If your child is acting out physically by abusing you or other family members, destroying property, or threatening others, then you may want to consider talking proactively with the police. This step to work collaboratively with the police before you actually need them can save you a great deal of grief down the road.

We understand that involving the police is a very personal decision. And only you know if you are ready to take this step. But, if your child’s behavior has escalated to the point that you may need to involve the police, we recommend that you take the following steps.

1. Make an Appointment to Speak With an Officer

Call and make an appointment to speak with the chief or head of the police department. You will also want to meet with any local officers who patrol your area. You can just go down to the station, but it’s better to make an appointment and go while things are calm.

2. Explain Your Position to the Officer

Let the police know that you need their help. Your goal is that together, you can come up with a plan as to how things will be handled if they are called to your home.

When developing the plan, please understand that the police are for handling legal and safety issues. In fact, let them know you will only call them when your legal rights, or those of someone in your home, have been violated.

3. Make a List of Your Child’s Violations

Make a list of the legal rights your child has been violating. This list may include property destruction, assault, possession of drugs in your home, breaking local curfews, or running away.

4. Let the Police Know That You Want to Hold Your Child Accountable

Tell the police that you are not looking for them to parent your child. That’s not your goal. Instead, you’re looking for them to hold your child accountable for violating the law.

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It is often helpful to reiterate your belief with the police that you both share the same goal: to produce an upstanding, law-abiding citizen. But you would like their help in the following ways:

  • You want the police to know you’re hoping your child will learn that there are consequences for his actions.
  • And you want your child to learn that now, before he reaches adulthood and the consequences become more severe.
  • And, finally, you want your child to understand that he does not have the right to violate your rights just because he’s family or a minor.

5. Assure the Police That You Are Open to Their Ideas

Tell the police you’re open to any ideas they have and that you understand they cannot necessarily arrest your child. Some of your child’s behavior may not be severe enough to be taken directly to the juvenile detention center. Nevertheless, tell the police that you still want him held accountable. Ask them to take the following two actions:

  • First, when there is an incident with your child and you call in the future, you would like the police to file a written complaint.
  • Second, you would also like them to inform your child this will be on record and will follow him into adulthood.

These actions may make an impact on your child and the choices he makes. Also, by having these complaints on record, you are leaving a paper trail. This paper trail is important if your child does end up in the court system and you need written proof to back up your claims and to get him the services he may need.

6. Request the Same Police Officer Again

Ask if you can specifically request any of the officers you’ve met with to be the ones who respond to your call. These are the officers you want to come to your home if the need arises. Also, get names and business cards if they’re willing. In taking these steps, you’re improving the chances of an effective response to your child’s behavior by the police.

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Again, be proactive in your interactions with the police. Take along this Police Intervention Worksheet with you when you go to the station.

Sit down with an officer and go through it together. Tell the officer that you’re there to find ways to hold your child accountable. And also tell them that you are willing to work with the police for a good outcome for everyone.

As a team, you have a much better chance to hold your child responsible for his behavior so that he can grow into a productive, law-abiding citizen.

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Kimberly Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner are the co-creators of The ODD Lifeline® for parents of Oppositional, Defiant kids, and Life Over the Influence™, a program that helps families struggling with substance abuse issues (both programs are included in The Total Transformation® Online Package). Kimberly Abraham, LMSW, has worked with children and families for more than 25 years. She specializes in working with teens with behavioral disorders, and has also raised a child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW, is the mother of four and has been a therapist for 15 years. She works with children and families and has in-depth training in the area of substance abuse. Kim and Marney are also the co-creators of their first children's book, Daisy: The True Story of an Amazing 3-Legged Chinchilla, which teaches the value of embracing differences and was the winner of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Children's Storybook Cover Design Award.

