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The chaos of parenting a child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder can completely consume your life. Kim Abraham knows because she’s been there, personally, with her own son. Through real life experiences, step-by-step techniques and fail-proof consequences, we’ll help you get to what works with even the most explosive, resistant kids—age 5 to young adult.

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What Are Parents Saying?

  1. 5 out of 5

    Couldn't stand my kid!!!

    My son (9yrs old) has been the way he is since he was 3 years old, that's when we started noticing that he was different. Since then, he progressively has become more angry, and I mean screaming like he was possessed by something, more irritable, quick to over-react, thinks he's the victim and everyone More owes him, sneaky, disrespectful...Oh, and not to mention that he was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and ODD. We have tried EVERYTHING to help him...medication, mountains of parenting plans, books, techniques, counseling...NOTHING WORKED...NOTHING. For me as his mom, the combination of who he was and who I am became a toxic and very defeating combination. I was sad and frustrated and more times than I like to admit, hated my own child. I knew parenting was hard, but this was so far beyond hard and there was nothing working and I felt extremely lost. After hearing about the Total Transformation program on TV, I went to the Empowering Parents website and began exploring and discovered the O.D.D. Lifeline. I saw that I could try it out first and if it didn't seem to work, I could return it and get a refund. I ordered it, listened to it in the car driving to and from school and within a few days I was done with it, tried it and my son became worse! BUT they said that could and probably would happen. What I started noticing more and more was that because I was starting to control my reactions, my son started to change his reactions. To understand specifically how to handle a situation, exactly what to do, say and implement and then see some results is so amazing!!! To be able to look at my son through a different lens and understand what and why he's doing something from a psychological point of view, helps me control myself. Knowing that I'm supposed to talk and walk away when I'm "laying down the law" has been such a powerful part. Knowing that a lot of his difficulty is a problem solving impairment and being able to help him with that is something I've never done, but not only does it help him, it helps me too. His over-reaction episodes have diminished, his recovering time for temper tantrums has decreased, he is beginning to understand that taking a break in his room to create space and time can be a good thing. He's beginning to self-correct his disrespectful tone, which is amazing. It's only been a few months so these are just a few areas that I've noticed. I can't fully express what it feels like to feel like a failure as a parent every single day for years, but to say the least it wears on you. Through the O.D.D. Lifeline techniques I don't feel like a failed parent every day. Sure, we have our bad days and that's okay. The difference is that now I see through the Oppositional Defiance tricks and recognize the behaviors for what they are and am better equipped to know how I should react. I know that the price can scare some people, but I'm telling you, if you can get the money together, BUY THE PROGRAM!!! You don't even have to pay for it all up front, you can try it out for a month and see how it goes. It's not going to hurt you to try another program, but it will hurt your child if you don't try anything. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, PARENTS! This worked and continues to work for my son. I hope it works for your child.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Love It

    As a parent of 9 adoptive kiddos (all from hard places), The ODD Lifeline is a great reminder of all the things I need to do to be the best parent that my child needs me to be. This helped remind me that in all the craziness of my world that there is hope and there is a way to help raise our children More to be all that God is calling them to be not to mention being able to maintain my sanity and laugh even in the midst of it all. Thanks
  3. 3 out of 5

    my review

    i thought the program was good, went a little further into things than the total transformation program. was a good extra for that. i wish there was a way to continue the help for both parents and child such as a therapist or someone could continue with the help. the lady that did this program is near More me yet she was not taking new patients and there was no help from her on someone trained in this type of help.
  4. 5 out of 5

    Finally...I realize that I am not the only parent who struggles

    It is very isolating to have a child with ADHD/ODD. Everyone is quick to offer advise, an opinion, or cast judgment and it was making me want to just stay home and avoid all of it, for myself and my son. ODD Lifeline helped me take the focus of ME and place it where it belongs - on my son. I was able More to verbalize to him very simple, specific terms how his behavior was no longer a reflection on me but was a direct reflection on HIS choices. This enable me to emotionally separate myself from the embarrassment of his behavior and helped reduce the tension in our relationship. My son is 8 years old and although he may never outgrow his ADHD/ODD, the Lifeline program and helped me realize I can teach him the skills he needs now to make his own decisions and receive his own rewards of consequences based on his choices.
  5. 5 out of 5

    Raising Run-Away Grandchildren

    The ODD Lifeline has helped me tremendously! I was burdened with 2 teenager grandchildren who were extremely out of control. With the behaviour management tools I was given everything is working out fine. Give it a try; the ODDLifeline has the best experts for your child problems.
  6. 5 out of 5

