There isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t heard backtalk from their child. Mumbling under their breath. Rolling their eyes. Having to always get in the last word. There's no question these behaviors are incredibly frustrating to deal with. In the articles below, you'll find helpful and effective ways to respond to kids talking back, and to know when the line has been crossed between backtalk and verbal abuse.

Mom sitting on couch with her teen daughter

Tired of Your Child’s Backtalk? Here’s How To Stop It



Some degree of backtalk is normal for adolescents and teens—it's how they learn to assert themselves and become independent. But too often, they don't assert themselves appropriately, and their backtalk becomes disrespectful and obnoxious. At this point, parents need to take action for their own sanity and for the sake of their kids, who need... Read more »

Mother trying to be calm while thinking about her child's behavior

Real Questions from Real Parents Backtalk, Name-calling and Disrespect: Can This Family Learn to Get Along?



Editor’s note: At the beginning of the year, we asked you, our readers, to send us real questions specific to your family’s situation. Our first article in our new series, Real Questions from Real Parents, deals with something most parents can relate to: backtalk, name-calling and disrespect. All questions are answered by a member of our parent... Read more »

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Mom talking to teenage daughter who is rolling her eyes after saying whatever

14 Proven Responses to the Most Frustrating Backtalk



When kids act out, they have an arsenal of backtalk they fire at you in order to put you on the defensive—a secret language that's designed to win them control and absolve them of responsibility. If you take those comments at face value—or take them to heart—you'll always be on the defensive, constantly reacting to... Read more »

girl having a tantrum

Eliminate “Shut up!” From Your Family’s Vocabulary



"Shut up" is a rude and offensive comment. Kids learn that fact very early through various channels, from movies, music, school, and social media. So whether it's you or your child saying "shut up," just know that the comment is insulting, and I recommend that you do not tolerate insulting behavior in your home, especially... Read more »

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