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A Message from Janet Lehman

by Janet Lehman
A Message from Janet Lehman

My son, Jeremy, and I would like to thank all of you who have written such beautiful stories about how my husband, James Lehman, and The Total Transformation Program have made a positive difference in your lives. I, too, am a social worker. James and I both felt that it is a beautiful thing to be able to help others…and boy, he certainly did. He will truly be missed by so many. Jeremy and I feel blessed and honored to have known him as his wife of 33 years and as his son. I know his legacy will live on and will continue to inspire and support families today, tomorrow, and in the future.

With our love and thanks,
Janet Lehman


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Janet Lehman, MSW has worked with troubled children and teens for over 30 years and is the co-creator of The Total Transformation Program. She is a social worker who has held a variety of positions during her career, including juvenile probation officer, case manager, therapist and program director for 22 years in traditional residential care and in group homes for difficult children.


Dear Mrs. Lehman: First of all, I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't know Mr. Lehman's life story until I read it in the last newsletter. The Lord has truly blessed him, and he will certainly be rewarded for his faithfulness in this next phase of life. Although I've only been an e-mail newsletter subscriber for a few months (only because that's what I can afford to do right now), I've been blessed by the insight offered. I first heard about the ministry on the radio, where Mr. Lehman would do his own voiceovers. I could hear the passion in his voice, and the message resonated with me as a mother of 6 (ages 17 years through 6 months). I want to raise strong, stable, Believing kids, and of course the Lord God is much better at it than I am. Mr. Lehman is blessed with Godly wisdom and was willing to share it. Thank you. I only wish I could participate in the program more. Best regards, Laura Kuhl

Comment By : Laura Kuhl

YOu are very sweet Janet,and I believe your husband has helped out so many with his wisdom beyond years.My prayers go out to you and your family.God Bless you and give you His peace! ~Dee Hamilton

Comment By : chickpea

Bless you and your son. James will be truly missed. He has given me guidance in my darkest moments with my son. Diane Patanelli

Comment By : dpatanelli

Janet, my name is Dave and I introduced myself to you and James while you were waiting to board a flight to Florida at Philadelphia International airport probably 3 or 4 years ago. I want you to know how saddened I was to hear the news about James and how much his teachings have helped me as a therapist. I always tell people about my meeting James and how warm and genuinely kind your husband was although my meeting with you was brief. I pray best wishes for you and your family at this time and only wish I had known James personally. He was a remarkable man. Dave

Comment By : David

I am a medical social worker for a public health department pediatric clinic in Michigan. I am often asked by parents how to handle behavioral problems (many of them are quite severe) of our patients. I utilize many of the principles James wrote about and often give them a copy of the article he wrote that pertains to their issue, to reinforce what we discussed. By far, his writing is the most down to earth, sensible, and practical of anything I have read in my lengthy career. Parents have responded very positively, saying they appreciate the simplicity, lack of psychological-ese, and the common sense. They felt he was speaking to them and understood them. His words will be missed.

Comment By : spotcheck

Bless you Janet and thanks for "sharing" James with the world in need. My adopted son who was like a ferrel cat when I met him has been (and is being transformed) into the likeness of Christ in part to your husband's helping me to understand him. I have shared James wisdom with Russell's (behavior class) teacher and have even seen a change in her! I KNOW you have wonderful memories to carry you and of course PAPA who will "keep your heart and mind in CHRIST JESUS" heart is with you...Grace & Peace...Jane Romano

Comment By : janero7

I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband's advice was a GREAT help to me, and we used the program. It was life-changing. His life made a difference, and he was a messenger of God during very turbulent times in our lives.

Comment By : GratefulinGA

I feel like I have lost a friend. May he rest in Peace!

Comment By : Anne

So sorry for your loss Janet and Jeremy. I wish I could have known him. He seems like he would have been a wonderful friend. I know the program helped our son but surprisingly it helped me be a more accountable person as well. Thanks James!

Comment By : Thanksforeverything

Janet and Jeremy! I first want to say I am sorry for your loss. He will be truely missed. He made such a huge impact on so many lives! I am so glad that I purchased the Total Transformation! It works as long as you are consistent with it! Thank You! I am so HAPPY to hear your going to continue the program! As you know parents do need help! Again, I am soooo very sorry to hear about James! It is very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you! I look forward to all your emails of new articules to help with parenting! Thank you and God Bless!

