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Technology & Kids

Mean Mom: Why I Won’t Let My Son Get on Facebook

In middle school, the rules all seem to change. When my son came home from his first day of 5th grade, I asked him what the biggest difference was from last year. He paused and said, "Well, this year, everyone wants to know who likes who. Sam likes Jessica.  All the boys have a crush on Emmie. And Kayley likes... Read more »

Social Media vs. the Horse and Buggy: Are Modern Kids Missing out on Life?

Raising children has changed so much in one or two generations. We speak with parents, grandparents and even Great Grandparents with our 1-on-1 Coaching Service that are currently raising children. Each generation seems to ask the same child rearing question: "What happened?"  How come what worked for one generation doesn’t work for the next?   What exactly has changed? I recently read... Read more »

Facebook Fracas: Is Our Child Mature Enough to Handle Social Media?

Cell phones. Internet. Facebook. Email. It’s been interesting watching the progression of technology over the years and the different ways each has individually impacted our 4 boys. There is a big age gap so the differences were very apparent. The ages at which they requested these privileges varied. We learned very quickly that there was... Read more »

One Mom’s Journey: The Internet = My Support Group

Are you looking to find support online? The Internet has been my saving grace time and time again.The first thing I ask is HOW people want to get their support. Maybe you're good with reading on the Internet and have found articles here on and elsewhere to help you in your journey as a... Read more »

Teens and Sexting: How to Take Back Control of Technology

According to researchers at the Education Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts, 13% of teens involved in sexting reported a suicide attempt during the time interval during which the sexting occurred. I agree with lead researcher Shari Kessel Schneider that association does not imply causation. Nonetheless, whenever there is a link between teens' behavior and emotional... Read more »