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  • Maybe medical?
    I am a parent of 2 children with mental health issues and I also work with children who have multiple diagnoses including ADHD, ODD, Autism, Anxiety and depression. One aspect that can tend to be overlooked is the medical piece. There are over-lapping symptoms with many mental health disorders andMore certain medical conditions including issues with the thyroid, for girls PCOS, PMDD & elevated estrogen; boys can have thyroid & hormonal imbalances as well. Blood work from an endocrinologist can help diagnose/rule out another disorder that is co-morbid or has over-lapping symptoms with a diagnosis your child already has.
  • LLC
    So what is the answer here?? My child turned abusive after my mother passed away in our home. I was her caregiver. I felt like he was just hurting & didn't want to punish him but he kept running away and the abuse kept getting worse. He was 13 atMore the time. Law enforcement was at our house almost daily. Finally, it got to the point the police were talking about turning it over to CPS so I voluntarily went in & opened a case. Long story short, he made a false accusation against me & the police corruption is so bad where I live they falsified a report on me & had me arrested. Then CPS took my children. Don't believe me? I have the police report to prove it & you can do a Google search for "Police corruption in Fremont County, CO". You'll be shocked. Since then, my child has been shuffled in & out of lock-up facilities, foster homes, group homes, facilities ran by DOC (Department of Corrections) & the list goes on. Currently, he is locked up in a place called Southern Peaks here where we live. It's horrifying. He now throws gang signs, smokes marijuana regularly, & is becoming someone I don't recognize. We just needed help. I am heartbroken, lost, angry & a million other emotions which I go through daily. So, what is the answer when you have nowhere to turn?? Now, he resents me for getting him locked up & I blame myself for not being able to handle the situation on my own. It's devastating...
    • momboss
      Thank you. I read the article because my 16 year old is ...probably throwing (wannabe) gangs signs and smoking...and is skipping class and running away to avoid reality. I have called the police once already: the first time he did this. He came home himself after having fun. I wasMore so open armed...i had been sitting in grief imagining him needing me. I still dont know what to do but i know what not to do: why do parwnts get advised to call police? Ohh he just came home...it is midnight. Do i open the door? I knew he was alive...i love him to pieces and want back the real him. Prayers to you. This cant continue but ....the system makes it worse.He is drumming on door. I Hope he doesnt get police called.
  • DGT
    My 14 year old son broke my wrist and has beaten me with a leather belt. I called the police, even sent him away for 8 months. The abuse got so bad I had to run from my own home and move to another state. I left him with hisMore dad and took my 10 year with me cuz he's been traumatized by what he's seen and is afraid of him too. I have tremendous guilt, he didn't even call me on Mother's Day. He's screwing up school and I'm besides myself. My ex husband has always blamed me for everything, but I think he's the one with the problem. He's never supported me and stood there and did nothing why my son was beating me!
  • JC
    Son has witnessed all sorts of abuse, and can't control his own anger. When he explodes, Mom gets pummeled. Police just laugh.
  • JC
    Police have come to the house on numerous occasions, in response to abuse from adult children of elderly parents. Now grandson is abusive of his mother. They live with the grandparents, who enabled the abuse from their own children, and are rendering ineffective all efforts to address the grandchild's anger.PoliceMore simply laugh and tell us how stupid we are for living together. (It's an economic issue. Stepfather died and mom lost house and their joint business. Mom is steadily employed at a job she loves, but salary is insufficient for other lodging). There's an answer out there and I will find it, but when son explodes, mom gets pummeled.
  • Susan

    I would like to understand why my 22 year old abuses me calling me all kinds of hames bracken get

    All the things in my house and has hit me several times. I am at my wits end please advise what I am

