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In Memory of James Lehman

by Elisabeth Wilkins, Empowering Parents Editor
In Memory of James Lehman

This tribute was written when James Lehman passed away in May of 2010. We hope you, like so many parents and families who have discovered James' work, will find something in James' legacy that helps you on your own parenting journey.


To Our Empowering Parents Family:

It is with deep sadness that we come to you today with this news. Our dear friend, colleague and teacher, James Lehman, has passed away after a long illness.

We are heartbroken at the loss and committed to carrying on James’ legacy of hope and change. James Lehman’s life story is one of overcoming seemingly impossible adversity and helping others do the same. His was “a life of great radiance,” as one of his close friends shared with us this week. 

Below is my own personal tribute to James. I hope you’ll share your thoughts on James and his work by leaving a comment for
EP readers.

“Nothing makes me happier than helping my friends.”

Nearly every time we talked, James Lehman said those words to me. And like everything James said, the words were genuine, honest, and sincere. The more I came to know him over the years, the more I realized that being there for his friends and family meant everything to him.

When I became editor of Empowering Parents, I had no way of knowing that one of the best parts of my job would be getting to know James. We talked every week, and each time we spoke, his first questions were always, “How is your son? How is your family?”

One day this spring when we were talking on the phone, my seven-year-old son, Alex, pulled on my sleeve and whispered, “Mommy, can I talk to James? You said that he helps kids, right? I have a problem and maybe he knows the answer.”

Being James, he agreed immediately. (When James was your friend, you never questioned if he would help you—he always jumped in and did what he could. He was just that kind of man.)

James listened as Alex told him about a boy who was bullying him in class. Then James gave my son advice in his warm, native New Yorker accent: “Some kids won’t quit bothering you even if you tell them to stop. I know it’s hard, but you will have to say it over and over again. Just say, ‘Don’t talk to me that way, I don’t like it,’ and turn around and tell the teacher. You might have to do this a lot of times. Do you think you can try that?”

“I think so,” said my son.

Then James got on the phone with me and told me how to handle the situation with my son’s teacher and principal.

Each week after that, James made sure to ask how things were going. When I finally was able to tell him that my son was doing much better and that the situation was resolved, he shared my happiness and relief. 

This is just one of the many amazing stories I—or anyone here at Empowering Parents who worked with him—could tell you about James Lehman. He was a remarkable man with a remarkable story. He went from being abandoned as an infant in a tenement building in New York City, to being a teen runaway and drug addict. By the time he was in his twenties, he had served seven years in prison. A judge sent him to an accountability- and responsibility-based rehabilitation program, where inmates were responsible for helping others beat their addictions. It was there that James discovered he had a knack for helping teens. “Most people forget what it’s like to be a kid, but for some reason, I never have,” he would tell me. “I think I was given a gift in this life to be able to explain that to people, and to help parents and kids. I don’t take credit for it—it’s a gift.” And it was indeed a gift, one that has helped hundreds of thousands of kids and families, and will no doubt continue helping people for years to come. 

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons I learned from James was the impact one person’s life can have on the world, no matter what your beginnings are, and no matter what bad choices you’ve made—you nearly always have the power to turn it around and help people in some way.

There are so many things James said in articles, in his program, and in our conversations over the years, but here are a few that will no doubt stay with me for the rest of my life:

“Don’t parent the child you wish you had. Parent the child you have.”

To me, this is about accepting your child for who he or she is. We all have certain expectations, an image in our minds of what we want our lives to be, what we want our kids to be like. But that’s not always helpful or true. Sometimes, the wisest way to live is to accept what you’ve been given and move forward.

“Everybody is dealt a different hand in life. How you play the hand you were given is up to you.”

Whether you had an idyllic childhood or a tough one, the way you live your life as an adult is in your hands. You can either feel victimized by the past, or be empowered to live your life on your own terms.

“Always ask yourself, ‘What does my child need from me right now?’”

I ask myself this question every day, in nearly every parenting instance. Sometimes the answer isn’t what I want to hear—but it’s always the right thing to do.

Thank you, James. You were our teacher and beloved friend. You were one of the good guys. You will be missed.