Comment By : Valerie

Janet and Jeremy, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I was so sorry to hear of your loss. This program has changed the lives of so many people and even though most of us never knew James personally, you always felt like you did. Thank you for sharing with all of us the tools to better our communication and relationships with our children. God Bless!

Comment By : SciFiK8

My sympathy to you and your family. Your husband has made a difference to so many people, not only with his program, but also with his life -- how he made lemonade out of lemons so to speak. I'll remember him forever.

Comment By : margille

Janet, you may never know how many times over your husband's words are passed along to other parents seeking assistance in raising their children. I would daresay that the volume of those helped you can account for through subscriptions and orders should be multiplied by at LEAST 5. I offer my prayers for peace to your family, and that God will continue to use James' insight to help parents manage and actually ENJOY the children we have been blessed with.

Comment By : Thankful

Janet, please accept my sympathy. Your husband was a light of hope for my husband and I. May God Bless you and your family.

Comment By : MariaC

Dear Janet, I am a parent of two adolescent children and a school psychologist. I am currently in the middle of the Total Transformation program and I feel like I know James like a good friend already. James' words of wisdom are so powerful and our family has already changed for the better. I am currently trying to find ways to get his teaching into the hands of the families I work with in public middle and high school. Your husband will be missed and my prayers are with you and your family.

Comment By : cindy

I am greatly sorry for your loss. I wish you and yours peace, love & strength during this difficult time. The contributions to parents and to children that Mr. Lehman committed his life to are priceless and will live on for generations.

Comment By : syl

Dear Janet: I am a Clinical Psychologist, working in the Las Vegas-Henderson area of Nevada. I cant express my grief at the loss of this fine man, and all the good he has brought to the world. I often used his advice and methods in my private practice. I referred many clients to his program, and I quoted his ideas, experience and suggestions more times than I can count. I know that James is in Heaven receiving great peace and Love...and Love never goes away, Love is forever. I give you my deepest Sympathy and warm regards, and I thank you for allowing me to let you know what a positive affect you this great man had on all of us. Dr.Richard H.Pratt.

Comment By : Dr.Richard

Dear Janet, You were a blessing to James too. Without your support and love he couldn't have shared so much with so many. I also share the insights and teaching from James and the total transformation program with my patients and their families from Philadelphia. It is a wonderful resource! So much more poignant from someone who has walked the walk! He and your entire family are in my prayers. May he rest in peace. Maria

Comment By : Drmom7

Dear Mrs Lehman, I am new to all of this and at my wits end with my daughter. I cannot afford to participate at this time in the program but I have watched and tried everything else including prayer to stop this awful behavior in my child I know your husband was good because you are trying to help others. I cannot thank you enough for the news letter it has helped a bit. I pray you know that all things work for the good and others will never forget what you and your family have done to change things in our lives. Take care and know you are in my prayers. Gina Heckel, trying to come back in Minnesota

Comment By : ginaheckel

Janet & Jeremy, My heart is saddened by your loss. James has touched many lives. So many families are truly thankful for that. Repairing a family in distress, or stopping it from unraveling, is PRICELESS. Thank you. Stacey.

Comment By : Thank You

Sincere sympathy for your loss. His program hepled me more than you will ever know. His legacy will continue to empower and inspire parents and positively affect our children for years to come.

Comment By : Maria

I want to second all the comments made here. Mr. Lehman was truly a very wise and blessed man. He spoke the truth and offered unique insight and guidance for all of us. I have been receiving the e-mail newsletters for sometime and always print out the articles for me and my husband to learn from - it is true, consistency and firmness administered with structure and lots of TLC is key to raising mature, respectful young adults. Your husband's words and guidance are immeasurable in their value to all of us. Thank you. please know you are in our prayers daily. God Bless you.

Comment By : Chris Cooper

Janet and Jeremy, I am truely sorry for your loss. To me James has helped me how to implement discipline and respect in my home. I started using his program with my 3 year old son. I still struggle at times with him, but now I have the tools to help him. It really has been a life saver. I love getting his newsletter every week. It is very helpful to my family. I know is legacy will live on. God bless.

