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Kimball Lewis is the CEO of EmpoweringParents.com. In addition to his leadership and management roles, he contributes as an editor, a homeschooling expert, and a parent coach. He resides in Orlando, Florida, with his wife and two teenage sons. He is the host of The Empowering Parents Podcast ( Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher ).


Mr. Lewis began his career as a health, welfare, and child policy researcher for a leading public policy think-tank in Washington, DC. He then served as a technologist and executive in a series of successful healthcare start-ups. Mr. Lewis volunteers as an executive coach for Cru, a Christian missionary organization serving over 190 countries worldwide. He and his wife have led several marriage ministry groups at his home church in Orlando, FL. LinkedIn


Mr. Lewis attended Cornell University, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and a BA in Government.

A Word from Kimball Lewis

Managing child behavior problems is a skill that can be learned. And the tools and resources available through EmpoweringParent.com and The Total Transformation® child behavior program ensure that you don’t have to learn through trial and error. Instead, you can learn from parents and professionals who know how to effectively manage disrespect, defiance, backtalk, lying, laziness, motivation, and other behaviors.

Media Mentions

Mr. Lewis is frequently interviewed by CBS News in Tampa Bay, Florida, for his expert parenting advice. Recent stories include the following:

What parents can do to protect their children from online predators.

How parents should talk with their kids about online rules and safety.

How to track sex offenders in your neighborhood before Halloween.

Digital literacy program teaching kids to spot fake news.

He was also interviewed by Gannett publishing for the article ‘Be the parent and not the friend’: Experts discuss the benefits of leading children. The same parenting article was also published in the Daily American newspaper.

As a homeschool expert, he was also interviewed by a leading housing publication on what homeschool families should consider when purchasing new home. He was also interviewed for The Homeschooling Experiment: Tips for Parents and was quoted in How To Start Homeschooling Your Child, A Step-By-Step Guide.

Podcast Appearances

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While a researcher at a leading public policy think tank, Mr. Lewis published several studies on children and families, including families and Medicaid coverage, children’s health insurance coverage patterns, Medicaid and WIC policy, health insurance coverage in the United States, and how to measure the number of uninsured in the United States.

Mr. Lewis also holds a patent (co-inventor) in the area of using analytics to improve healthcare utilization and outcomes (US Patent No. 10,108,975).

Articles by Kimball Lewis

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