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Most parents struggle with bad behavior, whether it’s disrespect, arguing or severe defiance. But with the right skills and support, you don’t have to struggle anymore. The Total Transformation Program takes you step by step through understanding and managing your child’s behavior and shows you exactly what you need to do to develop your child’s problem solving skills—stopping bad behavior for good.

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ADHD and School Issues

Jo-Ann and Kath were looking for ways to help their son Brennan, who is diagnosed with ADHD and Slow Processing Disorder. They recognized that Brennan is talented, creative, and a natural leader, but his tendency to challenge authority and test limits created serious issues at school and at home.

Angry Outbursts

The Bentley family was looking for answers to help 14-year-old Alex manage her anger differently. Her ADHD made it difficult for her to control her behavior when she got frustrated. Outbursts of anger led to slamming doors and disrespect, which left the family feeling disconnected and discouraged.

Physical Violence & Disrespect

Carolyn Nash saw a big change in her son Theo after she and his father divorced. His disrespect led to outbursts of rage and even physical violence. Carolyn tried everything from grounding to counseling, but nothing seemed to work—until The Total Transformation.


What Are Parents Saying?

  1. 4 out of 5

    Total Transformation School of Rock

    I found this program to be extremely helpful in many ways. From learning how to talk to different types and give age appropriate consequences and rewards. I believe the key to raising responsible, respectable, positive, and productive children is to start at a very young age to teach them the VALUE More of living by the rules and teach them to have the consciousness and tools to make good/positive choices on their own. This program teaches you how to do that. If you do not start at a very young age (1 to 2 years old) you can lose control of your child very quickly. If you have lost control and respect, or starting to lose control and respect, then you need this program to start learning these methods as SOON AS POSSIBLE. The Total Transformation company is honest, caring, true to their word, respectful and can help you and your children bond together... it's going to take work, but it's worth it! Best to You!
  2. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely fabulous program! James Lehman explains difficult concepts in very easy to follow terms and steps. I began to change my methods immediately after the quick star DVD. With my change in approach, my child's attitude began to change just as fast. I continue to use what I've learned through this More program, and my child has made a 180 degree turn. THANK YOU JAMES.
  3. 4 out of 5

    Great parenting tool

    As a parent of 3 boys, I ordered the Total Transformation on a day when I was feeling at the end of my rope. I don't have any more than the typical battles of raising teenage boys, this program gave me the confidence and reassurance in my parenting. I am so grateful forr the tools I was given. For More me it was just hearing that the disrespect was unacceptable and that I need to take the emotions out of it and run my home like a business. The reminder to not engage in the battle has made a big difference as well. It gave me the confidence to stand on what I knew was right and through that, my boy's behavior has improved alot.
  4. 5 out of 5

    Excellent! Worth every penny!

    I purchased this program because I wanted to empower my children and other family members with concrete methods about how to communicate with our children. It is a comprehensive method that provides sound strategies for helping children become responsible and respectful adults. Thank you Janet and James More for this wonderful gift!
  5. 3 out of 5

    None Given

    Takes time to change reacting to teens actions and attitudes. Changing things slowly but I am determined.
  6. 5 out of 5

    Mom of ADHD

    I really am a busy working mom, but had to take the time to show my appreciation to Total transformation! Great tips and skills and most of all took away that guilty conscious I always had for no reason! Thank you!
  7. 5 out of 5

    Great results!

    There has been a marked improvement in my son's attitude and behavior after following the instructions in the Total Transformation.
  8. 5 out of 5

    Help at last

    I was at my wits end with my son. Then I puchased the Total Transformation and I got help. The tipa and information really help me put things into perspective as a parent. There is no need to fight with your child.
  9. 5 out of 5

    Even Beneficial for a Granny

    I enjoyed working through the Total Transformation Program and completing the workbook. Because of the tools provided through this course, I agreed to take care of my 4 grandsons last summer for a two day overnight stay with them. My young grandsons responded well to me once I set the tone with my expectations More and their responsibilities. We had a glorious time with full participation and cooperation in every situation. I mainly used the reward method with incentives for special activities or special privileges and they had a fun time too. Because of the age differences it proved at times to be quite challenging but it did not drain me as I had anticipated at the onset. I recommend this program highly to every new or experienced parent. This is a great program to be used as a preventative measure to insure a more stressless child rearing experience. It also will prevent major problems that often arise as the kids mature. Using Dr Lehman's method of child rearing will result in well adjusted, happy and responsible future citizens of the world.
  10. 5 out of 5

    parents of adhd and odd teenage boy

    We we were really impressed with some of the skills we learned with the program we felt like this program helped us more than helping our son because we were able to come up with a plan and stick to it. We also are noticing a big difference in his school work and ability to reason and that helps tremendously More thanks to total transformation.
  11. 4 out of 5