Comment By : liz

Janet: My wife, Maxine, and I have been married for just 46 years. Each complements the other. If I am great (and sometimes that actually happens), it's because of Maxine. If she's great (and that always happens) it's because she ignores me... No really, I'm sure that much of James' greatness is due to your being is pillar of strength. I know that these are tough times for you guys.... Lean on each other and know that James is the "good angel" that's on your shoulder... Regards, Mike Gorman

Comment By : Mike G

With heartfelt sympathy, love, and respect....... My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family now and always. (I'm very thankful for his help, words, wisdom and guidance.) Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Suz

Comment By : Suz

Dear Mrs. Lehman, please accept my deepest sympathy on your loss. I recently discovered the Total Transformation Program and have started it, although we have not progressed very far. I am nonetheless hopeful and optimistic that it will help us bring peace back into our home. From what I have read of your husband's writings, he must have been a great man. Blessed are you to have shared and nurtured and supported him and his work, and I am sure he was equally blessed with you and your son. In peace and love, Claudia Hyde

Comment By : Claudia H.

Dear Janet, We are so very sorry about your loss. May the hope from God's Word bring you the comfort that you need. Acts 24:15 John 5:28,29. Your husband has given us so many tools in the upbringing of our grandkids that we adopted a few years ago. His compassion for family happiness is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Ken and Debra

Comment By : Ken G

Dear Janet, Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your husband, James. we have used the program with our older boys, and have seen terrific results. As the mother of nine children, ages 15 down to a newborn, we feel that this program is very valuable and can be used before serious problems in the home occur. I hope that other families continue to get on board with the program and try it and come to the happy conclusion that so many families have.....harmony in the home! Sincerely, Jaymi

Comment By : Aleia E.

Mrs. Lehman, my deepest sympathy. I am truly thankful to have learned so much from your husband. Thank you for sharing him with us. Sincerly, Arlene

Comment By : Arlene

Dear Mrs. Lehman, Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. Your husband's books and this website have been a tremendous, sanity-saving help to me in raising my grandson who has ADHD. When I read of James' passing, I felt as if I had lost a trusted friend.

Comment By : Connie C

Dear Ms. Lehman, I am so sorry about the loss of your husband. He was a beacon in a world that has gone crazy with political correctness. He was able to bring parents back to the basics. I hope you will be able to continue his work. Blessings to you and your son.

Comment By : Kathy M.

When I saw the message that Mr Lehman had passed I felt I had lost a teacher and friend. I had never met him but after watching the videos and reading the newsletters I felt I almost knew him. I am sorry for your loss. Please know that he helped our family so much and changed our relationship for the better with our son and daughter. A little piece of Mr Lehman will live on in all of us who have learned from him!

Comment By : felixthecat

I am very sorry for your loss. Your husband helped me and my family a lot with teenage issues. I'm sure your love and support helped make him the great man he was. Our prayers are with you.

Comment By : mhirsch

Janet, I lost my husband 3 years ago, so I know what you are going through right now. Know that in time you will be ok. Take one day at a time and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions that you are feeling at that moment. It is truly a very difficult road to travel, with many bumps along the way, but you will make it. Hang in there, and know that you are not alone.

Comment By : Becky

Dear Mrs. Lehman, I read your husband daily emailed and it was a blessing for me. Today when I got up again I thought about your loss and brought sadness to me. I haven't forgot to pray for you and Jeremy. I told my husband about his passing and how much I enjoyed reading empowering parents and how much it hurt me to hear the news..We all know it's part of life but when we lose people that has made a different in many ways it hurts even more.....May the God of this nation, the Lord Jesus Christ bring you peace and conforted to you and your family love always C. fantauzzi

Comment By : fantauzzi

Janet, From the first time I listened to The Total Transformation, I thought James was a very wise man. I could tell he had definitely "been there, done that." It seemed as though he had been a fly on the wall in our home, seeing and hearing what went on there. From day one, he felt like a friend. Whenever I saw or heard a commercial on radio or tv, I was tempted to say, "I know him!," because I felt like I knew him personally. The announcement of his passing made me feel like a family member had died. I actually cried. My sympathy goes out to you and your son. I know you will continue to share James' legacy.

Comment By : Mom of 5

Peace be with you and yours. Your husband is a blessing to the youth of today and their parents. We are grateful for the gifts he left to the parenting world and hope his work will be carried on. Thanks.

Comment By : Dale

our prayers are with you and your son...what an inspiration your husband was and is to all he thoughtfully gave to with all his heart the children in this world..Thank you, thank you.........

