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Teacher’s Aide Opens My Parenting Eyes
School & Homework

I’m so glad my aide, Chris, opened my eyes today. I teach third grade and have twenty-five eight and nine-year-olds scurrying about our room filled with desks, books and promise. At my school, I’m known for giving my students cool experiences that they will probably remember for years to come, as well as for being... Read more »

Empowering Parents Blog Post
Coaching Blog

One of my earliest memories is of my parents getting ready to leave me home alone for the first time, while they went out to dinner. I was in the bathroom, looking for nail polish. I blew my nose, and heard my father ask my mom, “Is she okay in there? Is she crying because... Read more »

Stop Defiant Behavior in Young Children by Role Modeling
Coaching Blog

I saw the most amazing thing on the playground the other day: a little girl wanted her dad to help make a little boy share the slide, and dad…refused to help. Before I get into that, though, let me tell you about the little boy. He was being bratty, standing on the slide, not letting anyone... Read more »

Science Confirms Spanking Kids is Ineffective
Coaching Blog

At Empowering Parents, we don’t focus on parenting the “right way” versus the “wrong way”—we focus on ineffective parenting versus effective parenting. Spanking is not effective in getting kids to follow rules or change their behavior. Experts at the University of Texas and University of Michigan agree. Just last month, researchers released a compelling study... Read more »

“Help! My Kid Complains Constantly!”
Coaching Blog

Does your child complain constantly? No matter how hard you try, something is always wrong: from what you made for dinner, to the horrible school you force her to attend, to the unfair rules in your house and everything in between. If you’re like most parents, you’ve tried to point out that things aren’t nearly... Read more »

Empowering Parents Blog Post
Coaching Blog

If you’re struggling with your co-parent (or an ex) – arguing about whose style is more correct, or more effective – you’re not alone. Coming to an agreement can be very difficult. And when you’re talking about parenting, emotions can certainly run very high. The good news is, you and your co-parent can find a... Read more »

Raise Responsible Kids By Coaching, Not Overdoing
Coaching Blog

Doing the dirty work is a great way for kids to grow and mature. We hear that all the time. But getting kids to do that dirty work isn’t easy. Have you been in this situation? Your child has been asked to do something that’s difficult or unpleasant. Maybe it’s a new chore at home,... Read more »

Teaching Perseverance: Let Kids Overcome Their Own Obstacles
Motherhood / Fatherhood

When I was growing up my family was poor—really poor. There were definitely those worse off, but looking back, we really struggled. We lived off food stamps and dumpster diving behind the local grocery store. One year, we celebrated Christmas late because Dad needed to construct a tree from the best curbside branches he could... Read more »

Parenting a Kid with ADHD: Focus on the Good

The marquis at my wellness center says, “Find the good and praise it.” – a quote by Alex Haley, most famous for authoring Roots: The Saga of an American Family. Even before I read this positive reminder on the larger-than-life sign, I have been telling myself to “focus on the good” when it comes to... Read more »

How to Cope With an Emotionally Distant Child
Coaching Blog

Do you ever wonder what happened to your sweet, affectionate, “glad to be part of this family” younger child? Did your child enter adolescence with a sudden cloud of distance, brooding, sullen behavior, and a desperate need to be as far away from your family as possible? Though it’s one of the more heartbreaking aspects... Read more »

What to Say to Motivate Your Teenager
Coaching Blog

This mom sums up what a lot of people are experiencing: “My child will not take her college applications seriously! She has to take an interest in her grades, her college applications, her test scores. She just blows it off. Why won’t she take this stuff seriously?! It’s HER future!” Sound familiar? You want your... Read more »

Letting Our Little Fish Swim
Family Holidays & Vacations

As I write this, my daughter Riley, a junior in high school, is preparing for a spring break trip—a cruise from Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Barbados, and other islands I have only dreamed of visiting. She’ll be traveling with two of her best friends, as well as the family of one... Read more »