    None Given

    The Total Transformation Program assisted me with my ADHD/Mood Disorder/Austic/Residentially Treated son through his treatments and visitations. It enabled me to approach normally difficult behavior management in the most apprporiate manner particular to my son's needs. "Trigger management" was well More defined, and easier to work with opposed to "anger management". It provided a means to handling the prevention/limited exposure to the cause/root and focus of the anger. Goal setting and rewards systems for my child were made easier to attain and maintain. Moreover, the program helped me in the daily dealing encountered with my students in my instruction sessions at work. Be specific, well-defined, consistent, honest, and sincere in dealing with behavior issues. Making certain that the punishment/discipline is appropriate to the behavior. Well defined choices and consequences were also valuable in behavior management.
  12. 5 out of 5


    I don't know where to start! The program is totally awesome. My grandson became legally free at the age of 7, and human services sent him to live with us. He tried every negative behavior described in the tapes. I bought the program because I was desperate. Little Johnny was abusive and hurting people, More months of counseling were of no effect. We were ready to give up on this child and send him back to the state. But, we were told that we were his last chance at family life. If he washed out here, his next stop was a group home. We saw a dramatic change the very first day. I know that sounds impossible, but it's true. The first time his words dropped dead on the floor. He knew things had changed.
  13. 4 out of 5

    Total Transformation

    He seems more calm and will set and talk things out that is bothering him. He is not perfect but is a lot better and I think it helped his mom
  14. 5 out of 5

    You can do it!

    I didn't use the parental support line or speak with customer service, so I don't know how to rate them, but if it's as good as the program then it must be good. I used this program with my 2 girls growing up about 8 years ago and now using it to raise my 3 grandchildren ages 7, 5, and 3. Even tho they More are young, the oldest one a boy has ADHD and ODD. Terrible for the first two years in school. Took him to psychiatrist who prescribed methylphenidate and it works tremendously along with the Total Transformation program. Just knowing what to say when they act out or are disrespectful is so helpful. These kids have responded wonderfully. The teachers and special ed teachers all have raved about how obedient he has become and how focused he is on his schoolwork. His behavior is totally changed. Use the perforated cards! Put them wherever you may be so you can refer to them immediately; purse, car, kitchen! And I also found it helpful to let family members know that we were implementing the Total Transformation program so they didn't interfere with the discipline in case it happened in front of them. Our home is quieter, and my sanity was saved through this very trying time in our lives. We had to take over care of three little ones due to unfortunate circumstances and since my husband and I are near 60 years old, it was difficult. I'm glad I ordered the program to help my sweet babies. Hopefully, they won't have problems as they become teens and young adults having lived this program and its teachings.
  15. 5 out of 5

    The light at the end of the tunnel

    Mitchell is very bright and ahead of his class in all subjects but his behavior led to suspensions from school, loss of friends and quite often we did not get to do any family activities because of his behavior. With the help of this program, we learned how to communicate with our son and he learned More to communicate and take responsibility. Now teachers and adults only have to point out the "trigger" item or behavior and he immediately stops and backs away from what ever is upsetting him. This program also helped us prove Mitchell was not ADHD but that he does suffer from childhood depression so we could get him the help he needed and get rid of any medication he did not need. We can't thank you enough for everything, you have helped our family in so many ways.
  16. 4 out of 5

    very good tool

    it helped us to get structure and understand our kids better.
  17. 5 out of 5


    this program is very helpful to me and my family it give me the tools to know what to do and how to do things better.
  18. 3 out of 5

    Not too happy

    I was real excited with getting the total transformation before I received it. After receiving it and trying to go through the work book I found it difficult. I believe it should be more simplified. It seemed too much on a professional level then on a simply person's level. I then became discouraged. More I ended up paying for something that was so difficult that it was too hard for me to even get it for free. I felt like I got suckered in to it. So I still haven't even finished all the CD's. I know I'm not going to believe all the promotion on something again.
    • Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your candid feedback about The Total Transformation Program. We’re disappointed to hear that our program hasn’t been helpful for you. We strive to create the most effective programs to help all families. We also understand that each family More situation is unique and that it can be discouraging when you are not seeing the results you had hoped for. Please don’t give up. Our Support Line Coaches are here to help you use the program tools with your grandchild and create an action plan to address the problem behaviors you are facing. They can help you find a starting point and make the entire process easier for you. Please know that we want to help you achieve the results you were looking for when you called us and that we’re here for you. You can reach our Customer Support Team at 800-460-2235. We’ll be glad to help you.