Comment By : Ingrid

Dear Janet and Jeremy; You were so blessed to have had James in your life and so many of us, whom he never even met are blessed by the legacy of learning he left us. James will never be gone, he is in the 'goodness' that he saw in every child. Whenever you see a child smile, say "thank-you" or hold a door open for will see James whether or not the family took the Total Transformation course as we have. James believed that children deserved a chance and parents could guide them towards good choices and better, he lives on. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful human being with all of us. Thank you and God bless, Susan

Comment By : Susan

When my son of 14 years came to live with me, my girlfriend of 5 years left because she said there is no way you will turn that kid around. Thanks to some of your husbands help my son is a good student, does not get in trouble in school and respects me. Brian

Comment By : Brian

...and what a legacy James left. I ride my bike for an hour everyday and listen to his tapes that my husband converted to a MP3 player. I'm soon to be 59 and have some rather immature adult children that I have interactions with. I listen to the tapes to help me change. Thank you for sharing your husband, and your dad with us.

Comment By : Lilliane

First of all, please let me say how sorry I was to learn of Mr. Lehman's passing and add my condolences to all those posted here. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the help Mr. Lehman's Total Transformation Program has been in our ADHD/learning disabled grandson's life and, consequently, the family's. He was almost unbearable. He has changed so much in the past year. I remember thinking that I could not possibly afford the program, that certainly it would be thousands of dollars. What a pleasant surprise when I called! My heart sank when I learned of Mr. Lehman's passing. I would have loved to have met and thanked him. Had I known he was ill, I certainly would have tried to let him know how much it meant to all of our family. I hope his work will continue. We have all lost a great friend.

Comment By : Brenda Stacks

As 2 LCSW's in private practice for about 30yrs, we discovered Jame's CD sets and have them at the office....they help us help parents and kids, and are so glad we found them. I look forward to my newsletter every week, and was very sad to hear James had passed. My heart breaks for you, as I lost my husband suddenly in 06'. It is a loss beyond words, I know. How wonderful you two shared so many years together, and I send my warmest thoughts and prayers your way. Will stay tuned to site, but James' depth and understanding will be missed....I just love knowing his background and how he "transformed" and helped so many. I share his story with many cts. and parents when offering "his" techniques or advice....they have ordered sets just goes round and round...a beautiful cycle he started, and will continue. Be gentle with yourself and know this old girl feels your heartache. The best to your son also. Sincerely, Vicki

Comment By : Vicki

I'm so sad to hear that your dear husband has passed away. He truly is just onto another stage of life. He has done so much good! May you be blessed with peace and feel his spirit close.

Comment By : Julia

Dear Janet - I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband's work was powerful, compassionate & excellent. I too am a clinical social worker from James' generation. His work had a positive impact on several of my families at risk. Again, thank you and your don for sharing James with the world. Hopefully your many wonderful memories will give your future moments of having had your lives graced by James. Peace, Compassion & Sincerity, Isabelle Bagshaw, M.S.W.

Comment By : isabelle

I am so soory to hear of your loss, I am a mother of 8 and my mother died when I was in my early 20's. My mothers prayer was that someone would help me with the children, I was pregnant with my third at that time not knowing I'd have 8 now ages 11-35. I have found God to be faithful to my mother's prayer. I have had Godly mentors who have come along side to help me over the last 34 years. Your husband's work has helped me with the last 4 children. The way I parented is different from the 80's but the challenges we and our children face now is amazing. Your husbands voice was so reasurring, empowering and comforting. I want to come to his office many times, so sorry we never had the chance we were new to the community ordered the materials in January. My God bless you and Thank you for sharing him with all of us. Carol

Comment By : Carol

James will be missed by so many! I send you love and prayers during this difficult time- but know how many lives he has touched! he will truely be missed! His words have given my stength and will continue to do so! I wish you and your so love and peace. Thank you for sharing him and his time with the world! a very selfless act!

Comment By : EAD

We just started the program and I am so sorry for your loss, what a wonderful man. He has touched so many, let his legacy live on.

Comment By : sk8rtwinsactingmom

I'm a grandmother raising a granddaughter, and found James through his infomercial. I have to say that I have learned so very much from his work and am truly sorry he's gone. He has helped me deal with a very difficult child with his common-sense approach. My heart goes out to you and your son for your loss. He is a loss to all of us.

