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5 Back-To-School Tips for Your ADD or ADHD ChildBy Dr. Robert Myers, PhD

The start of a new school year will be here before we know it—and for some ADD/ADHD kids and their parents, this time is often associated with added anxiety and stress. For children and teens with ADD or ADHD, summer can be a much–needed and most–appreciated break, with many taking a “drug holiday” from their... Read more »

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Child Behavior Problems
Beat the Back-to-School Power Struggle in 30 Days (The Secret? Start Now!)By James Lehman, MSW

I’ve worked with many parents and children caught up in power struggles in the home—they argued over bedtime, homework, curfew, video game time—you name it, they fought over it. And the more these parents fought with their children, the better at arguing and manipulating situations their children seemed to get. Mothers and fathers came to... Read more »

Adolescent & Teen Behavior
9 Back-to-School Behavior Tips: How to Set Up a Structure That WorksBy Janet Lehman, MSW

It’s that time again—all around us, TV ads and store posters depict happy children and teens in back–to–school mode. But if the thought of your child starting school fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Right now, thousands of parents across the country are asking themselves, “How am I going to get my child up... Read more »

Ages & Stages
How to Start The School Year off Right: Top 4 Issues that Cause a Rocky StartBy Dr. Joan Simeo Munson

The beginning of a new school year can be a mixed blessing for parents: you might be relieved that your child is back in a routine and you no longer are organizing all that down time, as well as dread if you have a child who struggles in school. If your young child has had... Read more »

Accountability & Responsibility
4 Steps to Changing Child Behavior (With Free How-To Download)By Rebecca Wolfenden, 1-on-1 Coach

Procrastinating about homework. Backtalk. Refusal to do chores. Cursing. Most of the parents I speak with on a daily basis know something has to change with their child’s behavior, yet they feel overwhelmed about how to change it and unsure of where to start. With this uncertainty, it’s easy to get “stuck” in a place... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
Does Your Child Rely on Wishful Thinking? How to Motivate Him toward Attainable GoalsBy Sara Bean, M.Ed.

Recently I met with a 15-year-old boy to talk about his future. He was getting into trouble at school and on the brink of failing all his subjects. When we discussed his career goals, he stated that he wanted to be a mixed martial arts pro or a firefighter. Had he taken any classes related... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
5 Ways to Help Kids Who ProcrastinateBy Michael Kramer, PhD

Not now. Later. Tomorrow. That’s when many teenagers say they plan to complete their household chores or tackle their homework. To a certain extent, this is normal—many of us have a tendency to delay, to put off until tomorrow what we don’t want to do today. There is a difference, however, between the occasional delayer and... Read more »

How to Prepare Your Child with Special Needs for the Back-to-School TransitionBy Anna Stewart

“There’s a sale on school supplies,” I told my then 11-year-old son. “Let’s go. You can pick out all your own binders and folders.” “Mom, you are ruining summer,” he wailed. “I don’t want to think about school. I don’t want to go to school. I hate school!” This was not news to me. He struggled with... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
How to Navigate the School System When Your Child Has a DisabilityBy Jill Fletcher

As a parent, there are moments when warning bells go off—times when you notice that your child might be having trouble grasping certain skills that their peers seem to have mastered. Over the course of my career as a teacher and child case worker, time and time again I’ve heard parents make statements like the... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
Motivating Underachievers Part I: When Your Child Says "I Don't Care"By James Lehman, MSW

Are you facing the new school year with dread because you have an unmotivated or underachieving teen or pre-teen? Is your child’s answer to everything, “I don’t care” or “It doesn’t matter?” In Part I of this two-part series, James Lehman, MSW explains why your child does have motivation—and how you can coach them to... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
Motivating Underachievers II: Get Your Unmotivated Child on Track before School StartsBy James Lehman, MSW

In Part II of Motivating Underachievers (Read Part I here), James explains what you can do to get your child on track before school starts—and how you can motivate them to do their school work during the year. For a teen-ager, there are many ways to say “screw you” to your parents. And for underachieving kids, being... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
Unmotivated Child? 6 Ways to Get Your Child GoingBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

Why is it so hard to motivate kids? As parents, we often have a funny, inaccurate belief that our children won’t care unless we twist their arms. But the simple truth is that your attempts to motivate your child are probably working against you. There’s something wrong with the picture if you care more about your... Read more »

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