  19. 4 out of 5

    Needed Help

    WE use the program to help with a grand son. James I liked a whole lot because he did not allow excuses and had a no nonsense approach to bring up misguided children or maybe I should say misguided parents. We had good success with the program but you have to follow it to get results. I would recommend. More
  20. 5 out of 5


    This program was a huge benefit for my whole family. I learned so much about myself, my children and others. This program to me goes way beyond just kids it's all the people we have in our lives. In regards to my son and his behaviour issues. There has been a wonderful change and our relationship has More improved greatly and his communication at school has improved tremendously. I highly recommend this program for everyone.
  21. 4 out of 5

    learning a new way to parent

    MoreSo far as we go through the dvds, I am finding that the adults are the ones that have to learn the new habits and pass them on to our children we have to learn new ways to react to different situations with our children not at least in my case the way my parents acted thank you for giving us a new way.
  22. 5 out of 5

    My Transformation

    The Total Transformation Program gave me the tools to help me be a better parent. Change begins with you! Change your parenting ways and your children will change too! The brilliant life skills Dr.Lehman shares has helped me take back control of my life. Thank you
  23. 5 out of 5

    Best Parenting Guide Ever!

    Total Transformation is the absolute best parenting tool I have ever found! I have taken (on average) two parenting classes per year for the past five years. I just want to be better at my role as a mom! I find it insane that parenting is the most important job of our lives, yet it's the role we learn More the least about! I received zero parenting education! Then I started to seek it out. I enjoy every parenting class I take, but Total Transformation is the only one I need! I agree with every single technique it teaches! That never happens! I can apply every single idea given from Total Transformation with ease! It just makes sense! Thank you Total Transformation!
  24. 4 out of 5

    From ineffective to extremely effective parenting!

    Total Transformation has changed the lives of both me and my 10 year old son. He battles with ADHD and has always ended up in trouble at school and anywhere else he might go. He's a very sweet and kind child but would end up having tantrums when he becomes overwhelmed with negative emotions. With the More step by step skills learned from TT my son is a new boy! I have heard from his teachers, from family that he has become a joy to work with each day. He no longer gets in trouble daily at school or has to be told what to do. He has become proactive and pleasant. Most importantly he has gained confidence. Watching the results of his new positive behaviors has been a joy as he has become very popular with other kids at school. He has friends and is well liked, which is not something I could have said a year ago! I cannot recommend this product enough. Effective parenting is not for lazy parents and it takes ongoing work; however the results are worth it. I recommend to every parent who tells me they are less than pleased with their child's behavior...which is almost everyone. You must try it and take the advice on. If you take the advice and use the system it WILL work.
  25. 5 out of 5

    worth it just don't lose it!

    It was very thourough and very easy to understand and implement. The examples were concrete and it helped me step by step. It made me see what I was doing wrong, it also showed me how to say things with specific and appropriate wording. Just dont lose any of the sheets and forms that are delivered to More you. Fill the feed back form in time and you will get totally reimbursed. And dont lose the completed sheets just before mailing them!!! Make photo copies of what you did all along the way in case you misplace your sheets.
  26. 5 out of 5

    Amazing Technics

    Total transformation was amazing teacher it gave me the tools as a parent to utilize. It showed me what to do and what not to do in order to understand my child. It showed me ways to avoid pitfalls and how to overcome meltdowns and not lose my child in that moment. The transformation program an awesome More program. I would recommend it to every parent that's dealing with similar situations as mines a child with behavioral problems. This program helped my as to make positive decision in difficult situation that he may face.
  27. 4 out of 5

    Very effective

    The program was very effective in helping me deal with my daughter. My daughter's behavior was so out of control it was overwhelming. One if the most helpful ways that the program helped me was in providing a systematic approach. It sort of broke things down into tangible Pieces. It gave specific techniques More to use. It debunked ideas surrounding the social worker approach to bad behavior and helped me focus on forcing my daughter to change the bad behavior. By helping me organize my dealings with my daughter, it helped me see that some if her behavior was indeed caused by medical issues and I ended up sending her to a 30 day treatment program where she was diagnosed as being bi-polar. Since then, she has been better thanks to therapy and medicine. I only wish that I would have gotten this program when my daughter, who has always been difficult when she was younger. I am really grateful that I was given the tools of the transformation program to help me deal w my daughter. I think in some ways it helped me save her life.
  28. 4 out of 5

    Reluctant 5 yo son (only child)

    the Total Transformation Program teaches us parents how to separate emotions and deal with the facts. Also how to set up clear behavior expectations. Before seeing this program, I thought it was our responsibility as parents to change our son's bad behavior. Now I know and accept the fact that it More is up to him to change. Our responsibility is to coach him to make choices ... if he makes good choices he can be rewarded with things/privileges that matters to him, or if he makes poor choices, he suffers consequences. This program offers the tools to help parents gain back the control of their house.
  29. 4 out of 5

