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Living with a Broken Heart: Are You Estranged from Your Child?



“You can live with a broken heart, and you can die with one, but it’s terrible to have to do both.” --Quote from an estranged parent I’ve witnessed and have been affected by a parent-child relationship dissolving within my own family. There have also been many stories shared with our parent coaching team by parents going through either... Read more »

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Helping a Child Cope with an Absent Parent



Just after my daughter turned 2, her father and I separated and divorced; he was abusive and drank too much.  When my daughter was 3 her father lost his visitation privileges as a result of his continued violent and abusive behavior.  He had passed up many ‘supervised’ visits throughout the year so it came as... Read more »

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Stepchildren Making You Crazy? 5 Ways to Manage Conflict in Blended Families

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Recently, I was sitting at lunch with a friend, swapping stories about our families. I shared that I was concerned about how my adult stepdaughter was doing—she was facing a difficult situation thousands of miles away from home. “Well,” my friend said, “You don’t have to worry about that. You’re not her real mom.” You’re not... Read more »

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Blended Family? The 5 Secrets of Effective Stepparenting



Parenting is never easy, but when you have a blended family—with bio-kids and stepkids, your spouse’s ex, and other extended family members thrown into the mix—things can get very difficult very quickly. We receive questions every week in Empowering Parents from readers who ask: “How can I discipline my stepkids effectively and get their respect?... Read more »

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The Disneyland Dad



Vicki is the single mother of Alex (12), Ryan (8), and Jessica (6). To make ends meet, she works two jobs: she works as a receptionist during the week and a part-time caterer on weekends. She has been divorced from Mike, a supervisor for a building contractor, for two years. Her relationship with Mike is... Read more »

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What to Do When Your Ex Undermines Your Authority



With so many divorced parents and blended families out there, differences in parenting crop up all the time. If you are divorced or separated from your child's other parent, your experience may range from peaceful co-parenting to all-out warfare. Different houses with different rules and different parenting styles can make the experience of parenting even... Read more »

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