Feeling underappreciated goes with the territory of parenting. As a mom, how many times have you wished for more acknowledgement for all you do—from your children, your mate or society? And how many times have you been disappointed when you didn’t see or feel that acknowledgement and encouragement coming back to you?

It might be a very long time until your daughter looks at you and says, “You know what? You’re a really good mom.” Or even until she offers a simple “thank you.” If you are waiting for that moment of acknowledgement, you are not alone. It’s understandable to wish for more acknowledgement but it’s not always realistic to get it.

I believe what’s more important is the fact that moms forget—or don’t give themselves permission—to appreciate themselves. In this rapidly changing world, more is demanded and expected of mothers than any other time in history. Making it even more difficult is that fact that for many of us, our children are less connected to us than ever—they’re more connected to their mobile devices. But the expectations on us remain. As moms, we often internalize these demands and become very hard on ourselves as a result. Not only do we feel we can’t keep up; we feel as though we don’t measure up as parents. We feel that we simply aren’t enough.

Self-Acknowledgement: The Root of Empowerment for Parents

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s a good time to stop for a few minutes to acknowledge and honor all that you do as a parent and for your family. Rather than waiting for an expression of gratitude that may never come, express your own. I believe this knowledge and appreciation of “self” is one of the most important sources of empowerment for parents. When you can stand on your own as a fully confident and calm self, you can be a leader to your children. And, despite what they might tell you, that’s what they really need and want you to be.

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Words of Calm, Encouragement and Empowerment to Keep, Share and Pin

You feel most effective when you are parenting from your best thinking rather than from your anxieties. It can be hard to do that in the moment. When you’re stressed and managing six different priorities with three sassy-to-defiant children, it’s hard to find that source of calm self-acknowledgement that reaffirms your value and all that you do right each and every day.

That’s where mantras come in handy. Mantras are little helpful sayings or affirming thoughts that we can pull out of our back pockets to remind us of our parenting guidelines when our emotional state overrides our best thinking.

I created these Mantras for Moms for you on this Mother’s Day, with a little design help from the EP Staff. You can use them as wallpaper for your cell phone or tablet, or as motivational graphics to put on your mirror or bulletin board. You can also use them to start an empowerment board on Pinterest (which is something I highly recommend. It can be your go-to place for encouragement).

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Who knows what Mother’s Day will bring? Maybe you’ll get flowers and a card or a nice meal from your kids. Or maybe you’ll find yourself in a squabble with your daughter or getting another round of the silent treatment that leaves you feeling sad and wanting more from your relationship.

It is my hope that if you’re not “feeling the love” on this day or any other day, that you will find empowerment here. That you will allow yourself the time and space to reflect on these mantras when you need them and just pause for a bit to honor the hundreds of things you do each day to raise a child and a family—to help create productive, independent young people. The acknowledgement you give yourself is the most important of all. All of us at EP are here to support you in that. Today and every day.


For more than 25 years, Debbie has offered compassionate and effective therapy and coaching, helping individuals, couples and parents to heal themselves and their relationships. Debbie is the creator of the Calm Parent AM & PM™ program (which is included in The Total Transformation® Online Package) and is also the author of numerous books for young people on interpersonal relations.

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