteem

Does My Child Have Low Self-Esteem?

As a parent, you have probably heard a lot about the importance of children having high self-esteem; and there is no doubt that you want your child to grow up feeling good about himself, no matter what happens in life. A critical part of supporting your child in developing healthy self-esteem is to become... Read more »

3 Ways to Develop a Success Mindset In Your Child

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. It’s important to you that your child develops healthy friendships, has a memorable school experience, and achieves their goals and dreams. Providing meaningful opportunities for your child and celebrating their accomplishments goes a long way towards raising their self-esteem and confidence. There is,... Read more »

#LikeAGirl: How To Really Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Have you ever been told you run/throw/hit like a girl? Every woman I know has a “run-like-a-girl story”—a moment when their abilities were undermined and their self-esteem took a big hit. When the #LikeAGirl Always ad played at my Super Bowl party last night, it captured everyone’s attention, particularly those of us with daughters: As parents,... Read more »

Kids and Competitive Sports: Too Much Pressure?

A child playing any sport that includes uniforms, umpires, coaches, players and parents will often sense an intense need that they succeed from the adults around them. That intense pressure contains all the elements that can cause eventual failure. This is particularly true with baseball. A round bat used to hit a round ball often... Read more »

Child Self-esteem: How Much Is Praise Worth?

Want to improve your child’s self-esteem? Praise him constantly and stop anything that may hurt his perception of being a competent, achieving person. With every success, your child will see that he is a winner and will continue to achieve. Sounds like good advice doesn’t it? Well, it is terribly misguided. In the spring 1999 issue... Read more »