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Social Media: How Does It Work in Your Family?

Posted by Empowering Parents Coaching Team

When Empowering Parents Coaches sat down to talk about social media and kids, we found we had many different ideas and opinions. It was a lively conversation!

We talked about the right amount of social media use, the language kids use online, acceptable behavior, boundaries, monitoring (or not monitoring) kids’ activity, and so on.

Social media is a concern for parents – a complicated one. And as we talked about it, we were curious.
How do you handle social media in your house?
What works for your family? What isn’t working? How much do you monitor your children? Do you have a social media contract, or family rules? What advice do you have for other families?
Please share your experiences with social media and kids in the comments section below.
We’re excited to hear from you. We hope our readers can learn from – and support – each other on this topic.

Wishing you a great week,

The Empowering Parents Coaching Team

Note: If you are working on technology use at home, this article may give you some good ideas: 10 Steps to Set Your Kids Up With a Healthy Online/Offline Balance.


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