    Suppose to do as a mother

  • RebeccaW_ParentalSupport
    Mary Schriber I’m so sorry to hear about the abuse you are currently enduring from your 10 year old.  You and her siblings deserve to be safe in your home, and there is no excuse for abuse.  I hear your concern about the potential police response if you called forMore their support, and I encourage you to call during a calm time to get more information on how they might be able to help you as outlined in the article above.  I also recommend https://www.empoweringparents.com/article/the-lost-children-when-behavior-problems-traumatize-siblings/ for you and her siblings to follow when she becomes abusive.  It’s very concerning that she has been talking about killing herself, and I encourage you to take this kind of talk seriously.  I recommend working with local supports, such as her doctor or a therapist, to help you develop a crisis plan to keep her safe if she continues to make this kind of threat.  For assistance locating resources in your area, try contacting the http://www.211.org at 1-800-273-6222.  I recognize what a difficult situation you are in right now, and I wish you and your family all the best moving forward.  Take care.
  • Mary Schriber
    My 10 year old also just disrespects me if I ask her to please help clean house r pic up her things she gets so angry and comes towards me and my 13 year old and my 9 year protect me but then I have to stop them from hurtingMore her when she is hurting me just lost very lost what can I do
  • col8118
    I have a 17yo son who is verbally and physically abusive and has been for a few years.  He wrecks my house, hits, curses, throws stuff, screams.....Contacting the police is not always the answer, unfortunately, and without their help we feel we have no solution but to separate, sell ourMore house, so that I can take our ten year old and my husband can stay with the 17yo until he is 18.  When he first became abusive and we called the cops, the cops felt that it was a family issue and called child services on us. They investigated and we were cleared, but I was so unbelievably angry, I paid for a lawyer fearing the worst, fearing that they would remove my younger son from the home.  I did not need that stress in addition to all I/we were going through at the time.  So now, I still live in fear and have to deal with the abuse and can't even consider contacting the police b/c it's as though they don't want to deal with it. Also, if you do call the cops they told us if they have to arrest him or whatever, that we have to pay for his lawyer since he is under 18, such an unfair law that no doubt deters people from calling the police and pressing charges.  I'm trying to hang in there until he is 18.  We will sell our house and downsize and put him in his own apartment/room for a year--if we can hang on that long.  After that he's on his own.  I can't take it anymore.  He has completely ruined our family.
  • Brokenmother
    I had to let my daughter go. If there was another way to stop the aggression we would have found it. Years and years of professionals including a 6 month stint in a mental health facility and now...she's moved out, still abusive and I currently have her baby who wasMore apprehended. If you haven't lived with a child like this it is practically impossible to comprehend. Again, if there is a better way what would you suggest that we didn't already try? I know this is not about my child but I feel for this mother.
  • ttcat79
    In California can you have a child removed from your home or am I supposed to just continue to live through this torture. .Does anyone know of any options
    • RebeccaW_ParentalSupport



      sorry to hear about the challenges you have been facing with your daughter, and

      I’m glad that you are reaching out for support.In many states, there is a program through the juvenile justice system

      or family courts often called CHINS or PINS (child/person in need of

      supervision/services), or something similar.In this program, the court is petitioned for assistance in holding a

      child accountable for her choices, and in some cases, the child may be removed

      from the home for therapeutic purposes or safety reasons.You can get more information on what this

