Consequences & Rewards

Do you ever wonder if you're giving the right consequences? Perhaps you don't feel like it's having an effect on your child's behavior. And are natural consequences for children always the best thing? Parenting strategies that explain the right way to give consequences to your child and teen—and the importance of giving rewards.

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How to Use Consequences to Maintain Your Parental Authority



Every parent's goal should be to teach and coach their child to better behavior. And the most effective way to change your child's behavior—and assert your parental authority—is through clear and consistent consequences that are tied to that behavior. When your child acts out or breaks the rules, it's normal to feel your authority as a... Read more »

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How to Give Kids Consequences That Work



A consequence is something that follows naturally from a person’s action, inaction or poor decision. It differs from a punishment in that a punishment is retribution. Punishment is “getting back” at someone, to hurt them back for a hurt they did. When you get a speeding ticket, it’s not a retribution for something you did... Read more »

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Chronically Late Kids: Let Them Pay the Price



“My 14-year-old son is late for everything. It’s always, “In a minute,” or “I’m almost ready.” He’s not a bad kid, but he just doesn’t seem to understand that there are people waiting for him. The last straw was when he made us miss the beginning of our daughter’s high school play recently, even though... Read more »

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