James loved nothing better than to read comments left by readers of Empowering Parents. If you have anything you’d like to share about knowledge you gained from one of his articles, skills you learned through his program, or any parenting success stories large or small, please share it with us.

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Elisabeth Wilkins is the editor of Empowering Parents and the mother of one son. Her work has appeared in national and international publications, including Mothering, Motherhood, and The Japan Times. Elisabeth holds a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine.


James was my business partner, teacher, and dear friend. I thank God for bringing us together and allowing me the opportunity to have such a profound relationship with this brilliant man. We made our dreams come true. When we met, James was a social worker in need of a marketing team, and I was a marketer looking for a product I could believe in. James Lehman gave me something to believe in. Our partnership was based on a shared vision of helping make life better for parents and children. I’m so proud of the many CDs, DVDs, books, and hundreds of Empowering Parents articles our team created with James. I know they’ve been helpful to thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of families. It’s comforting to know that James’ voice will not go silent, but will continue to be a force for good in this world that’s so desperately in need of help.

Thank you, James, for allowing me to bring your message to the world. God bless you. I love you.

Steve Anderson Legacy Publishing Company

Comment By : Steve Anderson

My prayers are with James family. I know he will be missed. My God hold you close through these times. Thank you for all you do !

Comment By : upearly

I am just so deeply saddend by this news. I religiously read every newsletter and feel as though I personally knew James. What a loss.

Comment By : tar646

One of the wisest man I ever listened to. The planet has lost someone special.

Comment By : sixaces

James helped me find the courage and fortitude to be a better father (and husband) to my family. His newsletters gave me a, "Here's how you CAN do it. It WILL work. Yes there are consequences (not always fun) to the actions and your kids may say they don't like you. But in the end you WILL be a better father, your kids WILL be better, and your LIFE will become better. You CAN do it." This is a big loss to the "parenting community" but his work will go on. I know he is with St. Peter and smiling down on us all. That bit of sunshine you see after your kids give you a kiss and say I love you.....that piece of satisfaction from doing the right thing.... that "good" feeling you get from making the right choice..... that's a little bit if James saying "Good job" and patting you on the shoulder. Thank you James.....

Comment By : Kirk Thompson, Garnet Valley, PA

I only discovered this website in the past six months, but it's given me such hope. The advice is remarkable. It's taught me a love about love and responsibility and accountability. I feel better about my children and about myself as a parent. I will always be grateful to James. Rest in peace, dear teacher.

Comment By : gr8fulls

I am so sorry to hear of James passing. His program and newsletter have been really helpful to me as a parent. I was hoping he would be around a long time!

Comment By : Margie

You will be missed. You have helped so many families, mine included...May your work live on and be used by generations to come....God Bless your family.

Comment By : cazerr

"Empowering Parents" says it all. In this day and age, parents feel hog tied. James and his work helped us realize that we are people too, that it's ok for us to enjoy life with our kids rather than in spite of them or not at all, and that we are not to dump everything to cower to the will and desires of our children. James expects decorum from everyone and empowers us to refuse excuses, do our best, expect others to do the same, and let it go as best you can when it doesn't all work out just like you want it to. He has left a fine legacy, that all humanity can benefit from. What more could anyone ask for at the conclusion of their life here?

Comment By : k7payton

How heartbreaking to hear of his passing! James has helped us beyond measure in dealing with our twin 14-year-old sons. THANK YOU, JAMES, for giving of yourself so that others may benefit in so many ways. We shall never forget you.

Comment By : Margaret Shaw

Wow! What a beautiful tribute to an incredible person. I have to tell you the email newsletters I receive from you with the fantastic articles from James and others have been invaluable to me in raising my three adopted children (ages 6, 9, and 17). As a single parent, the advice I've received from you has helped me become a much better parent. My kids' behavior has improved a lot as a result. Thank you for all your help!

Comment By : Gary from Pasadena

So sorry to hear about James Lehman. He has given me and my husband comfort in all his teachings while driving in to work. We have learned to be a good listener, not to be accusational, stick to the facts and teach our kids about responsibility and decision making. With practice we slowly saw some positive changes in our son and had PEACE in our home. May James rest in peace and may his teachings live on.

