The ODD Lifeline®

5 audio lessons (+1 bonus lesson) together with online readings, instructions, and exercises to accompany each lesson.

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The chaos of parenting a child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder can completely consume your life. Kim Abraham knows because she’s been there, personally, with her own son. Through real life experiences, step-by-step techniques and fail-proof consequences, we’ll help you get to what works with even the most explosive, resistant kids—age 5 to young adult.


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The ODD Lifeline®
My child's behavior is so bad! Will this program work with my child?
My child has Conduct Disorder and is constantly in trouble with the law. How can this program help me?

Product Features:

  • Lesson 1: Why is Parenting Your Child So Miserable? (48 minutes audio, 6 readings)
  • Lesson 2: What Can You Control? (48 minutes audio, 6 readings)
  • Lesson 3: Why Consequences Don’t Work (35 minutes audio, 10 readings)
  • Lesson 4: The Fail-Proof Consequence: What It Is And How To Use It (53 minutes audio, 13 readings)
  • Lesson 5: The School, The Police and the Courts: What Every Parent Must Know (56 minutes audio, 8 readings)
  • Bonus: Thinking First (53 minutes audio, 1 reading)

You’re not alone and you’re not a failure.

Your child fights against every form of authority and appears to have no control over his own choices, impulses or behavior. You’ve tried the full gamut of parenting approaches and nothing works. The problem is, those programs are for typical kids, not kids with ODD. Through Kim’s personal experience, and even humor, you can get to what works with your Opposition Defiant child.

Stop the chaos that’s ruling your life.

  • End the never-ending control battles
  • Stop repetitive, violent and severe blowouts
  • Get cooperation from your child’s school
  • Have influence over the most resistant child
  • Feel empowered instead of defeated

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • The fail-proof consequence: what it is and how to use it
  • The 4-step approach that works with the ODD child or teen
  • Ways to get your child to think about choices and make better ones
  • How to hold your child accountable so you don’t end up paying the price for his or her choices
  • The secret to making consequences work
  • How to deal effectively with school, police and court systems
  • How to recover from the emotional exhaustion of parenting an ODD child
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Kim Abraham, LMSW & Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW

Kimberly Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner are the co-creators of The ODD Lifeline® for parents of Oppositional, Defiant kids, and Life Over the Influence™, a program that helps families struggling with substance abuse issues (both programs are included in The Total Transformation® Online Package). Kimberly Abraham, LMSW, has worked with children and families for more than 25 years. She specializes in working with teens with behavioral disorders, and has also raised a child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW, is the mother of four and has been a therapist for 15 years. She works with children and families and has in-depth training in the area of substance abuse. Kim and Marney are also the co-creators of their first children's book, Daisy: The True Story of an Amazing 3-Legged Chinchilla, which teaches the value of embracing differences and was the winner of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Children's Storybook Cover Design Award.

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