    Incredibly Helpful and Took the Pressure Off Me

    I absolutely LOVED this program. I was able to implement the strategies with my 11 year old right away. The best part....I felt immediate relief! I realized her behavior is not my fault, not a sign of bad parenting, it is merely the choices she is making. Because I felt empowered and understood More that all I could really do is guide my child, I felt at ease. I easily laid out rule and regulations, explained what was expected and then stuck with the consequences of her decisions. There is a lot of power in following through on a consequence after giving my child the power to choose. I even used the words, "you want to be in control and have control, and you do, by the choices you make" SHe has not liked the consequences but she understands there are some. I even used the examples given when a child does property damage, steals belongings, etc and noticed better behavior choices right away. Most importantly, I now Know how to protect myself from the school, and system should my child continue to make choices that aren't in her best interest even though I've guided her. I now know how to show that I've done my part as the parent, and I know how to advocate that my child be the one paying consequences of her actions, behaviors and choices. Thank you so much ....This hasn't "fixed" my child, but it has empowered me to do my job as a parent and not go crazy. I know I will be reviewing this material on a regular basis. Thank you thank you thank you
  7. 4 out of 5

    I bought the Total Transformation but found something missing for our son. The ODD Lifeline has allowed me to have a better understanding of him & how to best interact with him. I found the ODD lifeline alittle old (in places- he is 9) for our current situation with him - police, courts etc. (although More a lot of it was applicable). It helped me realize & accept who he is. I loved that the author had personal experience. It is still a work in progress - I found the fail proof consequences empowering.
  8. 4 out of 5


    I have been trying different books and programs for my daughter's 15 years of life. Some, like the total transformation program, have been helpful but none really changed my daughter. She chooses to make her life more difficult by being oppositional. This book and program had a really helpful chapter More on staying calm. It also gave perspectives that the current mental health world is not able to give. Keep the focus on the child, instead of holding the parent responsible for the child's behavior. I will say that once I had confidence to do this, health care professionals became more effective. Also, it gave me freedom and to realize that I am not responsible for changing her and I simply can't change her. I can only just keep giving consequences and be a role model.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Relationship saved

    I have had trouble with my ODD son since I got him at age 4, but nobody could really help me understand why he was such a brat and why nothing seemed to work. I just wish I had gotten this program years ago. It has really helped me (probably more than him) and has saved our relationship. I did not More think we would get back what was lost. I love my son more than anything in this world, but his horrible behavior was making it very difficult. I now have a way to live and love my son. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 5 out of 5

    Life Changing

    I got the program because mu son is ADHD and ODD. He take medicine for ADHD but the .ODD is not improving. He gets in trouble in school no because he is not intelligent he is brilliant as one of his teachers had toll me, but because he refuses to do the work. Our relationship at home is very stressful More and tense. We have a power struggle since he is three years old. A counselor recommended the Total transformation program and while purchasing that I found the ODD life line. I'm still going through the program but as it is it had help me recognize what actions I need to take to direct my son in a different way. Also help me understand that all I can do is to teach him but it is up to him to learn. I see where I have been wrong approaching him and my response to his behavior only has escalated the difficulties. This program is helping me see new avenues of communication and the hope and he will have a better future with a more positive attitude.
  11. 4 out of 5

    Managing an ODD child

    I needed to help find a way to manage my situation and not go crazy. At the time of purchasing ODD Lifeline, I was constantly in the middle of arguments with my youngest child. These lessons really allowed me to put my situation in perspective. I have been able to step outside of my own emotions and More deal with the situation. I have released the need to constantly express my opinion to my child and no longer receive the lash back. It's a daily struggle and I have to constantly remind myself not to pick up the fight again. I have learned to accept my child for who she is and have stopped spending so much of my time, effort and money trying to change things. I have accepted the path my child is taking and will be there to support her in anyway I know how but I will no longer try to anticipate her thoughts and actions. I will just let her be who she was designed to be no matter how foreign the design is to me.
  12. 5 out of 5

    A Lifesaver

    Desperate for help is what prompted me to purchase the program. My son and husband go to counseling regularly; I have only gone a few times b/c I felt it was ineffective. Kimberly discusses what makes these ODD kids tick and really helped me to understand that I could not control the choices that he More makes. I think that many "experts" that counsel fail to recognize that parents are desperate for a few "tools" to work with. The ODD kids need help thinking things through to the end and controlling some impulses. Definitely worth the money. An hour of counseling can cost $100 so this program is a literal bargain; you come away with tools you can use and strategies for dealing with your kid's troublesome behavior.
  13. 5 out of 5

    Getting my life back!

    This ODD Lifeline program is the help i've been searching for the last 12 years. It recognizes, better than any other approach I've tried, the uniqueness of parenting a defiant child. They do not respond the way other children do, and they have a knack for making us feel lonely and ad though we've failed. More No more! I look at my son now and feel like I have the knowledge and tools I need to "win" and to define myself as a good parent. What a great program for all parents of defiant kids!
  14. 5 out of 5

    The ODD Lifeline has been Our Lifeline

    I am the step-parent of a teenager with ODD and conduct disorder. I can't even begin to tell you how much this course has helped me and my stepson's mother. We felt powerless in the face of his rage, temper and explosions. Learning about not trying to change his thinking but instead to focus on what More we can do has helped us tremendously. The temper outbursts have diminished significantly. We have let go of the desire to change his behavior and tried to focus on those things we can do, and fail-safe consequences. There are still many issues, but we do feel empowered in a way we did not comprehend. One other thing, the more we listen to the course, the more we learn as we have a different perspective each time. Thank you.
  15. 5 out of 5