Comment By : HOPE

Wow! It's so sad to hear James is gone but at the same time his blessings will go on. He was a very special man and has definitely earned his wings. I learned plenty from the articles which ALWAYS seem to come right on time. You will be missed James.

Comment By : Nancy O

Wow what a sad day!! Whenever I received my emails from EP I smiled knowing that I will get an answer on how to deal with my 'difficult' child. I felt like James was talking to me on every occasion. He was the best teacher that I ever came accross for dealing with every situation. I am truly sadden by his departure. I wish his family God's blessing and strength to go forward. Thanks James for everything!!!

Comment By : Sonia

I am truly sadden to hear of the passing of James Lehman. I did not know him but I feel as if I did. Mr. Lehman you will be missed by many. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. Lehman. So very sorry for your loss.

Comment By : angieV

Thank you, James, for your inspiring articles and commited care and support! Blessings!

Comment By : Cathy Veris

Not having know James Lehman personnally but just reading his online newsletter I felt him to be a sincere, helpful, and truely caring person. In just a short time both my husband and I have benefited from the online newsletter. Thanks you so much and I look forward to James Lehmans legacy to live on. God Bless his soul.

Comment By : Mday

I'm so sad to hear about james. I've read all the emails that has been sent to me,and have enjoyed them so much. They have me so much with my raising of my grandson. Best wishes and I hope to keep hearing from you.

Comment By : diana

Thank you for your advise and direction. You are an inspiration to many parents who struggle with parenthood. once again Thank you Starr

Comment By : Starr

Ever since receiving the CDs and listening to them I had the desire to meet Mr. Lehman. Everyone whom he touched either in a small or big way will miss him. God Blees for your loss.

Comment By : Thunder Bob

Just a few techniques of Mr. Lehman make such a huge difference. I have the utmost respect for this man who applied no nonsence parenting. I wish more of the so called parenting advisers or counselors would apply his technique. He will be greatly missed.

Comment By : Lana Soileau

I am so sorry for the loss. He was a great inspiration. I still listen to his dvds. He helped me out at a time I really needed it. I know he will be missed.

Comment By : Alabama Fan

He was a great teacher and the help he gave my family we will never be able to repay. God bless you James.

Comment By : mll5500

I wanted to extend my condolences to his family and friends. I know he will be missed. I am a new subscriber to the website. I have two daughters and four grandkids. I have already printed out many articles that I shared with my daughters. I could relate to many articles. Thanks for everything.

Comment By : Lupe

Our prayers are with Mr. Lehman's family. He has added great value to my families lives with his programs. He will be missed.

Comment By : Wayne

I am saddened by the loss of James. I didnt get a chance to know him but his work has touched my heart for I am also an abandoned child and I feel I am connected in some way. I have learned a great deal from James work and he will be missed but not forgotten. Thank You James Namaste Tammy & Boys in Vermont

Comment By : vermont

I am an LCSW in California. I work with families every day. Most of the teens I work with are on the edge of a self-destructive and sometimes criminal life. Many of the parents I work with are tired, angry, hopeless, unaware, and nearly always willing to give one more thing a try. It is this very population that so needs what James Lehman provided – clear direction, concrete tools, reinforcement, and always, hope. My own professional quest is to learn what to give teens that will allow them to step away from their up-bringing and see a path to a healthier, happier life. I wish I had asked James what those teens need and how to get it to them. I’m sure his answer is in the work that survives him, so my study will continue in that vein. I use James’s wisdom everyday, both at work and at home with my own daughter. God bless James Lehman, I’m heartbroken for this loss. Gillian Wadsworth, LCSW

Comment By : gilliwads

I never met James personally but his personality came through in everything he did. The Totat Transformation Program tranformed not only my life but countless other families. I can not count how many times I would be speaking with another mother who is having difficulties with her teen and asked if she had ever heard of James and his programs. The part about kids "acting out because the are trying to solve a problem" changed the way I look at all behavior and the way my husband deals with kids in his classroom. Thank You James. He will be sorely missed.

Comment By : lynda tyler

So sorry to hear about Mr. Lehman's passing. More wisdom and common sence like his are so sorely needed in this world!