    None Given

    The total transformation program helped me see my own parenting from the other side. It helped me understand what I was doing wrong, and showed me, step by step, how to make changes in the right direction. My family life is so much better now! I started being a real parent to my children, and I can see More that even my children are starting to appreciate that now.
  30. 4 out of 5

    A Coach's Perspective

    The program presented some good tools for parental use. I was hoping that the material might be helpful to me as a coach of a problem child athlete - and some of it was. The program is definitely focused on the needs of parents, however, so from my perspective, many of the suggestions - although they More may have been good ones for parents - just did not apply or were not feasible for a coach spending a limited amount of time each week with the acting-out child, and having to balance dealing with that child's behavior, with the needs of the other, well-behaved kids in the class.
  31. 4 out of 5

    This Program Makes Sense

    This program is super helpful in teaching how to handle difficult children. The program has good values and the rationale behind the method makes sense. Our child still has a lot of work to do even after we completed the program, but now we have the parenting tools to help him learn.
  32. 5 out of 5

    Learning experience

    The total transformation was a behavior learning experience for me as well as for my son. We go through life learning as we go and with the right tools and advice we get through it. In the total transformation I learned that not only that my son was out of control I was too and with the total transformation More I was able to put sanity,communication,trust and accountability back into our lives and now we are both doing well in our home situation and he's doing great at school. As an single parent things are not perfect by far but it's a great start.
  33. 5 out of 5

    A Manual for Becoming an Effective Parent When Confronting Behavioral Issues in Children

    I feel blessed that I heard about the opportunity to obtain and implement the use of The Total Transformation Program for dealing with the behavior of our two sons. Learning and implementing the "Alternative Response" method has improved our communication with our sons by providing us with the necessary More tools for dealing with inappropriate behaviors. It has been a slow process, and we are still trying to learn these concepts and use them effectively, but the learning curve is manageable and the results are certainly worth the effort. I really wish my parents had had this opportunity when I was growing up in the early 70's for dealing with me, and an abusive sibling, and my hope for me and all parents with children who have abusive responses to solving life's everyday problems, is that the buck stops here. It is in our power, with the necessary and appropriate tools, to effect life-changing behaviors in our children, but it has to begin with us, the parents. Thank you also to Dr. Lehman for making it possible to acquire this program for a minimal, if not totally free, cost. I was blessed with an advanced degree in education, and I could see where my immigrant parents, with their minimal educations and knowledge of the English language, would really have struggled with the program. Is the program available in other languages; i.e. Spanish? Thank you, Paul
  34. 5 out of 5

    Great information!

    So much of what was shared was actually new ways of thinking for my wife and I. I realized that what I am doing can greatly encourage or discourage my child's behavior. My favorite concepts were, "You can't feel your way into acting better, but you can act your way into feeling better" and also his explanation More of why "unconditional love" can be a thinking error to justify poor behavior, or rather our lack of ability to correct poor behavior.
  35. 4 out of 5


    the program did what it said although not imedeatly
  36. 5 out of 5

    None Given

    The Total Transformation Program is something I believe everyone should be taught in high-school!! Its parenting in a nutshell. My children were in there late teens and early twenties, but I found it to be the best eye opener, practical and easily applicable program ever. I doubt there is a better More one out there. I wish I had the knowledge I have now 35 years ago. The information is easy to understand and applicable in other relationships as well. All I can say is it's wonderful!!
  37. 5 out of 5

    The name says it all!

    This is an excellent program for children (of all ages) with serious behavior problems--the kind of problems you do not even want to admit to others that you have, because (you fear) that they make you look like a horrible parent!(When, in truth, you could not love your children more, and you are doing More the best you can!!) I, especially, love certain concepts that Dr. Lehman uses, such as: Accept No Excuse for Abuse. Anyway, I believe Dr. James Lehman is a genius, and I cannot think of any critical issue that he does not address!
  38. 5 out of 5

    Very valuable tools for parents to have.

    I feel that this program is a must have for parents. It gives you tools to use, and a better understanding of the way kids think, but the best part is the assurance it gives parents that you can say No, and it's ok to let your children from natural consequences. I feel more in control as a parent and More my children are happier and better behaved than they used to be.
  39. 4 out of 5

    I have always loved him... Now I like him too!

    Total Transformation has opened a new world of communication and understanding between me and my son. Our family is more settled. We actually attend functions together and enjoy our family time again! Incredible program with great results!
  40. 5 out of 5

    Truly a Transformation!

