Routine & Structure

Routine and structure are vital to your child's life. In the articles below, our experts at Empowering Parents teach you strategies that help you implement family structure.

Consistent Parenting: How to Unlock the Secret



"Being consistent is the hardest thing of all," many parents tell us. And it's so true—it’s easy to lay down a rule and then let it slide when you’re tired or in a hurry. In this article, Janet Lehman explains why consistency is the key to your child’s behavior—and tells you ways to keep on... Read more »

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Do You Dread Coming Home To Your Kids?


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"On the way home from work every day, I start getting stressed out because I know that my 15-year-old son will be waiting, ready to start a fight with me. There are times when I want to turn the car around and not deal with him anymore, but I know that's wrong. I'm so tired... Read more »

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Do You Fight with Your Child Every Night?



Homework, chores, TV, computer time, bedtime: are each of these areas potential land mines that can start a fight with your child each night? If you answer that question with a “yes,” you’ve already taken the first step toward making things better. You’ve recognized that there is a pattern of behavior and interaction... Read more »

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