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Are you having trouble getting along with your stepkids? Are your kids disrespectful to their stepparent? Do you and your spouse disagree on how to discipline the children in your home? Blending a family is not easy, but you're not alone in navigating step parenting problems. There are ways to make a stepfamily work, for both adults and kids. To get started, visit these articles on blended family issues and step parenting: "My Blended Family Won't Blend--Help!" Part I: How You and Your Spouse Can Get on the Same Page "My Blended Family Won't Blend!" Part II: What to Do When Your Stepkids Disrespect You Blended Family? The 5 Secrets of Effective Stepparenting

Stepchildren Making You Crazy? 5 Ways to Manage Conflict in Blended Families

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Recently, I was sitting at lunch with a friend, swapping stories about our families. I shared that I was concerned about how my adult stepdaughter was doing—she was facing a difficult situation thousands of miles away from home. “Well,” my friend said, “You don’t have to worry about that. You’re not her real mom.” You’re not... Read more »

Blended Family? The 5 Secrets of Effective Stepparenting



Parenting is never easy, but when you have a blended family—with bio-kids and stepkids, your spouse’s ex, and other extended family members thrown into the mix—things can get very difficult very quickly. We receive questions every week in Empowering Parents from readers who ask: “How can I discipline my stepkids effectively and get their respect?... Read more »

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When Parents Disagree: 10 Ways to Parent as a Team



Most couples have experienced this situation at one time or another—you think you should discipline your child a certain way, and your spouse wants to handle it differently. You each become entrenched in your position, and that’s when the fighting starts. At some point, most couples will argue over how to discipline their children. After all,... Read more »

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Positive Parenting: 5 Rules to Help You Deal with Negative Child Behavior More Positively



Do your kids drive you crazy? If you were asked to describe them, after saying, "He's a good kid, but..." would you use words like “defiant,” “whiny,” “unmotivated,” “disrespectful,” “angry,” or “demanding,” with a few positives sprinkled in? If the negatives loom larger in your mind than the positives, the first thing to realize is... Read more »

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