    When I purchased The Total Transformation Program, I was at the end of my rope. My daughter was out of control, with ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. All she did was scream and do everything I said not to do. I was desperate for something to help. When I received the program, I listened to the More Jump Start DVD and started to see immediate results. I took the full year to work on this program, but at the end of the year, I have a daughter who is calm, communicative, and a pleasure to be around. We interact on a personal level. She cares about her life now, and even my life! Truly a total transformation! I would definitely give this program a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain -- maybe even a new relationship with your child!
  41. 5 out of 5


    I ordered this program thinking it was to help my Daughter with her parenting skills. I ended up working the program instead, and not only is it for parenting, it was very helpful for my life skills! I most importantly learned how to stop arguments completely, and how to turn my everyday life into an More amazing life! Totally happy with the results this program brought about within myself! It doesn't matter whether your children are young or adults! THIS PROGRAM WORKS!
  42. 5 out of 5

    never too old to learn

    My son is now 30 years young with three children of his own. For many years, I wanted to get the Total Transformation whilst my son was in his teen years and living at home. As a single mom it just seemed impossible to dedicate any extra money to this endeavor. As a grandmother I became very concerned More about my son's behavior with his children, his wife, and me. I learned about boundaries and consequences and most importantly how I've never quite understood it enough to implement it during childrearing. In fact, what is due when confronted by my son was to confront back. Thereby, showing (in my mind) my parental strength. This was all wrong! All came to head this past summer when I was providing a vacation with my sons family just a few weeks before the planned trip, my son verbally abused me yet again. This timing was coincidental to my finishing up the T T program. Something inside me clicked and i called off the trip citing that I "just didn't care to be with my son." It ruined everyone's anticipated fun, I was the bad guy. The babies were not gonna enjoy the beach and boardwalk and rides, all because of my "drama", according to my son. I was so guilty, I cried. But, somewhere deep inside, I regained strength through this action. My son found that I had a boundary and limits and that there was a consequence. He has been nicer since. He's been curbing his speech. I'm hoping that I'm teaching him how to be with his children and wife. I haven't started the "Calm Parent" yet and I know that it will be beneficial to all of us. I did learn also to state my case and walk away. I keep implementing the little things that James talks about. Better late than never! Maria Messina
  43. 5 out of 5

    So amazed!

    I was amazed at the answers I started getting when I asked my child, "What were you thinking before you did that?" instead of "Why did you do that?" Instead of "I don't know." I got real answers, he was really thinking, but he had faulty thinking that needed correction. I tended to ask "why" back at More him because that was what he always asked about everything, but it wasn't productive, it kept us from growing, and kept me frustrated. Now I have a tool I use and it works!
  44. 1 out of 5

    not for young kids

    I'm incredible disappointed in this program it was of very little help to me. what they don't tell you is that it is mainly geared towards teenagers. what if you have a 6 year old? I have all the problems of a teenager and my daughter is only 6. They made it seem like it would be helpful but 90% of the More suggestions were related towards teens. not only that but the get it free thing was a scam. I sent my survey in and I never got my money back. I cannot recommend this product.
    • Dear TTCrosby,
      We’re very sorry to learn that our program has disappointed you. We commend you for taking action to help your 6 year old, and we wish we could have helped you. The techniques in the program are intended to help children ages 5-18 and have indeed helped many parents of young More children. Our Parental Support Line coaches work with parents of young children to help them adapt the program techniques to young children. We see that you did have access to our PSL service for a short time. Please know that the service is always available for you to resume at any time. Sometimes the program is simply not a fit. This is why we very much appreciate constructive feedback we receive from customers in their feedback surveys. According to our records, we never received your completed feedback survey. We are very interested in reading your feedback, and if you have a copy of the completed survey you mailed in, we will gladly honor the terms of the offer. Please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-460-2253. We will be happy to help you. Your success with your child is our common goal.

  45. 5 out of 5

    How could I take it for free when it is priceless?

    we signed up for the free offer, but after listening to the discs of James and co., working in the workbook and implementing these practices with our 5 young children, I didn't feel right getting it for free. The program is magnificent. I'd recommend it to all. Now is it going to be made available in More Spanish? As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I'd love to recommend it to all my patients or their parents that is. Most of us can't get into counseling weekly, but with this program, these resources can come right to us! Highly recommended.
  46. 5 out of 5

    Great program

    My co-worker had used the Total Transformation program. She suggested I try it. Although it is very time intensive, the results are worth it. It has helped me change for the better as a parent and as a result has helped my children change for the better.
  47. 5 out of 5

    Very impressed!

