RebeccaW, Parent Coach

Rebecca Wolfenden is a loving Momma to her son and a dedicated EmpoweringParents Parent Coach. She earned her degree in Social Work from West Virginia University and has been with Empowering Parents since 2011. Rebecca has experience working with children and families in home settings and schools, and has extensive practice working with people of all ages who have survived significant emotional and physical trauma.

3 Parenting Reminders for Managing Negative Thoughts

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


Parenting is tough. We speak to many people every day who are struggling with challenging parenting issues. It’s easy and normal to get caught up in negative thoughts about yourself and your family. Here are some common thoughts we hear from parents: “I love my family, but sometimes I don’t like being a parent." ”My friends’ kids are... Read more »

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What Behaviors Can You Ignore?

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


When my son was three years old, I carried him to the car every morning with bare feet. In the freezing cold, in the rain, in the snow. Before this started, putting on shoes to leave the house was a screaming battle. One morning I thought, why am I fighting this? I scooped up my barefoot... Read more »

A Tip to Stop Power Struggles

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


If there’s a surefire technique in parenting, we think this is it: Leave the room when things get heated. We hear from parents all the time about power struggles with their children. Kids won’t get out of bed. They refuse to do their homework. Toddlers fight putting their shoes on. The list goes on, but the solution... Read more »

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Losing Control of Your Daily Life?

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


As a parent, are you frustrated that you’ve lost control and freedom in your day-to-day life? This is something a lot of people feel, but not many talk about. Things that used to be easy—going to the grocery store, deciding what to watch on TV, visiting Grandma—can be challenging and sometimes just don’t happen. A friend recently... Read more »

Backtalk: How to Handle it Effectively

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


Halloween is coming and your house looks like a tornado blew through it. Tired of wading through pumpkin seeds and candy wrappers, you tell your daughter it’s time to stop playing her game and help clean up the kitchen. She responds with, “We NEVER do anything fun around here. We ALWAYS have to clean up. I hate... Read more »

5 Homework Strategies That Work for Kids

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


Are you dreading homework more as an adult than you were as a child? When kids give excuses or flat out refuse to do assignments, what do you do? Dealing with daily homework battles can be frustrating and exhausting. You're not alone--many parents reach out to us for advice on this topic. We help by providing... Read more »

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