      process might look like in your community by contacting the local court

      clerk.I can only imagine how difficult

      this must be for you, and I wish you and your family all the best moving


      • DGT
        I had my son put on pins diversion when he was in the 3rd grade and made the school put him on pins in the 7th grade. I also had the same experience that child protective services was called on me! Pins and having him sent for intense counseling forMore 8 months did nothing except leave me in fear of losing my other son, being in fear for my life and having to run from my home in fear of this now 14 year old killing me! I have MS and he's beaten me too many times to count. He sees nothing wrong with his behavior and refuses to go to counseling. I did everything I was told to do in order to help him, all the hard things, I did it all. Sometimes mental illness can't be controlled especially when he refuses to take any medicine and he'd 6'3"!
  • Brokenmother
    My daughter physically and verbally assaulted me and her sisters daily from the time she was 8 years old. Years of psychiatrists and psychologists and a 6 month stint in a mental healtg facility for teens did nothing. They suspected she had borderline personality disorder but refused to diagnose herMore officially and said they would when she was an adult and they could treat her. At 14 she left my home and I refused to let her return. At 16 she went into the care of children's services and when I gave them her history they blamed me for her behaviour. Now she's 19 and has a child who was apprehended and placed in my care. Her child is 10 months old and has been with me since she was 4 months old. Despite my pleas, my forwarding her abusive texts to the authorities and her destruction of my property when she arrived 1 day to "check" on her child, the authorities will do nothing and because her visits with her daughter (unsupervised) are "going well" and although nothing has changed since her child was taken, the child is being returned to her mother in 6 weeks. The physical abuse I remember but it is nothing compared to the emotional abuse I get now and she has stated that as soon as her child is returned she will never let me see the baby again. My heart and soul are broken. Not going to lie I wish I had never had her. The grief and heartbreak now is worse than her hitting me. I give up on help. There is none because no one, not children's services nor the police will do anything. Thanks for a place to post as I just needed to tell someone somewhere.
    • Mary Schriber
      Yes so do I I can imagine what ur going through mine is 10 years old
    • ttcat79
      My daughter is 11 I'm going through hell we all are nobody listens nothing works Noone helps I want her out of my home I'm so tired of her threatening me that's worse than the physical abuse she continues to lie and try to get me in trouble when sheMore doesn't get her way I'm so exhausted I'm ready to just drive away but I know my 16 year old needs me and she has never caused me any problems i love her to death but I feel like the other one hates me
      • Mary Schriber
        My baby told me I wasn't her mom anymore and she is 10 I feel everything u feel right now my heart is so broken in two since yesterday
      • Singlemotherneedofhelp
        My son started at 11, has done horrible things to my youngest which she was 2 at the time, he verbally and physically hurt all three of us. Finally DCFS had enough of his behaviors and removed him from my home..As a mother I wanted my son back and believedMore everything he was telling me,when the whole time he was lying. I fought till I got him back, when he was 15 I got him home and we have been living like prisoners in our home, we lock ourself in our room, he tears up my house, does not listen, is very disrespectful to me and my girls..he currently has 4 domestic assault chargers and all they say is follow the safety plan, but yet he steals, calls me and my girls out there name, he leaves and comes home when he feels like it, and I can't say nothing to him because of the safety plan the court has made up..he is a compulsive liar and of course when he is around higher authority he acts like an angel..I have no money for a lawyer and the one lawyer I did have talk to had no clue what he would even be able to do..no one listen to me and the messes up part he has a history of these behaviors yet they make it seem like I'm the bad parent and we have problems as a family, not understanding the problem lays with him..my other two children are respectful, helpful, and totally the opposite. Last Jan I had a mild stroke from stressing and still can't walk without a cane..I love my son but the system is so messed up that they tell me me and my girls have to lock ourslef In the room or leave if he won't stop his behaviors and don't say anything to him....I feel helpless and alone, I thought I was the only one going through this...there has to be something as a parent we can do to ensure the safety and stop the abusive behaviors without feeling threaten by authorities we are not good parents..just because they are a minor abuse is abuse and nobody should have to live like this..cause as an adult if we abuse them we get put in jail and everything else but it's ok for a child that knows right from wrong to abuse us..I just don't get it.
      • Brokenmother
        Ttcat79 I wish I had a solution for you as I completely understand your pain and frustration. All I am able to offer is a virtual hug and an encouragement to set aside special time with your oldest. My oldest felt abandoned because so much time and attention was spentMore trying to "help" her sister and to mo avail
  • RebeccaW_ParentalSupport


    I hear how scared you are of the behavior you are witnessing

    from your son, and how much you want to help him.  His statements and

    actions are understandably concerning, and I’m glad that you are reaching out

    for support.  At this point, I encourage you to work with local supports to

    develop a plan that will keep both of you safe when he starts to

    escalate.  For example, you might consult with his doctor or a counselor

    about what you can do if he runs away from home, or if he starts to attack you

    physically.  If you need assistance locating resources in your community,

    the 211 Helpline can be a great resource.  You can reach them by calling

    1-800-273-6222 or by visiting http://www.211.org/. 

    I wish you and your son all the best as you continue to move forward. Take


  • Charisma2
    I am a parent of a son who verbally and physically abused me and his dad. He enjoyed intimidating me when my husband was at work, destroying his bedroom, goading his father which resulted into it becoming physical. Anything would spark it off mainly falling out with friends or notMore having his own way ie demanding things. He is an only child and always well behaved. He was an excellent scholar too. This all started when he was 16 and just started A levels. He started taking cannabis too. We tried everything possible. We even had the police talk to him. He deciders to live in a hostel when he was 17, dropped out of education, got kicked out of the hostel and came home. All was fine for a short time then it all started again. It came to a head when he was drunk, attacked my husband (his father), leaving him bleeding from his head, unconscious, he smashed my windows and broke doors, police came and he was arrested. He had a suspended sentence and was disowned by family. He had to work hard to get family back. To say I was ashamed, embarrassed and a failure is an understatement!! He is now 23, turned his life completely around due to the love and support of his family, has a good job, lovely girlfriend and the future bright. Do I worry it could go pearshaped - yes I do but I am strong. To all parents out there be strong and get help. You are not a failure.
  • Exhusted Mom
    This morning has been like most in my house. By 14yr old is getting ready for School while her sister and I are fighting. My 12yr old has ADHD. And for 5yrs she's torn up my home. Broke doors, items in the house. Her sisters belongings. The police have beenMore out 2times. It made things ok for a bit but now, it's getting bigger and bigger. Back to the old ways. And I've been so busy working to pay bills cause there father doesn't see them. And child support is hot and cold. I don't know we're to turn. I know that I'm not perfect, but I'm exhusted. Lol I don't want to sit and do 5 more yrs of therapy. I want to live. I want to go on trips. I want my 14yr old to feel that this is her home also. I'm almost 51. I have 3 girls. One is raised and gone, she doesn't talk to me. She has since 14 been on her own. She was like my 12 yr old but not to such an extreme. She would never hit, throw. I need help. She needs to know that she needs to be responsible for her actions.
    • DeniseR_ParentalSupport

