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Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

Debbie Pincus is the creator of

She is also the author of numerous books for young people on interpersonal relations:


For more than 25 years, noted psychotherapist Debbie Pincus has offered effective, compassionate therapy and coaching in the Greater New York area. As an expert in calm parenting, one of her strengths is helping parents cope with anxiety in the face of disappointment, frustration and anger at their children’s behavior.

Debbie leads parent groups through Greenwich Hospital and The Relationship Center. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Relationship Center. She serves on the Board of the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Counseling Center and writes online articles for EmpoweringParents.com.

Debbie has offices located in New York City, Larchmont, NY and Greenwich, CT. She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband. She has three grown children.

Debbie maintains a website at DebbiePincus.com.


Her post-graduate training was at the Gestalt Institute of New York and the Bowen Family Institute of Georgetown.

She is also trained in cognitive-behavioral and dialectic behavioral therapy.

She is a certified Screamfree Parent and Marriage Coach.

A Word from Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC

“I will help you to develop your capacity to stay connected to those who matter to you, while maintaining your sense of well being. You will learn ways to reduce your anxiety and reactivity, become aware of the role you play in your problematic interactions, and become more successful in resolving conflicts and talking to one another.”

Media Mentions

Debbie was quoted in MarketWatch: “Estranged from your adult child? Here’s how to work through the pain and regain some peace” by Morey Stettner

Debbie was quoted in Money in “I Can’t Stop Buying My Kids Expensive Sneakers. What Is Wrong With Me?” by Elizabeth O’Brien.

Debbie was quoted in The Chicago Tribune in the following articles:

“You’re ready for your adult child and his kid to move out. How do you handle?” by Christen A. Johnson.

“How to get along with your child” by Danielle Braff.

“Are your kids inheriting your fears? What parents can do to stop the cycle” by Debbie Carlson.

Debbie was quoted in The Washington Post in “Is the mean mommy voice better than yelling?” by Jennifer Wallace.

Debbie was quoted in The Pocono Record in “Parents: To help kids thrive, encourage these four aspects of life” by Amy Leap.

Debbie was quoted in PsychologyToday.com in “Do Your Children Yank Your Chain?” by Dena Kouremetis.

Debbie was quoted in Nasdaq.com in “Poll: 3 in 4 parents with adult kids help them pay debts, living expenses” by Brady Porche.

Debbie was quoted in Aarp.org in “When Boomerang Kids Land in Your Empty Nest” by Mary W. Quigley.

Debbie appeared on Good Morning America in a segment of their “Failure to Launch” series named “Moving Back in with Mom and Dad” by Nightline’s Juju Chang.

Debbie was featured in a radio interview on The Jerry Agar Radio Show on NewsTalk 1010 from Toronto.

See a complete list of Debbie’s media mentions.

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