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Teaching Assertive Communication: An Essential Life Skill

Being assertive sometimes gets a bad rap. But being assertive simply means having confidence:  the ability to stand up for yourself and defend your opinions. Teaching children to be assertive is teaching them about boundaries and standards and how to stick to them, while still being respectful of others.  “Assertive” becomes a problem when it... Read more »

Parents’ Top 3 College Concerns

Back-to-school can bring up many emotions for parents.  One of the more emotional and difficult transitions can be when a child goes to college.  We recently asked the readers of Empowering Parents about the challenges and concerns they have about their child attending college, and we received some great responses (You can view the full... Read more »

Justin Bieber’s Wild Ride: How to Talk to Your Child about Celebrity Heroes Behaving Badly

Justin Bieber's latest exploits -- drinking and drag racing in a Lambourghini (with his father, no less), egging his neighbor's house, and a long-rumored drug problem -- have made news all over the world. Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears before that...the list of young celebrities behaving badly goes on and on. Added to that, reality television and social... Read more »

Date Night: When Was the Last Time You Had One?

Remember dates? It's probably how you got to know your partner unless you had an arranged marriage. My husband and I have experienced a real learning curve over the years on dating as a married couple with a kid. The curve part is due to the fact that this activity that was once easy, fun and... Read more »