Comment By : auntlo11

I'm so sad at the loss of James. I've been recieving his monthly newsletter for the past year, and I've learned so much from him. Many of his lessons I have used on my children and they work! I will miss his wisdom and so will many parents. What an amazing man - what a life he lead. We should be so honored to have learned so much from him. Thank you, James.

Comment By : LuvMyKidz

I read every newsletter and felt like he was part of my family. I wish I could have known him personally. I am deeply touched and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in Peace Jim.

Comment By : Michigan

I am really sorry to hear this news. May God be with his family. He will be missed.

Comment By : Elda Serna

My deepest sympathy for the loss of James...I have learned much from him and his writings...May he rest in peace. In times like these we need more people like him.........

Comment By : Caroline Pannes

We'll miss you James, but you and your message will live on forever. Your work has profoundly influenced the lives of my family and thousands of others who struggle to help our children find happiness and make their way in the world. Thank you for helping our family find a path forward, and I'll always remember you as a caring and loving father. Best wishes to your family, especially your son who's experiences you've shared. With love, Dedicated Dad

Comment By : Dedicated Dad

I am so very sad to hear of this terrible and great loss, my very deepest sympathies to James' family. You can be so proud to have have had him in your life and forever in your memories. I will miss him too, dearly,as a single mom, he was the "better half" of my own parenting "chats". Needless to say, his advice was always the best and most correct. May he rest in peace.

Comment By : nutmeger

Thank you for sharing this moving tribute. The Email newsletter has helped me tremendously and I wish you every success in continuing his legacy.

Comment By : Tim from NC

Thank you James for such honest, straightforward advice. I enjoyed many of your articles and you will be greatly missed.

Comment By : Lisa S.

This is truly a sad day, gone too soon. My condolences and prayers go out to his family.

Comment By : Lalita

Our foundation here in the Caribbean has been encouraging parents and teachers to subscribe to James' articles for the past year. His strong words and wonderful teachings now resonate throughout our small community. His is the "GIFT" that just keeps on giving. We send our prayers to his family, friends and colleagues.

Comment By : Love of Kids Foundation

What James gave me was the comfort of knowing that I am not alone in parenting. His newsletters were always timely and applicable to my life and his approach of natural consequences fits with my style of parenting. His life demonstrates that no matter where you come from, you have gifts to share with the world. He will be missed.

Comment By : Jo Ann from La Crescenta

My heartfelt sympathy to his family. His words of no nonsense wisdom has empowered me to become the kind of mother I wanted to be, and my son the kind of man he has grown up to be. Rest in peace James and thank you for being you.

Comment By : momma Sue

I only discovered James in the past two weeks after a year of pain coping with two of my teenage boys' - one on cannabis for the past year and the other acting out as a result of the turmoil. Already there has been a turn around in the behaviour although I am still struggling with my eldest son's addicition and the lack of support for parents in the UK. Thank you James for your wisdom and hope that you have inspired. May you rest in peace

Comment By : Liz Savile

You will truly be missed. Thanks for all the help. Kids are important and precious. Being an 'effective' parent takes hard work and you were able to help so many of us mold better kids and on a larger scale, a better world. May your soul rest in peace.

Comment By : jbruni

I am so very sad to hear this news, and so grateful for his expertise. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Comment By : C.Main

I borrowed and listened to the Total Transformation for a long time before I bought it this past winter. The fabulous deal was to listen to it, record my progress, return the survey, and receive my money back. Which I did! How often do offers like that come your way but there is a loophole, hidden charge, delay in reimbursement, etc. Not so with this organization! It all happened seamlessly, and I learned a lot. I am so thankful to Mr. Lehman. Altho I never met him, he ministered hope and help to me thru his CDs and thru the Empowering Parents Hotline. My sincere thanks to all involved with this endeavor, and my best wishes to his family. We all die, but he left a tremendous legacy, which lives on.

Comment By : Phyllis

I feel that from his teachings that James would utter, chin up, I'm at peace now you get busy and straighten your own life out. He had depth and understanding because he experienced what he spoke of, he learned from a book and could apply what he knew to make it relevent. He will be missed! Karen

Comment By : Karen

James was spot on regarding advice with children. He will be greatly missed! A great loss for us all! May God give his family the strength they need to carry on.

