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The "Easy" Part of Raising My ADHD Grandchild: The Moments That Make It All Worthwhile

Posted by Nicole Roswell

When you are in your fifties or sixties or even older and you take on the life-altering responsibility of raising your grandchild, life gets tough. Time for yourself or with your spouse is not easy to find. You tire more easily and sometimes feel like you have less patience. You may be on a limited budget. And the grandchild you’re rasing may have medical problems or be a troubled adolescent.

I have heard from so many “Empowered Parents” commenting on my blogs. So many of you are older than I am and have your own medical problems or are dealing with a child who has severe medical or behavioral issues. God bless you. I have it relatively easy —  a granddaughter who “only” has ADHD, plus some “abandonment issues” when her parents gave custody to me and my husband. I am grateful for your kind and helpful comments; I feel truly humbled by you.

Sure, I find it extremely self satisfying to think that I am giving Maddy a second chance at a successful life.  But I find that the easiest part — and the best part — of raising her is the the love that she shows us. She is a typical eleven-year- old and she doesn’t always seem grateful, but at night she always puts her arms around me and tells me that she loves me. That is the best feeling in the world.

The smile on her face when things go well. When she has exhausted all her anger  and frustration and finally buries her head in my chest and clings to me when things go wrong. The look on her face as she sleeps and has let go of the cares of her world for the night. That is the easy part. I am so lucky and blessed that despite all her problems, I am able to witness all this with Maddy. I realize that not all of you have that happen in your lives. I hope that if you are raising your grandchild or grandchildren, that you are able to experience that at least occasionally. It makes it all worthwhile.


About Nicole Roswell

Nicole Roswell is married with four grown children, and she and her husband are now raising their eleven-year-old granddaughter with ADHD. They also have two dogs and two cats, and a mole who lives in the front yard “whose life long goal is to destroy every blade of grass that we own.”

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