A Message from Janet Lehman

By Janet Lehman, MSW

My son, Jeremy, and I would like to thank all of you who have written such beautiful stories about how my husband, James Lehman, and The Total Transformation Program have made a positive difference in your lives. I, too, am a social worker. James and I both felt that it is a beautiful thing to be able to help others…and boy, he certainly did. He will truly be missed by so many. Jeremy and I feel blessed and honored to have known him as his wife of 33 years and as his son. I know his legacy will live on and will continue to inspire and support families today, tomorrow, and in the future.

With our love and thanks,
Janet Lehman

About Janet Lehman, MSW

Janet Lehman, MSW, has worked with troubled children and teens for over 30 years. A veteran social worker, she specializes in child behavior issues — ranging from anger management and oppositional defiance to more serious criminal behavior in teens. In addition, Janet gained a personal understanding of child learning and behavior challenges from her son, who struggled with learning disabilities in school. She is co-creator of The Total Transformation® Program, The Complete Guide To Consequences™, Getting Through To Your Child™, and Two Parents One Plan™.

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