Two Parents, One Plan™

103-minute video program featuring instruction and analysis from James with parent/child role plays and online readings and instructions to accompany the video lesson.

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Getting on the same page is hard enough under normal circumstances. Getting on the same page when dealing with a defiant child’s behavior can seem impossible. You don’t have to keep playing good cop/bad cop, or get blamed by your partner. Through parent/child demonstrations, James Lehman helps you get on the same page so you can parent effectively as a team.


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Two Parents, One PlanTM
I am currently seeing a counselor with my co-parent. Should I use this program instead of counseling?
What if my spouse/co-parent refuses to listen? Can the program still work?

Product Features:

  • 103 minutes of instructional video
  • Supplemental readings accompany each video lesson

Learn to work toward the same goals.

Dealing with a defiant child can be overwhelming, especially when you and your partner disagree on the best parenting strategy. In this program, we’ll show you how to work together and align your goals for better behavior and the happiness of your family.

Come together for your child.

  • Break the good cop/bad cop routine
  • Stop getting stuck when you don’t see eye-to-eye
  • Prevent blaming each other or your child
  • No more passing blame to your co-parent or child
  • Avoid persistent arguing with your co-parent
  • Collaborate as parents with a single strategy

In this program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to function with your co-parent as a team
  • Find ways to re-connect around your common interest: your child
  • Model effective conflict resolution for your family
  • Collaborate, not get your partner to simply agree with you
  • Learn how to deal with a co-parent when you’re divorced or living apart

This program works best when used with the behavior management plan of The Total Transformation® Program.

Online Parent Coaching

When you need guidance through a specific situation, have questions about your program or just need someone to listen when you’re overwhelmed, our professional online parent coaches are waiting to help. Each is highly experienced with our range of learning programs and dedicated to personally motivating and supporting you. Exchange unlimited messages and schedule phone calls with your personal coach. Since parent coaching is an optional service, you can elect to use it as long as you need it.

Our professional staff of parent coaches is here to help guide you through your learning program. All have experienced parenting challenges firsthand and offer a fresh and knowledgeable perspective.

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James Lehman, MSW

James Lehman, who dedicated his life to behaviorally troubled youth, created The Total Transformation® Program, The Complete Guide to Consequences™, Getting Through To Your Child™, and Two Parents One Plan™, from a place of professional and personal experience. Having had severe behavioral problems himself as a child, he was inspired to focus on behavioral management professionally. Together with his wife, Janet Lehman, he developed an approach to managing children and teens that challenges them to solve their own problems without hiding behind disrespectful, obnoxious or abusive behavior. Empowering Parents now brings this insightful and impactful program directly to homes around the globe.

Online Parent Coaching

Empowering Parents offers professional online parent coaching to help guide you through our learning programs, answer your questions and listen when you need to talk.

Exchange unlimited messages and schedule phone calls with your personal coach.

Coaching is available for the Online Version only.

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