Comment By : Barbara

I am so sorry for your loss. I truly enjoy the news letters that I receive. They are very educational. My sincer sympathy.

Comment By : Connie

I still struggle with my son, but your husband is the only one I ever got any help from. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you.

Comment By : Angela

Janet and Jeremy: I was so sad to hear of James' passing away. I'm so sorry for your loss. James' Total Transformation program was a blessing for me, my husband and our son who was 5 years old at the time we came across the commercial for Total Transformation. James' techniques and reassuring voice helped my husband and I get in agreement about how to effectively parent our son at 5 years old. I know we will keep using the Total Transformation program up until our son is grown and left the nest. Again, we're so sorry for your loss. Peace to you and your family.

Comment By : V.A.T. in Ft. Worth

Dear Mrs. Lehman, Thank you so much for sharing your husband with all of us who needed his help and advice. He has transformed my parenting style, which helped me transform my daughter.I have shared many of his strategies with friends. You & your son are in our prayers.May God Bless you and give you peace and strength during this difficult time. I'm sure James is watching from Heaven.

Comment By : Marie G

I am so sorry for your loss.You and your family have my deepest sympathy. I get the articlles and hope they continue.They are helpful in my work,but can't afford the material right now. Hopefully I will be able to do this soon. God bless you and your family.

Comment By : Cassiemartin

Dear Mrs. Lehman and Jeremy, My deepest sympathy for you loss. He will be deeply missed by everyone. His program touched my family's life in the most positive way. God bless you and Jeremy. God bless Mr. Lehman. -With Much Love, Carolyn

Comment By : Carolyn

Dear Janet and Jeremy, I am so sad for the lost of your beloved James. I share your sadness, as I got to love James for his incredible humanitarian quality and dedication to help parents with difficult kids. I learned a lot from him, and thanks to James my life with my teenager daughter is a 'bed of roses'. No therapists, counsellors, police could do what James did for me and my family. I miss him so much not only for his incredible help but because I am sad that he is not with us to enjoy life for more years.

Comment By : Ysa

May God richly bless you and may you easily share the gifts that have been left with you by your dearly departed.

Comment By : Mary Artemis

Bless you ma,I dont seems to understand the message here,is it that James Lehman is retiring or what.Nothing can happen to him now because this is the time the world need him most. Your husband ministry has been a real blessing to my life and ministry,and thank God for a person like you around him. Philip

Comment By : Philip Agbonfioror

Dear Janet and Jeremy: I am deeply sorry for your loss. It has truly been a privilege to have read and applied (to the best of my ability -- most of the time, hehe) the Total Transformation Program. It was a further honor to contribute to the EP blog as a parent blogger. We will all miss James, but his legacy will live on. Bless you both!

Comment By : Susan Engel

Dear Janet and Jeremy, I am so truly deeply sorry for the loss of James. He has been such a blessing. Losing him at this time and place in history is nothing short of tragic. Please accept my sympathy and please find peace in the knowledge that he has helped so many.

Comment By : Laurie

Dear Janet & Jeremy. Please except my sincere condolences on your loss. James touched my life and that of my family through the Total Transformation Program. He has given me hope and the tools to turn our lives around in a positive way. That is an invaluable gift and I will always be beholden to him for that. Please know that I am thinking about you both during this difficult time. May his memory be a comfort to you both.

Comment By : Debbie

Your husband's advice got me my daughter back. I will be forever greatful.

Comment By : glm

Dear Janet and Jeremy, I am deeply saddened for your loss as well as, all those who loved james. I bought Total Transformation when my daughter was in high school and I had to go as far as doing a youth at risk, she has recently moved back home for a few months and is doing much better since her addictions are under control. The program saved my sanity and most likly her life. I called the support line almost daily as I would lock myself in my room when she had her moments. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Jeremy live each day as the man I know he lead by example for you to be. Xo Xo Patti B.

Comment By : Patti B

Janet Even though I never knew James, I felt like I lost a friend. When we started the program my husband and felt like he threw us a life saver. Although the road has not been easy, and we sometimes still face difficult issues, we feel we have a better understanding to dealing with the problems we face. James has inspired me to pursue a career as a social worker and help kids in the foster system. I am currently volunteering at a organization that deals strictly with this system. God bless you and your family! Brandy Wallace-Halstead, KS

Comment By : brandy

He blessed us, too. I read his emails and tried to apply his knowledge. His character came through, and I felt as if I knew him and loved him. Blessings to you and your son as you move forward. I am sorry for your loss.

