Dealing with a child who steals — whether it's the first time or an ongoing issue — is confusing and frustrating. You might ask, "Why is my child stealing when we taught him it's wrong?" Kids use a lot of faulty thinking when they steal. They tell themselves it doesn’t hurt anyone, or that it's okay for them to take what they want because no one will miss it. They may not see how stealing from family members is still considered theft. In most instances, these kids lack effective problem solving skills. How to address stealing involves recognizing why the behavior hurts people and identifying what the child will do differently the next time. For more direction on how to approach and effectively manage child stealing problems, start with reading these articles: Why Is My Child Stealing and What Can I Do? Advice for Parents on Kids, Stealing and Shoplifting Kids Stealing from Parents: What You Need to Know Now

Kids Stealing from Parents: What You Need to Know

By Denise Rowden, Parent Coach


Has your child been caught stealing from you or someone else? Have you found him using your credit card for online gaming, taking money from your wallet without asking, or even taking big-ticket items from your house? The anger, disappointment, and lack of trust you feel can be destructive for your relationship. Empowering Parents coach... Read more »

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