    A glimmer of hope

    I purchased this programme in order to help me with my 6-year old son who has ODD. He has been in counselling since the age of 3 as his temper tantrums have turned into both physical and verbal abuse, towards myself and also his younger sister. I read countless books on parenting and raising children More but none mentioned ODD: the common disorder known here in Europe, or at least in Switzerland is ADD. I desperately needed to be able to handle these day-to-day conflicts and the ODD lifeline is precisely that: a practical guide to enable parents to respond appropriately to a child who seems to have little or no respect for any kind of parental authority. It has been really helpful in learning to pick my battles wisely and relinquishing my part in "controlling" his actions. I am still finding it very difficult to identify the "trigger" events leading up to the outbursts (both his and mine) and the feelings I experience when they take place so the workbook exercises aren't as complete as I had hoped. Further to this, I bought the Total Transformation Program as the ODD lifeline was the 1st stone in building a solid foundation... Thank you for showing us we're not alone in this painful situation!
  16. 5 out of 5


    I was really surprised at the change in MY thought process in handling my ODD Son after listening to the program and working through the workbook. I realize now that it is his life and I am on my TOES and know I am doing the best I can for him. His response to the new way I have been handling these More situations has been very positive and we are having alot better time together! Thanks!
  17. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the program to help me with my daughter who was diagnosed with ODD about 4 years ago. I've tried all kinds of ways to deal with her but when I heard this DVD I knew it was the answer I was looking for. Thanks!
  18. 5 out of 5

    A must have for families dealing with ODD!

    I have a 15 year old who is ODD and moving into conduct disorder, or at least it was that way until I listened to the ODD Lifeline. Changing my perspective has really helped me to have impact on his as well. We were in a situation where the police were involved again and I just didn\\\'t know how to More cope any longer. I was following the total transformation which is very helpful but not enough for my son or perhaps for me. Changing my way of thinking changed everything! My son and I have a very pleasant relationship now! No, he doesn\\\'t do everything I would like him to do but I respect the things that he has to find his own way with and he respects that I have rules for my reasons and that is all we can do. He accepts consequences and I accept what I can and can\\\'t control and the struggle is no longer a constant factor of our lives. Sure he\\\'s always ready for an argument but he no longer has an active participant in me.
  19. 5 out of 5


    I think you\\\'re on the right track in trying to improve these kids\\\' decision making skills by weighing things out first. It\\\'s easier said than done though. Homework battles continue to be the most challenging area for our 16 year old ADHD/ODD son and I wish you would have covered More this area more. What do you say to a kid who says \\\"I won\\\'t to do my homework and I don\\\'t care?\\\"
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Product Features:

  • 5 Audio Lesson CDs
  • Bonus Audio CD
  • 86-page Workbook

You’re not alone and you’re not a failure.

Your child fights against every form of authority and appears to have no control over his own choices, impulses or behavior. You’ve tried the full gamut of parenting approaches and nothing works. The problem is, those programs are for typical kids, not kids with ODD. Through Kim’s personal experience, and even humor, you can get to what works with your Opposition Defiant child.

Stop the chaos that’s ruling your life.

  • End the never-ending control battles
  • Stop repetitive, violent and severe blowouts
  • Get cooperation from your child’s school
  • Have influence over the most resistant child
  • Feel empowered instead of defeated

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • The fail-proof consequence: what it is and how to use it
  • The 4-step approach that works with the ODD child or teen
  • Ways to get your child to think about choices and make better ones
  • How to hold your child accountable so you don’t end up paying the price for his or her choices
  • The secret to making consequences work
  • How to deal effectively with school, police and court systems
  • How to recover from the emotional exhaustion of parenting an ODD child

1-on-1 Coaching

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Q: My child's behavior is so bad! Will this program work with my child?

A: The ODD Lifeline program was developed out of the experience Kimberly Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner have in working with oppositional, defiant kids in both private practice and through court-ordered programs. In addition, Kim has a son with ODD. The techniques described in the program have helped numerous families to feel more in control, even if the child’s behavior is more severe.

Q: My child has Conduct Disorder and is constantly in trouble with the law. How can this program help me?

A: This program is designed to help families with their child’s behavior, even if the behavior has crossed the line from ODD to Conduct Disorder. The ODD Lifeline has an entire lesson devoted to teaching parents how to respond most effectively when the child is in trouble with the police, school, or has entered the legal system.

Meet Kimberly Abraham & Marney Studaker-Cordner

They’re co-authors of Life Over The Influence and The ODD Lifeline.

Meet Kimberly Abraham & Marney Studaker-CordnerKimberly Abraham, LMSW & Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW

Kim and Marney are co-authors of Life Over The Influence™ and The ODD Lifeline®. Kimberly Abraham, LMSW, has worked with struggling children and their families for more than 25 years, and has clinical and personal experience in coping with addiction issues. Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW, has been a behavioral and cognitive therapist for over 15 years.

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