Megan Devine, LCPC

Megan Devine is a licensed clinical therapist, former Empowering Parents Parent Coach, speaker and writer. She is also the bonus-parent to a successfully launched young man. You can find more of her work at, where she advocates for new ways to live with grief.

How to Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Home

By Megan Devine, LCPC


The father's voice on the other end of the eCoaching phone check-in sounded exhausted and overwhelmed when he said, "I know you told me that I have to hold my child accountable, but what exactly does that mean?” It’s an excellent question, and one that we receive often on the Support Line. You’ve probably noticed that... Read more »

Ask Parent Coaching: How to Help an Antisocial Teenager

By Megan Devine, LCPC


Dear parent coaching: Help! My teenage son is a basement vampire. I have a problem with my 14 year old son and have not read anything similar about this on other blogs. My son doesn't want to be involved in ANYTHING! We have tried sports, dog training, piano lessons, drums in band, church activities, fencing, 4-H -- you name... Read more »

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