Comment By : Mary R

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. James has truly helped our family over the years. On certain occassions when we would receive the Empowering Parents Newsletter, it would seem that he knew what struggles that we were having at that very moment, and it was as if he were speaking directly to us. We were all truly blessed to have him with us on this earth. We wish you comfort and peace. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Comment By : Janet

Dear Mrs. Lehman, I was shocked to hear of James passing. I am so sorry. What a wonderful and patient man he was. I have learned so much from listening to him and reading all of the newsletters. I only wish I would have know about Total Transformation sooner. He has made an enmorous difference in our family and we will be forever grateful to him. You and your family are in our prayers.

Comment By : Bridget

Dear Janet and Jeremy, We were so blessed to have James and his program to help us through all the tough times in raising our son, who is also adopted. Even though we never met James, we felt like we knew him, through his voice on the cds and his ads on TV. God gave him so much wisdom, and we were the beneficiaries of it. May God Bless you both!

Comment By : Carol H.

I am so sorry for your loss..... I look forward to my emails from Empowering Parents... It has helped me so much with caring and communicating with my children. God Bless

Comment By : sully

Janet & Jeremy, James made the overwhelmed feel calm, like a ship that has been righted, and can keep on sailing. That's how I felt after speaking with him or reading his newsletter when struggling with being a parent. You and James also helped bring sanity into my life long, long ago. It's hard to name the best qualities he had, but his sense of humor delivered with his NY accent is imprinted in my mind and is indelible. And, not just about kids and parents...about you and Jeremy too. (his funny voice mail messages, his laugh "heh, heh, heh", etc). I know he made you laugh too. As you go through these difficult days ahead, remember those funny things he used to say, and hopefully it will make you smile and laugh. My heart aches for you. I love you, I loved James, and will miss him. My best to Jeremy. Thinking of you always. Love from Maine, Tina P.

Comment By : Tina from Maine

I want to say how sorry I am at the loss of your husband. I lost my husband almost a year ago and was having a very difficult time with my oldest daughter. I had been taking her to counseling, but I needed help in learning how to manage my own behavior with her. I subscribed to the weelkly newsletter and then bought some of the dvds. They helped me tremendously, letting me know that some of the things I were doing were correct, along with guiding me on things I needed to change. It gave me some comfort because I had always been able to discuss things going on with my daughter with my husband who was now past on. My thoughts will be with you in your days ahead as I know how difficult this time maybe for you, but I hope you can find comfort in carrying on his legacy and in how it has made the lives better for others.

Comment By : Widowed mom.

Dear Janet and Jeremy: I only had the pleasure of speaking with James one time. It was about my daughter and her family. They have 4 children, ages 1,2,3,and 7. Their hands are full, but quite blessed. Your husband has an exceptional program. My prayers are with you both. May the Lord give you the strength to carry on in this wonderful work that James has created for helping people. By the way, they say that married couples tend to look alike as the years roll on. And that certainly applies to you both...A match made in Heaven. I am so glad you sent me this newsletter. It is great to hear from you. Keep up the excellent work! We All Need You. Love and Prayers to you and your son.

Comment By : sandy

Thrilled to hear of the continuation of Empowering Parents. I have learned more from James books and blog than any other source!! My condolences in the loss of your husband.

Comment By : carolyn

May God give you the peace that passes all understanding! His legacy will live on for generations to come!

Comment By : Melissa U.

May God bless Mrs. Lehman, Jeremy, and all who worked with James as all will deeply feel his loss. What a legacy he has left us! I am so grateful for the information and skills taught by the Total Transformation Program. I have mentioned it so often to others both while at work as a school nurse and to friends. It seems this is just the program we need. Thank you so much!!

Comment By : Eva A. Phoenix, AZ

I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Althougth I never met James, when I heard the news of his passing, I felt as if I had lost a friend. His teachings have helped us so much, and he will be missed. May God bless you and bring you His comfort during this difficult time.