    I purchased this program for my daughter and her family. After an unexpected divorce, she had some problems with her two daughters. It begins with parenting transformation. It's hard work, and takes commitment, but the results are worth it. We have seen an amazing change in the girls, especially with More regards to respect and their ability to manage frustration. I am a Family Psychiatric NP, and I often recommend this program to the parents of some of my child and adolescent patients.
  48. 4 out of 5


    Dr. Lehman says you need to pay attention to the child's behavior, not his attitude. But with the help of these CDs I am changing my attitude, and that is changing everything. I no longer see my child's previous hard life as an excuse for bad behavior now. When I say something I mean it. And my child More seems to notice the difference.
  49. 5 out of 5

    Don't miss this!

    When I purchased this program, I did so for my sister. She had a very stressful home life with a 19-year-old daughter and a granddaughter who were both big challenges. I waited for her to use the program and she kept making excuses why she didn't have time. Towards the end of the year, I pushed her More and she finally started to pay attention. The changes were immediate. She is still working on it, but her life has improved dramatically! Here is the best part, however. I used the program myself, even though I didn't have children! I was intrigued by what I learned and started implementing the techniques in my business. I have 10 employees and I found I had no control over my staff. I wasn't being treated seriously and my direction was being ignored. I began to use the methods in my own business and saw a dramatic improvement! I strongly suggest that ANYONE, with or without children, use the program! It has been nothing short of miraculous for me in the way I handle my own life and how people regard me and how I see myself. It is truly empowering!
  50. 5 out of 5

    Something for every parent and every child...

    The Total Transformation Program has it all in an easy to use learning system. The videos provide a multitude of tools for parents to use for a variety of behaviors/situations. These can be used as a means of prevention, discipline, and long term positive results. The best part of The Total Transformation More Program is that the age, gender, and the severity are different which gives something for all people viewing the materials. In fact, I have used some of the tools in my own classroom in order to maintain structure and order without disruption. Last, but not least, I absolutely loved the Empowering Parents Newsletter via email. These are great because I would print and read whenever I had a free moment. The articles often contained topics like recent trends, schools, gender differences, and like the entire system, providing a better means to parenting and acquiring the desired behavior. As an educator and a single mother of 3 sons, I would not hesitate to recommend The Total Transformation program. I am lucky because my boys have been "good kids". Still, The Total Transformation Program gave me ideas, skills, and reasons to make sure they stayed that way.
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  • Parent’s Workshop DVD
  • 7 Audio Lesson CDs
  • 116-Page Workbook
  • Bonus Audio Lesson CD

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Regain control of your child, your family and your life.

You need help in the moment when you are overwhelmed with defiance and bad behavior. You need tools you can use at home to get your child to solve their own problems without acting out. And you need the fighting, screaming and defiance to stop.

Restore peace and sanity in your home.

  • No more walking on eggshells around your child
  • End frustration and exhaustion from constant arguing
  • Stop pleading and negotiating with your child
  • Feel empowered, not helpless
  • Stop blaming yourself for your child’s behavior
  • No more feeling like a bad parent
  • Replace power struggles with accountability

In this program, you’ll:

  • Get kids to listen, behave and act responsibly at home and at school
  • Learn the 10 words to say when your child talks back
  • Eliminate “acting out” in public
  • Stop the blame game for good
  • Master specific consequences for kids of all age groups
  • Discover exactly what to say and do to stop arguments and get through to your child
  • Understand how to prevent future issues before they start
  • Get your child to cooperate and comply, without raising your voice
  • Learn how to talk so your child will listen and respond appropriately
  • Teach your child problem solving skills
  • Rediscover the joys of being a parent
  • Establish lasting respect between you and your child

1-on-1 Coaching

When you need guidance through a specific situation, have questions about your program or just need someone to listen when you’re overwhelmed, our professional 1-on-1 Coaches are waiting to help. Each is highly experienced with our range of learning programs, and dedicated to personally motivating and supporting you. Simply call or email and get personalized guidance related to your program. Plus, since 1-on-1 Coaching is an optional service, you can elect to use it as long as you need it.

Our professional staff of 1-on-1 Coaches is here to help guide you through your learning program. Many have experienced parenting challenges firsthand, and offer a fresh and knowledgeable perspective.

Coaching can be added to your order during the checkout process.

Q: What is The Total Transformation® Program?

A: Total Transformation takes you step by step through understanding and managing your child’s behavior and shows you exactly what you need to do to develop your child’s problem solving skills—stopping bad behavior for good. The program works well for parents of children from 5 to 18 years of age who are exhibiting anger, underachievement, poor school performance, substance abuse, lashing out (physically or verbally, including abusive behavior), defiance and disrespect, but can be helpful for any child—even adult children. Total Transformation is designed to assist parents in dealing with negative behaviors (both typical and extreme) children and adolescents engage in.

