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Mom and adolescent son

“Parents Aren’t the Problem—They’re the Solution”



Do you feel like your family members, your kid’s teachers, and even counselors blame you for your child’s acting out behavior? You’re not alone.  As James Lehman says, there are countless parents out there “living in little prisons”—feeling trapped, isolated, and ashamed of their child’s defiant or out of control behavior. If you’re in this... Read more »

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Boy bullying his classmate

What to Do If Your Child Is Bullying Other Kids



What do you do if you find out that your child is a bully? Perhaps you received a phone call from your child's school. Or maybe from another parent. Either way, if you think your child is bullying others, it’s very important to start working with him or her now. This behavior is already hurting... Read more »

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Sudden Behavior Changes in Kids: What Do They Mean?



Whether we like it or not, kids change. Their behavior, their attitudes, their likes, and their dislikes. These changes occur throughout childhood but are most pronounced during adolescence. Kids can suddenly lose interest in the things they used to play with. One day your child is playing with dolls or trucks, and the next, they... Read more »

9-year-old boy looking confused and anxious

Misreading Social Cues and Your Child’s Behavior



Does your child often perceive himself as being right when he's wrong and wrong when he's right? Does he wonder why everyone is always mad at him? Some children have a hard time reading social cues and it has a profound impact on their behavior. Misreading social cues can include not understanding other people's words,... Read more »

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