Annita Wozniak

Annita Wozniak grew up in a large, imperfect family in the Midwest. "As adults we have the power to build children up or tear them down," she says about the challenges of being a responsible parent, "and we never know when what we say is going to be a defining moment in a child's life." Woz is a writer and child-grower living in the Midwest with her husband and their three inspirational children. She is always learning. You can visit her website at

Students Describe Alleged Ohio Gunman as “Sweet, Sad”

By Annita Wozniak


Sweet? Sad? Gunman? which of these words doesn't belong here? It's gunman. We'd like to think that the person with the gun at the recent school shooting in Ohio was a gunman.  A full-grown adult.  Someone mature.  Someone who has no future.  Someone who is capable of taking full responsibility for his/her actions. Then the shooting  would be... Read more »

Sibling Rivalry and Fighting…A Rite of Passage?

By Annita Wozniak


This may sound strange, but during a recent visit of about ten local kids to our house I was more than a little relieved to come around the corner and catch a big brother roughing up a little brother. Unaware that we were in the vicinity, the elder had just delivered an elbow thrust to... Read more »

Sound Off: Link between Vaccines and Autism Retracted

By Annita Wozniak


What parent hasn't considered the possibility of postponing or rejecting routine vaccinations out of fear of a link between vaccines and Autism Over a year ago, and with little fanfare, Dr. Wakefield's 1998 study indicating a link between the Measels, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine and Autism was exposed as a fake. At that time, medical... Read more »

“It’s Not Fair!” Is Your Child a Sore Loser?

By Annita Wozniak


"That's not fair!" These are the words that are hurled over my 6-year-old son's shoulder after learning he hasn't won the cooking game. We're hosting a houseful of kids over the winter break and they're taking over my kitchen, creating their own recipes and competing against each other, like on the popular cooking show Chopped. On television,... Read more »

If Kids Who Talk Back Are Gifted, Then I’m Raising Geniuses!

By Annita Wozniak


A new study asks, Are certain parenting techniques, like using commands with kids, short-circuiting brain development? Tracking more than 8,000 children, the findings suggest that regardless of socioeconomic background, small differences in communication style can have an impact on children. Evidently, "Mothers and fathers who mainly talk to their offspring using commands rather than reasoning,... Read more »

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