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Calm Parenting
Yelling at Your Kids? Why It Doesn’t WorkBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

You know the drill: Your child is screaming at you, ignoring you, being irresponsible or hurtful. Suddenly, you’re yelling at the top of your lungs, matching him decibel for decibel. Later, you think, “Why did I fly off the handle again? I’m so tired of letting him push my buttons so easily.” Yelling is a natural... Read more »

Non-traditional Families
Raising Grandkids: What to Do When the Honeymoon EndsBy James Lehman, MSW

Jan is a sixty-five-year-old grandmother who was given custody of her two grandsons, aged 8 and 15, after her daughter was jailed for drug abuse. “At first, it was a joy to have them in our house,” said Jan, whose grandchildren came to live with her one year ago. “They seemed so happy to be... Read more »

Abusive & Violent Behavior
How to Keep Calm and Guide Your Child to Better Behavior This YearBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

Have you been looking back on the last year, reflecting on how things went with your child? If so, perhaps you feel frustrated when you think about his or her behavior—and your reaction to it. Maybe you feel like no matter what you do as a parent, nothing changes. But understand that positive change can... Read more »

Calm Parenting
Parenting Resolutions: Your 4-Step Plan to Calm, Positive ParentingBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

The new year gives us a chance to pause and ask ourselves the big questions:  “How am I doing? How can I improve?” If you’re a parent, perhaps you resolve to be a calmer one, a more consistent one, a stricter one, a more involved one. Maybe you’re thinking about the gap between the parent... Read more »

Effective Parenting
The Parenting Resolutions Cha-cha: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back is Progress!By Rebecca Wolfenden, 1-on-1 Coach

I recently read a statistic that stated that only about a quarter of New Year’s resolutions are kept, and it made me wonder what was behind that number, and why so few change from a resolution into a habit.  I started thinking about what we call "thinking errors," and how they can be obstacles to... Read more »

Accountability & Responsibility
4 Steps to Changing Child Behavior (With Free How-To Download)By Rebecca Wolfenden, 1-on-1 Coach

Procrastinating about homework. Backtalk. Refusal to do chores. Cursing. Most of the parents I speak with on a daily basis know something has to change with their child’s behavior, yet they feel overwhelmed about how to change it and unsure of where to start. With this uncertainty, it’s easy to get “stuck” in a place... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
Does Your Child Rely on Wishful Thinking? How to Motivate Him toward Attainable GoalsBy Sara Bean, M.Ed.

Recently I met with a 15-year-old boy to talk about his future. He was getting into trouble at school and on the brink of failing all his subjects. When we discussed his career goals, he stated that he wanted to be a mixed martial arts pro or a firefighter. Had he taken any classes related... Read more »

Child Behavior Problems
5 Ways to Help Kids Who ProcrastinateBy Michael Kramer, PhD

Not now. Later. Tomorrow. That’s when many teenagers say they plan to complete their household chores or tackle their homework. To a certain extent, this is normal—many of us have a tendency to delay, to put off until tomorrow what we don’t want to do today. There is a difference, however, between the occasional delayer and... Read more »

Accountability & Responsibility
"Am I a Bad Parent?" How to Let Go of Parenting GuiltBy Janet Lehman, MSW

Countless readers write in to Empowering Parents and say, “I’m supposed to know how to make my child behave, but I don’t. He’s out of control and people blame me for his behavior. I feel guilty and ashamed most of the time, and very alone. It’s the worst feeling in the world.” The truth is,... Read more »

Parental Authority & Control
Parenting Truth: You Are Not to Blame for Your Child's BehaviorBy Kim Abraham, LMSW & Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW

“I wouldn’t be in trouble at school if my mom had just written me an excuse,” complained a teen I was counseling recently. “And the teacher didn’t have to fail me – he could’ve let me off with a warning!” As I listened to this bright 15-year-old kid explain why everyone was at fault for... Read more »

Calm Parenting
Ashamed of Your Kid's Behavior? How to Cope with JudgmentBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

When your child is making poor choices and acting out, it’s easy to let shame eat you up inside. You wonder, “Where have I gone wrong as a parent? Why is he behaving this way?" And, "What must other people be thinking?” The danger here is that these feelings can create a negative cycle. When... Read more »

Abusive & Violent Behavior
Tired of Yelling at Your Child? Stop Screaming and Start Parenting EffectivelyBy Janet Lehman, MSW

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been there: your child says or does something that pushes your buttons, and the next thing you know, you’re yelling at the top of your lungs—and she’s responding in kind. Afterward, you feel drained, upset and frustrated and wonder why it always has to come down to a screaming... Read more »

Adolescent & Teen Behavior
How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids: Use These 10 TipsBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

Calm Parenting—most of us aspire to it, desire it, and even promise ourselves we’re going to do it—but it’s so difficult to sustain. We know how important it is to parent from our principles rather than from our fears, but despite our best intentions we lose it and end up yelling at those we love... Read more »

Calm Parenting
Grandparents and Parents Disagreeing? 11 Tips for Both of YouBy Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

There’s a wonderful, special role that grandparents get to play within the family. Part of that role says that they have an extra bit of leeway with the grandkids—they might take them for ice cream or let them stay up a bit later when they visit, for example. Ideally, grandparents make... Read more »

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