Family Rules & Limit Setting

Learn about one of the three most important roles of a parent: The Limit Setter. The articles below will help teach you how to set limits and establish family rules.

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Establishing Teen Curfews: 6 Essential Tips for Parents



Establishing curfews, and holding your children to them, can often feel daunting, whether it’s because you know your child will challenge it or because you know you will experience some anxiety as you let your older teen stay out later as they get older. Here are 6 tips that will help you be more comfortable and... Read more »

Mom talking with teen daughter

Am I Too Strict With My Child?



Are you wondering if you are being too strict with your child? Do your kids make you feel like an ogre when you set limits? Does the word “no” kick off whining, yelling and protests? How many times have you heard your nine-year-old say something like: “That’s not fair! Brandon’s mom lets him watch Sons... Read more »

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Teen Curfews—How and When to Negotiate



It’s important to teach kids how to negotiate because it’s a necessary life skill. But don't let them negotiate away your power as a parent. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you give in or over-negotiate with your kids. As parents, we don’t set out to over-negotiate. But then our kids whine, argue, and resist.... Read more »

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