      Exhusted Mom

      It’s understandable you would be exhausted. It can be

      overwhelming to have to face such extreme behavior on a daily basis. Talking to

      the police may be helpful and the above article offers tips for doing just

      that. Another thing that may be helpful is coaching your daughter forward, as

      Carole Banks discusses in the article  https://www.empoweringparents.com/article/my-childs-behavior-is-so-bad-where-do-i-begin-how-to-coach-your-child-forward/.

      The first step to coaching your child forward is picking one behavior to focus

      on at a time. Trying to manage and address everything that’s going on is going

      to be exhausting. It also won’t be very effective. It will also help to

      decrease the power struggles you have been getting into with your daughter. You

      may also find the blog https://www.empoweringparents.com/blog/a-tip-to-stop-power-struggles/ useful for your situation. Best of luck to you

      and your family moving forward. Take care.

  • Justamom6
    I am struggling so bad and have no strong support system in place for me.  My daughter that is 17, pregnant, and in an unhealthy relationship has been violating me in all areas of life.  I had contact with the police 3 times this week alone.  Her violent behaviors haveMore increased because I will not allow the alleged babies father at my house.  The reason why I don't is because he has come to my home and verbally and some physical abuse against my daughter and my house has been damaged.  Even tonight my front door is busted from my daughter that is no longer locks.  The boyfriend even walked through my front door without knocking and I told him he could not do that and he got into my face and called me a bitch.  The issues with my daughter is if he is not allowed her she is abusing me more.  Today she came into my bedroom and she requested to spend the night at a girlfriends house and I said no you need to be home by curfew.  The reason why I did not give her permission is because I knew that she was going to spend the night with this abusive boy.  She became enraged and verbally assaulted me.  I started to video tape her  because she has learned a new talent of lying so good that she can throw anyone under the bus.  She attacked me and somehow got the video removed and hurt my arm.  I ran out of the house to the neighbors and she ran ahead of me and ran into the neighbors house without knocking and said that I was hitting her and she is pregnant.  (This is the new pattern of abuse--she hurts others and twists it around).  My neighbor saw my arm and seen that nothing was wrong with my daughter.  I am beaten down now and don't have the strength to keep calling the police so I didn't.  By chance the police called me after an hour or so.  I told them what happened and she was indeed at this boyfriends house.  They asked me if they should bring her home.  I instructed them that she can stay there until curfew 12 at night.  I also informed them that she will need to find a ride home.  At 12:05 she calls me to tell me that she needs to be picked up because nobody would give her ride home and that the police said that she should not walk.  I went to the house and family members of the boyfriend came out and started calling me names and saying that I need medicine and just plain verbal assaults.  My daughter was no were to be found.  I told the people that I was here to pick up my daughter per her requests because the police said that she could not walk home.  Next my daughter comes out and gangs up on me with them and calls the police saying that I am harassing these people.  The police came and I told them just what I told you above.  That is how abusive and dangerous my daughter is and I am in so much pain that I don't think anyone could understand.  I had my daughter in counseling and she went 4 times and refuses to go anymore.  She was taken to the hospital after he abused her to be evaluated and by the time she was stable and would not keep her.  The reason why she needed to go to the hospital she was laying in the road pregnant saying she wanted to die after one of his visits to my house abusing her.  The next day she has him climbing through her bedroom window in the middle of the night.  He the boyfriend frequently enters my home through the windows of my house during the middle of the night.  I caught him on camera and the police were called.  He was advised to stay away, but he keeps coming back or like I said my daughter's aggression is off the charts.  I am so sad to even be telling you this, but I am not safe in my house and my daughter is also not safe.  There is a paper trail now, but I am not sure it will solve the deep sorrows of the trauma I have gone through the last year or so.
    • Rosanna Saputo