Comment By : Tracy

I am a middle school teacher, an involved parent in our youth ministy at church, and a mother of two teens. Your information was helpful to me this last year several times and I am still gleaning effective "tools" in dealing with the impact of our world on the perceptions and changing standards presented to them through the media and culture.....Your principles seem Biblically based and while you do not advertise as such - they bring life and change as that is God's character. I am writing to thank you and bless you in His name as your ministy has made a difference in many lives and I am sad to lose Mr. Lehmann at this time. I appreciate that you feel to carry on Janet and Jeremy, may you live to fulfill all God has for you - that would be your father's wish I am sure. God comfort and bless you all right now with His presence and surrounding love. Sincerely, Jeanne Russell, Kona Hawaii.

Comment By : Jeanne in Kona Hawaii

When I first heard about Total Transformation I thought that it was too good to be true. Once I started the program, I knew I had found the help I needed. Hearing James' story not only convinced me that his advice is based on experience, but it gave me the HOPE to know that our children in horrible circumstances can turn their lives around. From that point, I started parenting the child I had, not the one I wish I had. I also saw my child as a work in progress. Thank you for sharing James (and the family anecdotes) with us. He will be missed, but his teachings will live on. May God's comfort keep you and bless you and your family

Comment By : Linda

Dear Mrs. Lehman, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to you and your son. I am so thankful that God raises up people to help so many who are struggling with difficult situations. Your husband will be missed by so many and those he has helped will be praying for your family as you grieve and miss your husband. May God comfort, hold you close, and bless you as only He can.

Comment By : Anne

I was so shocked to hear about James' passing. I'm so sorry for you and your son. He was indeed an amazing person. From his rough beginning in life to have come to help so many, when he could have easily taken a different path. I'm sure you have many, many fond memories that will help you keep happiness in your grief-filled hearts. Thanks for sharing him with all of us.

Comment By : Denise

I am so grateful for your husbands' work and openness about his own life. As a social worker myself, I referred to his materials often and found them helpful in my own parenting. I am sorry for your loss. Jan

Comment By : Jan

Hello Mrs. Lehman, I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Lehman's death.I loss my father last year and he was a Pastor, Adminstrator assisant and District leader, besides being the treasure for the state at our church, working under our Bishop.!Our chuch truly misses him as well.!I appreciate you allowing me to read your story about the total transformation.!it's a privildgfe and God bless you and your family.!from, Deborah.!

Comment By : Deborah

I never really knew you husband,but it sounds like he was a pretty amazing person,and I am sure you will miss him very much,but just remember all the good times you shared together. Cindy

Comment By : shyone

Hi Janet, I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jim's passing. He was a part of my family. As I struggle to reach my daughter since she was 15. I still read the Lehman e-mails in hopes of learning to communicate and connect with my daughter who is now 21. She is still searching for which way to go in her life. I will miss Jim's article's and sound advice. Enjoy your son and know what a winner Jim was to help so many people like me.

Comment By : ldrcpa8

Just wanted to tell you I am sorry for your loss. I just started using the Total Transformation Program in the last few months. What a difference! My son is 14, has Asperger's, OCD, Tourette's, and Bi-Polar. Your husband's work has benefitted my family already. Thanks for all you and your husband have done to help we parents who have struggled unsuccessfully with these difficult kids.

Comment By : Dana

Dear Mrs. Lehman and Jeremy, Please accept my sincere sympathy for the loss of your husband. The Total Transformation has taught my husband and I more about parenting than anyone else. I wish that I knew about the Total Transformation before I had children. It has taught us what to say and what not to say and how to deal with problems. Before the Total Transformation, we wasted our money on therapists and psychiatrists. The Total Transformation has truly been a blessing to us. We are sincerely grateful to Mr. Lehman. He has touched so many lives. May he rest in God's peace.

Comment By : AndreaV

I am so sorry to hear this sad news, but glad that your husbands work will continue. I'm a teacher and I share these articles with parents all the time. Several parents have gone on to get involved in the program. What a blessing to me and so many others. This program is a wonderful gift he has given us for generations to come and that will have eternal value. May God bless you and comfort you.

Comment By : Alimar

I am so sorry to hear about your loss! May the good Lord give you peace within to accept it and deal with it! These news letters are truly inspiring and appreciated by many....

Comment By : Sylvie Gold

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been reading a lot of his articles in preparation for my children who are only 3 and 6.. so I thank you all in advance. God Bless and Take care.