Comment By : Brand

James Lehman will never be forgotten.His thoughts and works will leave on.We are grateful for what he had done .Your legacy will remain in the hearts of the many parents whom he had touched.Prayers and celebration of your life James!

Comment By : Alicia

James not only helped me to parent my child but also to parent the child within. Thank you!

Comment By : Diane

I am so sad to hear of the loss of this superb human being. He was of great help to me in trying to raise my son properly.

Comment By : sharondt

I'm so saddened to hear of this news. Obviously I have never met Mr. Lehman, but I did find hope in his program and these newsletter messages. I feel a sense of loss. All my best to his family. His efforts toward helping children are to be praised. He will be missed.

Comment By : A Mom who appreciated his advice

A very sad day indeed. I began reading James' articles about a year ago and learned a tremendous amount. My only regret is that I didn't know of him five years prior. He was a realist and a truly wise man. He will be missed by all.

Comment By : RJ Long Island

I am saddened by the loss of such a wonderful person. I became familiar with James through the newsletter and his advice has helped me as a special education teacher and as a parent. He will be missed.

Comment By : Linda

I am so saddened to hear of James' death. What was so incredible about his life was that decided somehow to change it's course after a series of bad decisions. I am inspired by this. Thank God he chose life and service. He will be missed.

Comment By : kirsten ragen

What a sad and shocking piece of news. James' insight and suggestions have really helped me survive the past five years of raising three boys. Thank you all for continuing his wise and wonderful work. He was a blessing!

Comment By : Laura in Denver

James helped this old woman grow up! I always cowtailed to kids and everyone else. It was he who helped me realize the harm I was doing to myself and others! My prayers are with the family and friends of this wonderful man who helped change my life.

Comment By : Pat B

So sorry to read of Mr. Lehman's passing. Very sad indeed for us here on this earth, but heaven has gained a very special person! May God's peace be with the Lehman family.

Comment By : Indy Fan

tears,.... though "we" only met via cyber space , reading your counsel on how to parent "better & better", I feel a loss for all humanity. James you educated us parents but I KNOW you REALLY educated the next generation and many more to follow, so that indeed THIS WORLD WILL CONTINUE to be a better place because of your commitment and ongoing efforts to believe in the BEST of humanity, "even in our frailties". Thank you James ! God Bless you & Comfort those you leave, as you venture to worlds beyond to carry on your goodness. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! Leslie a grateful parent from Canada

Comment By : Leslie

Empowering Parents and James Lehman have been part of my life for several months now. It is thanks to James that I have been able to keep myself together, put things in perspective and remain sane while raising three teenagers. His wise words and insight into the human condition will forever stay with me and I will continue to be an avid follower of the legacy he has left behind. Thank you James...you were truly one of a kind.

Comment By : Doralmom



I was very saddened to learn of James Lehman's death. Of course I did not know him but I always read his articles and listened to any podcasts he did. I learned much about parenting from him. What he had to say always made sense and his advice always seemed so simple and matter of fact. I will miss his voice, his articles and his insight. He made you feel there was hope for any difficult situation.

Comment By : Melody

I am heartbroken to hear about the passin of James Lehman. I cannot tell you how much his advice has helped me on a daily basis with raising our two teenaged boys. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and to the folks at Legacy and Empowering Parents. He will be greatly missed.

Comment By : Laura

Though I never met him personally, I am so grateful for James. As the old saying goes, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish,and you feed him for a lifeime." James truly empowered me through his incredible teachings. As a result, I am better equipped to deal with life's situations. I am a better parent, a better aunt, a better educator and a better human being because of what I've learned from James. James' legacy is perpetual in the lives of all he personally touched and through the eternal web of lives they will touch for many years to come. Thank you James Lehman.

Comment By : happy2B

The world has lost a special person. James' family is my prayers.

Comment By : plaidness

I'm very saddened to learn of James' passing. So much so that I questioned my response to the news. What I realized is that I probably spent more hours listening to him than most of my friends/family - and that I truly respected both his insights/knowledge and his personal example of turning his life around. Parents everywhere can be grateful that his wisdom, at least some of it, is recorded.

Comment By : hglembin

My wife and I have been profoundly helped by James and his straight-from-the-shoulder counsel and training. I am so sad to hear of his passing, and our prayers go out to his family and co-workers. He will be missed, but his work will live on. God bless.