Q: Does The Total Transformation® really work?

A: We think the families who’ve used our learning programs answer this best. In fact, thousands of parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals have shared their positive experiences—with each other, online, and in video testimonials—about the effectiveness of Total Transformation with their children and teens. Created by renowned child therapists James Lehman, MSW and Janet Lehman, MSW, the program is a life-changing tool in helping parents to quickly address unwanted child behaviors. Check out our constantly updated reviews where you can see our customers’ authentic and unedited comments. Our goal is to help you get to what works with your child so you can form a better relationship, starting today.

Q: Can this program work for me if I'm divorced and my ex lets my child(ren) get away with everything at his/her house?

A: Yes. One of the primary goals of Total Transformation is to develop a “Culture of Accountability” between you and your child. You will be able to teach your child to be accountable for his behavior in your home, regardless of the standards of behavior and expectations in the other parent’s home.

Q: Can I return my Empowering Parents product?

A: At Empowering Parents, we strive to help you get to what works. If you are not completely satisfied with your program, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Simply call us within 60 days from the date you receive your delivery (Order date, plus 7 days) to return the program for a full refund of the purchase price paid (excluding shipping and handling charges, if any). We will provide all return instructions for your purchase. You may be responsible for any return shipping and handling costs.

Q: What happens after I purchase?

A: You will receive your program by mail in an unmarked package to protect your privacy.

Q: What does The Total Transformation® teach, and what types of behaviors are covered?

A: Total Transformation helps parents with specific techniques that enable them to deal with problems such as fighting and arguing, lying, temper tantrums, talking back, destroying property, picking on siblings, bullying, acting sullen and withdrawn, lack of motivation, risky behavior, and behavior problems in school and in the community. It’s important to note that the skill-set honed in the program helps build stronger relationships with all children in the family, not only those who have attitude or behavior problems.

Q: Will The Total Transformation® work for all children?

A: Various factors impact whether the program is effective with a particular child—including the child’s age and developmental level, the child’s environment/background, and the parents’ consistency in applying the program. Acknowledging that, every day we hear from parents, grandparents, teachers and other caregivers who have found success in using Total Transformation. These concerned parents come from all walks of life and from all over the globe. We encourage you to read their authentic and unedited reviews.

Q: My child's behaviors are not as extreme as James Lehman describes. Will this program work for me?

A: The program is designed for children ages 5 to 18 and is very effective for most child behavior problems, ranging from mild to severe. Any parent can benefit from the effective parenting strategies taught in Total Transformation.

Q: Is The Total Transformation® religious-based?

A: Total Transformation does not have any religious affiliation. Parents of all faiths (including those who don’t practice any religion) have used the program successfully with their families while remaining true to their own core values. Our emphasis is on helping all families to change unwanted behaviors in their kids.

Using The Total Transformation® Program

Q: My child has a diagnosis (such as ADD/ADHD, ODD). Will it work for him/her?

A: Yes. Total Transformation can be helpful for children with these conditions, and was in fact born out of James and Janet Lehman’s decades of experience working with defiant, oppositional youth. A good approach for many families is to use the program tools in conjunction with the support of a trusted, qualified, and local professional.

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn't use the program?

A: Children with autism, profound intellectual disabilities, and severe psychiatric disorders that result in an inability to communicate may not benefit from the techniques outlined in Total Transformation. However, their parents may benefit from the parenting concepts taught in the program.

Q: How long will it take to achieve a real change in my child's behavior?

A: Not long at all. In fact, you might see a change in your child’s behavior almost immediately after you begin implementing the program. As they adopt more effective parenting roles, use behavior management techniques, and hone problem-solving skills, most families say they experience significant, lasting results as they work with the program.

Q: Can grandparents use The Total Transformation®?

A: Many, many grandparents use Total Transformation with great results. Some of these grandparents are raising their grandchildren, while others share the program with their grandchildren’s parents. Total Transformation will help you develop a “Culture of Accountability” between you and your grandchild, and teach him or her to be accountable for his/her behavior in your home.

Q: Can The Total Transformation® be used by teachers, educational technicians and counselors?

A: Absolutely. Countless teachers, mental health professionals and caregivers use our program on a daily basis. Every adult who interacts with children in a meaningful way can benefit from the concepts and practical ideas presented in Total Transformation.

Q: Is The Total Transformation® the same as therapy?

A: Total Transformation is not therapy. Where therapy is usually child-centric, our program is parent-centric. Total Transformation addresses how a parent can change the behavior dynamic by learning effective parenting skills.

Q: Should I use The Total Transformation® instead of counseling and/or stop my child's therapy, counseling, medication, etc.?

