You can’t punish your child into good behavior.

Forget about over-the-top punishments or ineffective rules because you’ll just end up in a power struggle.

The right consequences actually motivate your child to good behavior. They put you back in control and teach your child how to problem-solve, giving your child the skills needed to be a successful adult.

In The Complete Guide to Consequences, James Lehman, MSW helps take away the mystery by showing you exactly what to say and do to get your child to respond to discipline. You’ll be shocked at how simple and logical these consequences are – and how quickly they’ll work with your child.

Watch realistic parent-child role plays that demonstrate techniques for whatever challenge you’re facing:

Remember, you don’t have to go to extremes to get your child to listen. Reclaim your sanity and get simple, effective consequences today.

The Complete Guide to Consequences is just one of our award winning parenting programs included with The Total Transformation® Online Package.


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★★★★★ Picking your battles and setting limits – Kat65
“Complete Guide to Consequences has helped me to pick my battles wisely, Take a break before screaming and simply stating my limits and walking away. My daughter has really came around in the last month and is such a joy to be around. AND she is now doing her jobs around the house with only one request and very little sarcasm and manipulation. I found this program at the point I would lose my sanity! It helped me so much! I highly recommend it and the parent coaching is a life saver!!!”

★★★★★ What A Relief! – TXSue
“The Total Transformation Program helped to stop the battles with my 12 year-old every day over everything. It has been such a wonderful relief. We still have work to do. But the great thing about the program is that I can go back to it again and again, and pick up new ideas each time. James gives you very specific examples and words to use. I would recommend that every parent try the program.”

★★★★★ help when we needed it – Army Wife
“I loved this program. It taught me so much about not whether or not I’m a good parent, but if I’m an effective parent. That mindset is so important in me being able to keep my composure during heated situations.” 

★★★★★ A+A+
“Absolutely fabulous program! James Lehman explains difficult concepts in very easy to follow terms and steps. I began to change my methods immediately. With my change in approach, my child’s attitude began to change just as fast. I continue to use what I’ve learned through this program, and my child has made a 180 degree turn. THANK YOU JAMES”

★★★★★ Guilt is goneMom of ADHD
“Great tips and skills and most of all took away that guilty conscious I always had for no reason! Thank you!” 

★★★★ Excellent! Worth every penny!  – ChrissyD
“I purchased this program because I wanted to empower my children and other family members with concrete methods about how to communicate with our children. It is a comprehensive method that provides sound strategies for helping children become responsible and respectful adults. Thank you Janet and James for this wonderful gift!”

★★★★★ Best Parenting Guide Ever!apsaunders
“Absolutely the best parenting tool I have ever found! I have taken (on average) two parenting classes per year for the past five years. I just want to be better at my role as a mom! I find it insane that parenting is the most important job of our lives, yet it’s the role we learn the least about! I received zero parenting education! Then I started to seek it out. I enjoy every parenting class I take, but Total Transformation is the only one I need! I agree with every single technique it teaches! That never happens! I can apply every single idea given from Total Transformation with ease! It just makes sense! Thank you Total Transformation!” 

★★★★★ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – Relieved & Smiling Mom
“This program was a huge benefit for my whole family. I learned so much about myself, my children and others. This program to me goes way beyond just kids it’s all the people we have in our lives. In regards to my son and his behaviour issues. There has been a wonderful change and our relationship has improved greatly and his communication at school has improved tremendously. I highly recommend this program for everyone.”

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