Does your child have anger management issues? The truth is, anger is not the issue; it’s the way your child chooses to express it. Anger is a normal emotion that many kids and teens have difficulty expressing appropriately. There may also be other factors that make managing anger more difficult for some kids, such as a diagnosis, or aspects of typical childhood development like low frustration tolerance or poor impulse control. As a parent, you'll be more effective if you focus on teaching your child the skills to process anger appropriately rather than trying to make your child feel a certain way. Addressing anger should include choosing a calm time to discuss what your child can do differently the next time they feel angry. In the articles below, you'll find more information and techniques to effectively address the issues of anger.

boy pointing finger gun

When Your Child Uses Anger as a Weapon



From young children to teens, James Lehman, MSW explains why your child is in trouble if he or she uses anger and acting out behavior to control others. When children use anger to get what they want, it can feel for all the world like they're pointing a loaded weapon at you. As a parent, you... Read more »

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