A: Total Transformation is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counseling or medical treatment. Parents of children who are currently under the supervision of a professional should not discontinue care without speaking to this professional. This program is not intended as a substitute for medication, and you should never discontinue a child’s medication without consulting a qualified professional.

Q: What is the age range for which The Total Transformation® is designed to be used?

A: Total Transformation is a valuable resource for parents of children of any age, because it provides guidelines to help you develop the most effective and productive parenting style for any given situation. Although it is recommended for children ages 5 to 18, you may see immediate results with children of any age. By the time a “typical” child reaches the age of 5, all of the concepts in Total Transformation would apply to him or her. As your child grows, you’ll see the added benefit of the advanced features of the program. Each child is different and only you can know for sure what is right for yours.

Q: Does The Total Transformation® work with children with medical diagnoses?

A: James and Janet Lehman designed Total Transformation as a powerful tool for parents—a tool that also supports behavior therapy goals at home. The best way to see if the program will be helpful in your specific situation is to try the program in your home, along with the support and guidance of your mental health and medical treatment professionals. Various factors may affect whether the techniques are effective with a particular child, including the child’s age and developmental level, the child’s setting/environment, and the parent’s skill in applying the techniques.

Note: Total Transformation is not designed to deal with children who have severe psychological disorders or medical conditions that impair their communications or problem solving skills. Children who exhibit signs of dangerous behavior, either to themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional. Total Transformation is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counseling or medical treatment. Parents of children who are currently under the supervision of a professional should not discontinue such care without speaking to this professional. This program is not intended as a substitute for medication. You should never discontinue a child’s medication without consulting a qualified professional.

Q: How can I get in touch with James Lehman?

A: Unfortunately, James Lehman passed away in May of 2010 after a long illness. His legacy lives on in The Total Transformation® family of products for parents, and on Empowering Parents, where you can still read his articles. His wife, child behavior therapist and co-creator of the program, Janet Lehman, MSW, continues James’ work to teach the principles of The Total Transformation® Program to families, and in her popular articles on Empowering Parents.

Cost & What’s Included in The Total Transformation® Program

Q: How much does The Total Transformation® cost?

A: Total Transformation retails at $327. Our goal is to make it accessible and affordable for any family in need of an effective program that can be practiced in the privacy of their home, so we provide unique incentives and promotions periodically.

If you would like to place an order or have further questions, please call Customer Service at 1-800-258-4315, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do ship internationally. Total Transformation cost is $327 plus $25 for shipping and processing. All prices quoted are in U.S. currency. Upon receipt of the order, we will bill $352 to the credit card provided and will then ship the entire program to you. We do ask that you allow up to 30 days for the shipment to arrive. We also ask that you please contact us once your package arrives to confirm receipt. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call Customer Service at 011-207-856-5600, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

Q: What comes with The Total Transformation®?

A: The following items are included in The Total Transformation® Program:

  •  The Jump Start Audio Lesson (CD)
  •  7 Audio Lessons (on 7 CDs)
  •  Bonus Audio – The One Minute Transformation (CD)
  •  Parenting Seminar Video (DVD)
  •  118-page Workbook
Each lesson in the workbook is broken down into three sections: a pre-test, with objectives and materials to go along with the audio lesson; specific “action steps,” a section on what to expect when implementing the lesson; and finally, a note from James Lehman, using real-life examples to illustrate how the specific technique has helped parents and children in similar situations.
The workbook will take you step-by-step through each lesson. There is also space for you to write your plans, reminders to keep you on track, and even reminder cards. These reminder cards are for you to tear out and use throughout your day to keep you focused on exactly what to say and do—and how to say and do it.

The James Lehman Approach

Drawing from personal experience and 30 years in the field

“I was a kid with behavior problems—about the worst problems you can imagine.”  James LehmanJames Lehman, MSW

James Lehman, who dedicated his life to behaviorally troubled youth, created The Total Transformation®, The Complete Guide to Consequences™, Getting Through To Your Child™, and Two Parents One Plan™, from a place of professional and personal experience. Having had severe behavioral problems himself as a child, he was inspired to focus on behavioral management professionally. Together with his wife, Janet Lehman, he developed an approach to managing children and teens that challenges them to solve their own problems without hiding behind disrespectful, obnoxious or abusive behavior. Empowering Parents now brings this insightful and impactful program directly to homes around the globe.

“Parent the child you have, not the child you wish you had.”

1-on-1 Coaching

Only Empowering Parents offers professional 1-on-1 Coaching to help guide you through our learning programs, answer your questions and listen when you need to talk.

Simply call or email when you are ready for personal, 1-on-1 support and we’ll be there to help you.

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