Effective Parenting

Effective Parenting is learning to parent the child you have, not the child you wish you had. It's not about being a perfect parent—it's about being a “good enough” parent.

Effective parenting techniques focus on holding your child accountable for misbehavior and on developing better problem solving skills.

2 parents disagreeing over how to discipline their child

When Parents Disagree: How to Parent as a Team



Most couples have experienced this situation at one time or another—you think you should discipline your child a certain way, and your spouse or co-parent wants to handle it differently. You each become entrenched in your position. And what started as a problem between you and your child quickly evolves into a problem between you... Read more »

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Mom on stairs elbows on knees looking burnt out

“I’m So Exhausted”: 4 Tips to Combat Parental Burnout


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Are you often exhausted as a parent? Do you regularly feel drained, overwhelmed and off-balance when it comes to raising your kids? It’s hard for every parent, but when your children have tough behavioral problems, like ADHD, frequent defiance or other chronic acting-out behaviors, the task of raising them to adulthood can sometimes feel like... Read more »

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Mom and adolescent son

“Parents Aren’t the Problem—They’re the Solution”



Do you feel like your family members, your kid’s teachers, and even counselors blame you for your child’s acting out behavior? You’re not alone.  As James Lehman says, there are countless parents out there “living in little prisons”—feeling trapped, isolated, and ashamed of their child’s defiant or out of control behavior. If you’re in this... Read more »

9-year-old boy looking confused and anxious

Misreading Social Cues and Your Child’s Behavior



Does your child often perceive himself as being right when he's wrong and wrong when he's right? Does he wonder why everyone is always mad at him? Some children have a hard time reading social cues and it has a profound impact on their behavior. Misreading social cues can include not understanding other people's words,... Read more »

Distraught father worried about his child's future

“Will My Kid Be Messed Up Forever?”



I've counseled many parents through the years who were discouraged about their kids' behavior problems. They felt hopeless and wondered if things were ever going to change. They would ask me: "Will my kid be messed up forever?" Their feelings are understandable. When you have a child who acts out in very aggressive and destructive ways,... Read more »

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