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Katherine Ketcham

Katherine Ketcham is the author or coauthor of nineteen books available on Amazon, including:

as well as her memoir

Millions of copies of her books are currently in print.


Since 1999 Ms. Ketcham has worked with youth and families at the Juvenile Justice Center and founded Trilogy Recovery Community in Walla Walla, Washington, where she lives with her husband, Patrick Spencer, a geology professor.

They have three children and seven dogs.

You can read more about Ms. Ketcham on her website, on goodreads, on LinkedIn and on Facebook.


Ms. Ketcham attended Connecticut College and received a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester.

A Word from Katherine Ketcham

“Chances are, if you think that your child has been smoking pot, he or she probably has. If you’re a parent and see these problems in your child, I would be proactive and talk to your child, express your concerns, and tell them that you’re keeping an eye out and that you’re not going to ignore the situation.”

Media Mentions

Ms. Ketcham was featured in Exclusive Interview with Author Katherine Ketcham by the Recovery Research Institute.

She wrote THE CIRCLE for Parabola: The Search for Meaning magazine.

She wrote The Importance of Self-Care When Your Child is Battling with Addiction for Thrive Global.

Her memoir “The Only Life I Could Save: A Memoir” was reviewed in Judith Newman’s Help Desk column in The New York Times Sunday Book Review.

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