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Parental Anxiety? 5 Ways to Relieve the Worry



Sometimes we parents don’t think we are anxious because we are not trembling in our boots.  Often there is no visible sign of how anxious we are.   Yet when we look inside our heads, we notice that we spend a lot of time thinking about our kids—sometimes scary thoughts about things that haven’t even happened.... Read more »

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Punishments vs. Consequences: Which Are You Using?



As parents, we know the importance of parenting from our principles, things like teaching our children to own up to their actions and face the fallout when they make poor choices. At Empowering Parents, our parenting programs stress the importance of using effective consequences as opposed to using punishments. But what, exactly, is the difference... Read more »

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Positive Parenting: 5 Rules to Help You Deal with Negative Child Behavior More Positively



Do your kids drive you crazy? If you were asked to describe them, after saying, "He's a good kid, but..." would you use words like “defiant,” “whiny,” “unmotivated,” “disrespectful,” “angry,” or “demanding,” with a few positives sprinkled in? If the negatives loom larger in your mind than the positives, the first thing to realize is... Read more »

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The Single Parent Juggling Act: 5 Tips to Help You Manage



Raising kids in a single-parent home has its own unique set of challenges that require confidence, resilience, and courage. It's hard enough to raise kids with a partner, but it's a different matter altogether when you're alone, overburdened, and under-supported. I was talking with a single mom recently who described her day like this: "I rush... Read more »

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