Comment By : W Eberwein

I entered somewhat of a personal message a couple of years ago, hoping that James what respond and not too long after, he called me. I was fortunate enough to have met James through our recovery program almost over 22 years ago in Portland, ME. James was a friend, sponsor, and mentor to many of the people that became part of my life and had a great impact on me personally. It goes without saying that he did have a gift, even before his mission in Total Transformation and Empowering Parents was founded. I am saddened at his passing, but honored and grateful to have know James. My condolences to he family, friends, and all those that he has touched over the years.

Comment By : George E, Shrewsbury, NJ

He was a blessing to me and my clients. I used his articles to help change lives.Families are stable because of his work. He will be miss by ACS workers.

Comment By : lisa.Prince@dfa.state.ny.us.

I am a counselor working with teens and their parents. James' monthly parenting advice was always practical and easy to understand. I often copied and gave them to the families I worked with. I hope you will continue his work He was a blessing.

Comment By : Indiana counselor

Though I never met James personally, I feel like I've lost an old friend. His Total Transformation program, e-newsletters, etc. really have helped me become a better parent. James you will be missed by all of those whose lives you've touched!

Comment By : Sangria

oh my, I'm so deeply saddened by the news. I so looked forward to becoming richer in my parenting skills from James. What a legacy. What a life he had. I really think he must have been needed elsewhere. I will pray for his peaceful rest and for the his dear family and friends. God bless... and thank you.

Comment By : Rita

My deepest sympathies to James' family, with gratitude for his wisdom and strength to help others (me) not as wise or as strong as he. Much Love.

Comment By : Grateful Mom

I appreciate the information and insight James provided. The time for expressing that appreciation to him personally has passed, so I will just thank his family and associates who provided the atmosphere that encouraged his contribution to our family.

Comment By : Indiana

It may see like we have lost a loved one or a dear friend but in reality the kingdom of heaven has gained a soilder that has been doing a great work here on earth. There should be a lot of joy because of the seeds that have been sowen.

Comment By : latunya rock

James God Bless you. My Family and I will never forget you! Alex & Family C

Comment By : Alex Castillo

James, you helped me get through some very rough times with my son. Your CD's talked sense to me when no one in my world could! I like most of your audience feel like you were family. This a great void, you will be deeply missed!

Comment By : Susan Cota

I wanted to send my condolences to the family of Mr. Lehman. I read all of the newsletters and I really appreciate all the advice that Mr. Lehman gave. The information on his website as well as the information and videos on the newsletter have really made a big difference in my Sons life. His techniques have taken so much stress out of our lives. Thank you Mr. Lehman and Family :) I plan on purchasing his entire program when I am able.

Comment By : Evette

I am truly saddened by this news. My thoughts and prayers are will his family, friends and associates. I plan to honor his memory by applying what he has taught me and continue to bring up great boys into manhood.

Comment By : Autumn

What a huge loss -- I bought the Transformation CDs and routinely listen to his amazing guidance as I drive everyday -- our heart and prayers go out to his family!

Comment By : honeybell

We have lost a great man. I am so grateful for the insight his dvd's gave me. He helped turn my grandson's life around. I have learned a great deal from him and will continue to use his methods. My condolences to his family.

Comment By : Shirley williams

I am so surprised and grieved by this news! His life story is such an amazing testimony to how one can make positive choices no matter the circumstances of the past. I was struggling with my son and alcoholic husband and didn't know what to do. Life was a nightmare and I was at my wit's end trying to hold my family together in the midst of chaos. Then I heard a radio ad for James' program and there was a flicker of hope that things could be better if I could know how to respond to my situation. A tax return arrived just in time and I used it to purchase the program. It was the best investment I ever made. I can not tell you what a difference James Lehman made in our lives. What a blessing he has been to so many. May God bless you James.

Comment By : Julie

I did not know Jim, only through his teachings, but he utilized his gift and passed it on to many people. He will be missed. He was given a gift and that gift was what God wants from each one of us, to give to others. He was blessed and has moved on to Heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family. May God bless you.

