Disrespect from children and teens can be shown in a variety of ways - the most common being backtalk, complaining, arguing, attitude, or just plain ignoring. These are all faulty tools that children and teens may use to express displeasure about a limit that was set, avoid a task they don’t want to do, or try to gain control in a situation where they feel powerless. These faulty tools work for kids when parents argue back, engage in a power struggle, or take their words personally. Below are some parenting articles and resources to help you learn how to deal with disrespectful kids.

Daughter ignoring mother

Tuning You Out: When Your Child Ignores You



Do you feel like your teen tunes you out—or just plain ignores you—any time you make a request or try to have a real conversation? If you’re feeling this way, it’s probably not your imagination. This is a weapon adolescents have in their arsenal, and many use it to manipulate their parents passive-aggressively. Keep in... Read more »

Very angry teen girl saying "I hate you mom"

Disrespectful Child Behavior? Don’t Take It Personally


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To expect your child to understand and care about your feelings when he or she disobeys you is a sign that you’re over–personalizing the behavior. And by doing so, you are setting yourself up to be frustrated. When parents take things very personally, they overreact by saying abusive things, giving severe punishments or even physically hurting their... Read more »

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