      Understand the pain of having someone turn your reality into anything but safe. I don't deserve to be demeaned by anyone i.e. my son. My son is 23 and still lives in my home. He is addicted to alcohol and Pot, but he has been on everything he can get. Now he is sleeping with men who are addicts as well. My son has been an addict for at least 8 years. All the anger, hate, lying, stealing, destroying of property, going to jail many times, and is set to go again for stealing. I never ever thought this could happen in my life time, but here I am. My life has been consumed by his addictions and now he is hitting me, looked in the eyes and said he is going to kill me and he is not afraid of me. When will he hit his bottom and see that he has given up his life to be high. I am hoping that he is reaching a bottom as they say and find there is no place left to hide from his fears. What ever they may be for him. Now I have come to my bottom and find that I can not put my life on hold for him. I realize that I have given my life away. I will not give up on me. My life is mine and I have no business letting myself be consumed with his life of pain. I love him so much its like I was trying to make up for his loss of self love by double dosing him with my love.

      Now I am seeing that was not possible to do for him let alone an addict.

      Here is believing that you will come to your own bottom and make the changes on yourself and not put his changing before your own.

      Lov ya

      from a single mom who now knows now that I can not live his life for him. I will let him live it and where it takes him...

      I love you Alex and always will.

      who I can't trust or love. and fear of the worst, not able to stop or change the outcome. I am a hostage in my home. My son is a charmer and can manipulate anyone. He puts himself across as a person who is sweet, honest and will do anything to accommodate anyone. He has worked hard to isolate me from other adults and described me as crazy and dishonest. Now I find that I am safe when I know where I stand with myself.

    • Charisma2


      Do the best for you. She enjoys the power she has over you by intimidating you and abusing you. Do not feel ashamed or guilty. She is responsible for her actions.  If it means having her arrested or removed from your home then do it no matter how hard it is. I went to counselling which helped me. Be strong and break the unhea!thy cycle.

  • Lost Mom 136
    I have an abusive daughter. She is 18 now and considered an adult. I am verbally abused every morning when trying to get her up for school. It has become physical abuse on a couple of occasions and most recently she has punched a wall and badly bruised her hand.More I've tried counseling and parenting classes nothing seems to work. She refuses to go to counseling, school or any doctor for a diagnosis. Everyone in our family is on eggshells when around her. She's caused my partner's daughter to refuse to come to our house. (Week to week with his ex) I don't know what to do anymore. When I left the house this morning the words I said to her were " You leave me no choice." She wanted to know what I was talking about and I said "You will find out." I'm at my wits end with this and am seriously considering having the police escort her from the house. I really don't want to do it but do I have a choice?
    • DeniseR_ParentalSupport

      Lost Mom 136

      I can hear how distressed you are about this situation. I am

      sorry it has gotten to the point where you are considering asking your daughter

      to leave your home. However, no one should have to live with disrespect and

      abuse. Your daughter is an adult and if she chooses to continue treating you

      and other family members badly, then asking her to leave is within the scope of

      possibilities. We have an article you may find useful for your situation -

       https://www.empoweringparents.com/article/rules-boundaries-and-older-children-part-ii-in-response-to-questions-about-older-children-living-at-home/. I know this isn’t an easy situation. Good luck to

      you and your family moving forward. Take care.

  • hurt dad

    iam a separated father and my son is 15. I had been telling my son that domestic violence includes hitting parents and grannies and once he is 15 even the law starts placing responsibilities ooooon him. He wont listen. His mum has a boyfriend.  Now he tell mehe want me to pay his sports and be taxi driver and no communication at all on all topics including his health etc.. just to pay adrive and leave otherwise he becomes violent. .Currently he argues on his sprots nutrition since in my opinon he is not eating properly and was sick three times on the day he had races.... even his coach said its not normal but his mum blamed school tests and exam pressure..brought him his virues.. . my opinion he is not eating well.. so he is now even to tell me the time of pick up he shouts in agrresive manner...

    what can i do ??should i simply go for himor should i just pa y and stop all contact...

  • FrustratedMom3009
    My son ripped out a chuck of my hair and I was told all they could do was transport to a local childrens hospital for psych eval because domestic violennce laws don't take effect until his is 18, right now he is 13.
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