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What Behaviors Can You Ignore?
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When my son was three years old, I carried him to the car every morning with bare feet. In the freezing cold, in the rain, in the snow. Before this started, putting on shoes to leave the house was a screaming battle. One morning I thought, why am I fighting this? I scooped up my... Read more »

Build Your Parenting Team
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Imagine a crowd cheering you on each day as you parent your kids. They encourage you, support you, and maybe take over for a bit when you need a break. As parents, we need all the support we can get. That’s why I talk to parents about “building their team.” Who can be your cheerleaders?... Read more »

Avoiding Power Struggles with Defiant Children: Declaring Victory is Easier than You Think
Power Struggles

How do you nip escalating fights over power in the bud? In part two of our series, James shows you three powerful techniques for defusing defiant power struggles. “Remember, when you engage in an argument with your child, you’re just giving him more power.” How do you know if you’re entering into a power struggle... Read more »

Coach Advice: Explain Yourself Once and Move On
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Here’s a piece of coaching advice I often find myself giving to parents: Explain yourself once to your child and then move on. You can’t solve an argument – or make a child do something – by trying to make them understand and agree with you. The fact is, they don’t understand you! They’re going... Read more »

Parenting Mistake? Let’s Fix It.
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Can you relate to this? Here’s a typical situation our coaching team hears from parents: “Last night was awful. My son came home two hours after curfew and when I tried to talk to him, he started making excuses and blaming me for making the curfew too early. I got so mad, we started yelling... Read more »

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
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Earlier this week, we wrote about celebrating success with your family. But what if things suddenly seem to be getting worse? Don’t panic. Setbacks are a normal but difficult part of the change process. With a good plan, you’ll get through these tough times and back to celebrating more success. Here are some tips for... Read more »

Are You Doing Better Than You Think?
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It’s easy for parents to skip over some accomplishments and jump right to the next thing – the undone dishes, the afternoon homework battle – but learning to identify and celebrate your family’s success, even if it’s small, can really help to create positive momentum and lead to lasting change. Maybe this is the first... Read more »

Calm Parenting: How to Get Control When Your Child is Making You Angry
Parenting Strategies/Techniques

Why is it so easy to go from “zero to 60” when our kids make us angry? There are many reasons, but I think it’s mainly because we allow ourselves to go to 60. And in a sense, when we get up to 60—when we react emotionally—we’re allowing the behavior of our kids to determine... Read more »

Losing Control of Your Daily Life?
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As a parent, are you frustrated that you’ve lost control and freedom in your day-to-day life? This is something a lot of people feel, but not many talk about. Things that used to be easy – going to the grocery store, deciding what to watch on TV, visiting Grandma – can be challenging and sometimes... Read more »

Do This One Thing Right Now
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Find a piece of paper and write down one thing you want to change in your parenting or family life this year. Not a list of resolutions, or everything that’s going wrong right now. Just one change you want to make over the next few months. Done? Just one thing. You’ll be amazed at what... Read more »

“This Is The Worst Day Ever!” Helping Kids Through Difficult Situations
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My daughter called me on my lunch break yesterday. I answered quickly, only to be greeted by a heavy sigh on the other line. “Mom, I’m having the worst day ever…I had to do a presentation this morning and everyone was staring at me…the boys started laughing…I got so nervous, I cried in front of... Read more »

Kids Home for Winter Break? Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday
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The kids will be home for the holidays soon. You’re trying to stay optimistic, but you can’t shake the feeling that this winter will be like all the rest… The children argue, make messes or spend all their time with friends instead of family. You’re busy breaking up fights and doing extra housework. Whatever happened... Read more »