Comment By : Roberta

The knowledge James had was a tremendous resource for me. There is no owner's manual with your children. My two boys are total opposites, the 1st one was easy, good grades (3.9), did everything the first time I asked (most of the time, anyway). My 2nd boy is a struggle everyday. But I learned to choose my battles and try to empower him to solve problems on his own. I still have a long way to go with him, but the difference now from a few years ago, is night and day. I will miss the insight that James provided.

Comment By : Tim S. from Cleveland

I have to agree with Elizabeth... everything spoken or written by Lehman was genuine, honest, and sincere. His newsletters were always appreciated, and I really benefited as a parent from his program, this website, and his advice. My prayers are with his family, his friends, his colleagues, and to everyone else who is feeling a loss due to his passing. I'll miss you James Lehman.

Comment By : K.T.G.

I share all of the sentiments povided in these comments. James Lehman has helped me and so many others to be a better parent. Thank you and my God bless you and your family during this time.

Comment By : boo429

I just mentioned him today to a principal when talking about my son how I wished James Lehman would write an entire program focusing on kids with ADHD. I am shocked by this and deeply saddened. Hopefully the great work he has done will continue to go on.

Comment By : Weave721

I am so sad to hear that James is no longer with us. His advice through your website and newsletter has been invaluable to me as a Grandma raising two special needs children. His work has been a great blessing to many people.

Comment By : mother ot two

wow! i am deeply sadden. my greatest sympathy to all whom has been touch by his wisdom..... They say the good die young, he his a great example... God bless you mr. James

Comment By : julia

How unusual and saddening it is to have a close friend and confidant whom one has never met, and never will. I suspect there are myriad parents who will feel the same way when they learn of the death of James Lehman. All whose lives he touched should take comfort in the fact that his legacy, which includes thousands of parents and children that he helped over the years, will endure for generations to come. My family and I are grateful for the extraordinary gift of James Lehman. Requiescat in pace.

Comment By : Bob Pennington

What a great man he was! Though history repeats itself and I could see his teachings in the way I was raised, so many of us needed to once again receive that education. I am so glad I have his wonderful teachings. I am an elderly grandmother trying my best to help my single son raise his 4 children. His book is my bible. May he rest in peace.

Comment By : Bear

I am so sad to hear of James' passing. I first got to know about James in 2004 when I ordered the program. In combination with using the tools he taught and my own journey with my troubled teen, I became a Certified Family Coach and have used so much of what I learned from him. It's always sad when someone passes away, but he left all of us such a fabulous gift. His family and friends are in my prayers.

Comment By : LynnB

A man that I never knew has touch the lives of my three children and my marriage. What a phenominal man and what a wonderful legacy he has left with the countless children and families futures and quality of life standards he has helped to reshape. His life is a testimony as to what our children that we were born with our capable of achieving. Thank you

Comment By : Shabazz family

I am sad to hear this news. I used his techniques often. I am a better parent and teacher due to the advice from Empowering Parents. He will be remembered and missed by many. My God comfort his friends and family.

Comment By : Minni

Our thoughts and prayers are with James and his "closest", whether family or friends. My husband purchased "The Total Transformation Program and it has helped us with our 16 year old grandson a lot. We are indebted to him. We are saddened to hear of his passing, and are glad he is no longer in any form of discomfort. Blessings to all!

Comment By : Marcia Weber

James Lehman was a special man who left a real gift behind in his work products. I regret never having the opportunity to meet him in person, look him in the eye, shake his hand, and say thank you for the mentoring that made a difference. His passing is a loss felt very globally, but some small measure of consolation may be found in the words of the poet, Walt Whitman: He is not gone. He is just away, With a cheery smile and the wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown land, And left us wondering how very fair that land May be, since he tarries there. God bless you James and Thank You!

Comment By : rnomer@iceit.tv

James, you will be missed greatly. From his guidance and knowledge we are raising our grandson and finding this quest to be a blessing. Thank you James, God Bless You

Comment By : Shari from Shelton, WA

Oh I am soooo sorry to the ones who ment the most to James it is so hard to lose the ones we Love, it seems to me that the good ones always die way to young! James has helped me in many ways we are still working with his techniques and will continue thank you James Hugs and prayers.

