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Anna Stewart

Anna Stewart wrote the book Mother Blessings: Honoring Women Becoming Mothers, available on Amazon.


Ms. Stewart is a family advocate, writer, speaker, facilitator and single mother of 3 unique kids.

She is passionate about helping families learn to advocate WITH their children and teens and supporting those with ADHD.

She has taught non-fiction adult writing classes and has worked as an editor and columnist for many years.

Since 2005, she has been the Parent Liaison providing special education support, information and resources for families for
the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado.


Ms. Stewart received her BA in Integrative Health Studies from San Francisco State University.

After studying at SFSU in the individually created Integrative Health Studies major, she went on to obtain her Massage Therapy Certification (Body Therapy Center, CA) her HypnoTherapy Certification (Halcyon College, CA), her Child Birth Assistant Training (Birth Assistants of Boulder County, CO) and her Parent as Mentors (PAM) Training (Boulder Valley School District, CO).

A Word from Anna Stewart

“I don’t think our kids need us to swoop in and fix their issues. We don’t have to keep pushing that boulder back up the hill for them. If we ‘do it for them,’ our kids don’t have to be accountable. We demonstrate with our words and actions that we don’t think they are capable. Is that helpful to our teens or to us?”

Media Mentions

Ms. Stewart is the author of over 400 articles, essays and reviews in a wide range of publications and book anthologies

She was featured in Anna Stewart’s Journey of Strength and Compassion by Beki Sciacca for ESME (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere).

She was quoted in Boulder Valley: Inclusion of Special Needs Students a Priority by Amy Bounds in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Articles by Anna Stewart

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