Defiant Children

Do you feel as though you're constantly in power struggles because your child refuses to follow the rules? If so, you’re not alone! Many parents feel powerless in the face of defiant behavior. To a defiant child, not being controlled by others is of paramount importance. The parents of these kids are in a very difficult position. Family life is chaotic and the more you try to control your child, the worse the defiance gets. In the articles below, you'll find information on planning what you can do to avoid further escalation if you find yourself getting drawn into a power struggle.

Is Boot Camp the Only Option for Your Child? Read This First



Have things become so difficult with your teen that you’re considering sending him to a boot camp? You’re not alone. Many people first find Empowering Parents and The Total Transformation® Program when they are searching the web or information on behavioral boot camps for teens. It’s not unusual to reach the point where you consider... Read more »

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A Day in the Mind of Your Defiant Child


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If you’re the parent of a defiant child, you’ve probably wondered what makes him so angry at life—and angry at you. With the school year approaching, are you gearing up for another difficult year with your child,  just hoping that he’ll make it through—and that you’ll be able to manage without falling apart? Realize that... Read more »

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