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It’s Tough to Let Go: Raising Children to be Independent
Motherhood / Fatherhood

I knew having a teenager would be hard, no matter how wonderful a child my wife and I raised. And, I was right. Riley, who is now seventeen, has immersed herself in her social circle. She has tried to set herself apart from her mom and me by discovering her own identity, which may include... Read more »

3 Tips for New School Year Complaints
School & Homework

“But I don’t want to start school!” I’ve heard my teenage daughter utter that phrase at least a thousand times in the past week. Well, maybe not quite a thousand, but it sure felt like it! It was so hard to know how to respond. How could I reassure her that things will be okay, without... Read more »

Put a Plan in Place for Back-to-School
Coaching Blog

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school! It’s a joyous time for some parents: “Ah, my child who stayed up until 3 a.m. and slept in until noon will be getting back on a sleep schedule.” “My child who left dirty lunch plates around the house while watching television and complaining about there being ‘nothing... Read more »

Unmotivated Child? 6 Ways to Get Your Child Going
Laziness & Motivation

Why is it so hard to motivate kids? As parents, we often have a funny, inaccurate belief that our children won’t care unless we twist their arms. But the simple truth is that your attempts to motivate your child are probably working against you. There’s something wrong with the picture if you care more about... Read more »

5 Back-To-School Tips for Your ADD or ADHD Child
School & Homework

The start of a new school year will be here before we know it—and for some ADD/ADHD kids and their parents, this time is often associated with added anxiety and stress. For children and teens with ADD or ADHD, summer can be a much–needed and most–appreciated break, with many taking a “drug holiday” from their... Read more »

“My Kid Won’t Get Out of Bed” Stop the Morning Madness Now
Parenting Strategies/Techniques

The alarm goes off and the morning battle begins: you knock on your child’s bedroom door to wake him, but you have to go back time and again to make sure he’s actually up, your voice rising with each “wake-up call.” As the minutes tick by and he still hasn’t gotten out of bed, you... Read more »

“I Don’t Want to Go to School!” And What You Can Do About It
School & Homework

Nearly every morning before school, Josh, 9, will scream, cry and do anything possible to stay home. “He’ll whine on and on, ‘I don’t feel well. I hate my teacher. School is boring,” say his parents, Suzanne and Rob, who report that they have hit the wall with his behavior. “He used to like school,”... Read more »

Young Kids and Back-to-School Anxiety: How to Shrink it Down to Size
Younger Children

As the start of the school year approaches, have you seen your first grader go into meltdown mode at the mention of school, or watched your soon-to-be kindergartner regress back to baby talking and thumb sucking? Rest assured that you’re not alone. Each fall, millions of parents deal with their children’s beginning-of-the-year anxiety. For younger... Read more »

Beat the Back-to-School Power Struggle in 30 Days (The Secret? Start Now!)
School & Homework

I’ve worked with many parents and children caught up in power struggles in the home—they argued over bedtime, homework, curfew, video game time—you name it, they fought over it. And the more these parents fought with their children, the better at arguing and manipulating situations their children seemed to get. Mothers and fathers came to... Read more »

10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Do Better in School
School & Homework

“My son is a smart kid, but he doesn’t work hard in school. Now the teacher said he’s in danger of getting F’s in most of his subjects.” “My daughter just does enough to get by, instead of trying her best. When I talk to her about how important it is to get good grades... Read more »

“Go to Bed NOW!” Winning the Bedtime Battle with Young Kids and Teens
Power Struggles

As every parent knows, fights over bedtime can be one of the biggest power struggles you’ll have with your child, whether they’re five or fifteen. The truth is, many kids just don’t want to go to bed at night. For most of them, I think it’s because they’re afraid they’re going to miss something. With... Read more »

“I Hate School!” What Can I Do When My Child Refuses to Go to School?
School & Homework

“I hate school! I’m not going.” If you’re like most parents, you probably take the responsibility of getting your kids to school very seriously and get angry and frustrated when they refuse to go. This can easily turn into a power struggle if you feel this is a “battle” you have to “win.” It’s all... Read more »