Comment By : Parent of future teenagers

Dear Janet: We will pray for you during this sad time. Thank you for sharing your wonderful husband with all of us as we struggle through our parenting problems. James helped our familiy in so many ways and gave my husband and I some confidence when we felt lost. Thank you for carrying on his legacy. Mary Wright

Comment By : mary wright

I was so sad to hear the news. Mr Lehmans philosphy and tapes have made a 100% difference in my family and how we parent. My dad works in a prison as a counselor and after I told him about the tapes, he ordered them and had his inmates listen to them and they all were intrigued by his insight! I recommend him to everyone I know and will forever be grateful for his God given talent to understand youth and parenting and his willingness to share it with the world for our benefit!

Comment By : Kannen

Ms. Lehman, Although I did not know Mr. Lehman personally, when I read the news that he had passed, I felt as though I had lost a friend. I believe that was his gift. He made people feel comfortable and calmed through his ability to communicate on a real world level. Thank you for sharing him with so many other parents for so many years. I will truly miss his wisdom and insight. Our prayers are with you.

Comment By : CK



May God give the strenght to continue his legacy. Thank you.

Comment By : Gabemom

Dear Janet and Jeremy, I truly pray that the Lord will be constantly with you both, comforting you at every moment. I know what loss and grief are like but He gives us strength even in the midst of it. It was too late for me to use James' strategies - sadly my son was already out of the home and living on the streets. My one wish was that I would have found James and the program before that happened. In spite of this I can't tell you how much hope James gave me just by telling his story - he helped me believe more strongly that there is hope for my son's turn-around. I sensed that James had such patience and understanding and love for people. Please stay strong and know that many people are praying for you. May the Holy Spirit keep James' spirit alive and active always in your hearts.

Comment By : ronika

Janet; Yesterday was another hard day with my son in our household. Even though it was difficult, it was so much more improved over the past (no holes in the wall for one). James and his program has given me so many tools to help with our entire family. His loss has created a deep sadness in me that I know must be even more difficult for you and your family. I am thankful he shared so much with all of us and thank you for your support of him and his work. many blessings to you

Comment By : ld

So sorry for the loss, I must have missed the original message of James passing. With my crazy world, their are days I don't get to the emails. His information provided tremedous help for me dealing with two grand children, and I have followe his site for several years. James will be a loss, and will be missed by many. God Bless

Comment By : bonnie Killam

It looks like every one has said everything. I share these sentements as well. I am sorry that I have never met your husband in person however I have met him through this program. Thank you for the opprotunity to change the lives of my kids and myself forever. I will be praying for you

Comment By : firestone777

I just found out the sad news. It's hard to think of a world without him. His legacy will live on in the lives of those he has helped. Thank you, and we're sorry.

Comment By : Mary

Dear Janet and Jeremy, I am a new subscriber to your program and came by it via an email my mother sent me (which she has no recollection of sending). I know that from above, James knew our family needed his work desperately, and he found a way to send his program to us. We are five weeks into the program, and I can simply say WOW! Isn't it fasicinating that each comment above reiterates the SAME positive message? Amazing man, he must have been, and our world is a better place because all three of you gave back to it. Thank you more than you'll ever know.

Comment By : RG

Janet! How sorry I am to hear of your loss of such a great man. Not just in his physical stature being one of the few men who could make a 6'3" giant like myself feel small but even more so in his character and love that I witnessed him show you and those around him. It was my pleasure getting to be apart of you life and his for the time that you supervised and mentored me as a social worker. My sincerest condolences to you and Jeremy. My prayers will be with you both. Take care.~Indie

Comment By : Indie

Janet! How sorry I am to hear of your loss of such a great man. Not just in his physical stature being one of the few men who could make a 6'3" giant like myself feel small but even more so in his character and love that I witnessed him show you and those around him. It was my pleasure getting to be apart of you life and his for the time that you supervised and mentored me as a social worker. My sincerest condolences to you and Jeremy. My prayers will be with you both. Take care.~Indie

Comment By : Indie

Hi Janet, I had heard of James passing through Tina.I am so saddened to hear of his passing. He was quite a man and sure left his mark on this world. I have thought of you both often. And, I have missed you. Every now and then I see your ad for The total Transformation. You look fantastic . ((HUGS)) from Maine Susan

Comment By : Sue57

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