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Daughter ignoring mother

Tuning You Out: When Your Child Ignores You



Do you feel like your teen tunes you out—or just plain ignores you—any time you make a request or try to have a real conversation? If you’re feeling this way, it’s probably not your imagination. This is a weapon adolescents have in their arsenal, and many use it to manipulate their parents passive-aggressively. Keep in... Read more »

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Teen boy in garage looking depressed

Anxious Kids: Are You Dealing with an Insecure Teen?



“I’m ugly.” “Everyone hates me.” “I’m going to fail—I’m too stupid to pass this test.” Why are teens and pre–teens often insecure, anxious and over–sensitive? Adolescence is a risky, dangerous time of life. Your child is attempting to figure out who he is, how he wants to be in the world and how others perceive him.... Read more »

Mom sitting on couch with her teen daughter

Tired of Your Child’s Backtalk? Here’s How to Stop It



Some degree of backtalk is normal for adolescents and teens—it's how they learn to assert themselves and become independent. But too often, they don't assert themselves appropriately, and their backtalk becomes disrespectful and obnoxious. At this point, parents need to take action for their own sanity and for the sake of their kids, who need... Read more »

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