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The "H" in ADHD

Posted by Nicole Roswell

I have often been corrected by people when I attribute my granddaughter Maddy’s behavioral problems to ADHD. I am told that it is a “focusing problem,” such as not being able to sit for long periods of time at school or reading a book and not understanding what she read. I felt like such a failure for not being able to control her silliness and immaturity and ridiculous outbursts; she is extremely loud, overemotional, and ultra-sensitive to change.

But I have realized that I was overlooking the “H” in ADHD: Hyperactive. That explains her laughing at a joke longer and louder than anyone else, even falling over her chair when something is funny, but not that funny.  Or acting silly or immature around kids her own age, resulting in them trying to avoid her.

Yes, we have to work on these problems. It seems like we are always saying “Shhh… take it down a decibel.” I continue to remind her not to touch other people or get too close to them so that they are uncomfortable. We try to patiently and quietly calm her down when she gets overly excited.

I keep hoping the day will come when she is able to realize on her own that she is talking louder than everyone else. That she will realize she is doing it and be able to have some sort of “auto correction.”

Thankfully, one Empowering Parents reader has already responded to my posts and told me about a feedback concept that I am looking into, as well as listening to and reading James Lehman’s wisdom.

Does anyone else out there have any ideas? Please leaves your comments here!


About Nicole Roswell

Nicole Roswell is married with four grown children, and she and her husband are now raising their eleven-year-old granddaughter with ADHD. They also have two dogs and two cats, and a mole who lives in the front yard “whose life long goal is to destroy every blade of grass that we own.”

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