Comment By : Shar

I am so sorry to hear this. James Lehman's program has been VERY helpful in my work as a clinician/therapist with clients and their families. Please accept my deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues. Sincerely, Donna Harris-Richards, LICSW New Bedford, Mass.

Comment By : DHR, Licensed Clinician

I was saddened to receive the email about James' passing. I have been receiving the newsletters for a couple of years now, and was always delighted when they popped in my inbox as they seem to show up when I needed them. I was able to find an article about what my current situation was with my teenage son and to get many helpful tips on how to understand and deal with what the situation may be. God bless his family and friends. James was a gift to all of us readers!

Comment By : CAMom

We are all very sorry to hear of James passing. Thoughts and prayers for the family and his company folks.

Comment By : SoCalGirl

God Bless James's Family. Thank you for sharing him with us. His advice helped me thru some really dark days with my daughter. She is now 19 and doing fine. James taught me how to talk to my child and how to listen. He taught us that bad behavior is not acceptable and how to change it. We all must continue his work. James will be truley missed. RIP, you did a whole lot of good work!

Comment By : cmreed

During our 'normal' teenage years with our kids, I often thought I would like to fly back to New York to actually meet this man. What an incredible human being with make sense, no nonsense theories that really worked. Please carry on his legacy with his frankness and passion.

Comment By : bettermomnow

My deepest condolence to the Lehman family. This is a true loss to the families of our generation. I am a native New Yorker. Hearing James kind, but clear and firm guidance in his New York accent made me feel comfortable, and at home. So sorry.

Comment By : New York Mom

I, like all of the above the wrote to you, am deeply sadden by James' death. I am a Grandmother many times over and have been forwarding James monthly comments to my children. I have also learned alot from him when handling my employees. I am crying as I write this as I always felt so connected to him. My love to his family, friends and all of you at EmpoweringParents.

Comment By : Jan Keith

What a terrible loss. It is such a rare thing when someone devotes their life to helping others as James did. Thank God so much of his work is documented both in print and on video so that he can continue to help many more people. My prayers to his family.

Comment By : Patricia

I have a dear friend who is a therapist and had some of the nastiest children i had ever met. She was so frustrated and heart broken at the constant disrespect. I heard about James parenting tapes on the radio and bought them for her. Over time she has helped her children be respectful. Best of all she uses them with her clients and her clients have benefited as well. He is a leader and will be very much missed.

Comment By : Marcy

Hi my name is Margarita and I am an Assistant Principal in an elementary school. James Lehman for me has been an inspiration. I always looked forward to his newsletter to see what was being included so that I could share the information with parents. He definetly had a God given "gift". He will be greatly missed.

Comment By : Margarita

This is such sad news - I hope that he knew how much hope he provided to families living in the "battle zone" and how he touched the hearts of so many desperate parents.

Comment By : BSheen

What a great loss for all of us! Our prayers are with his entire family and all those who were close to him. As the director of an alternative school dealing with troubled teens, I have used, lent, and recommended his materials more times than I can remember. His parenting techniques are the best I've ever seen, something that actually works! He will be greatly missed. God sent him to us as a special blessing. : )

Comment By : palmettobayacademymiami

I am deeply saddened by the loss of James. He was an incredible human being. If it weren't for James I would have given up on my son 3 years ago. He helped me understand my son and become a better parent. I am very thankful to have found his program. My heart and prayers go out to his family.He will never be forgotten.

Comment By : kimmy

Very sorry to hear of Jame's passing. My prayer is that he will be there to greet us when we meet him in the afterlife. His teachings have been invaluable to me and my wife. He will be deeply missed! God bless.

Comment By : JGolding

Thank you James, for some great knowledge and empowerment as parents! It seems that even simple moves can change so much. We feel hopeful & happy about what we have learned :-) God bless your family! Uffe & Danielle Ibsen

Comment By : dibsen

I send my heartfelt sympathy to James family and friends. I was shocked to hear of his death on here today.. I could tell he was a wonderful man, by just seeing the commercials on t.v. His story of his life is amazing due to how he came to be where he was in life and the love he had to help others.. I always wanted to get the program for my daughter and her 3 children but never could afford it, but I could see certain tips on here, that I passed on to her. James you will be missed, but we know you've gone to a better place, there to wait with Jesus for all your family and friends.

Comment By : MarilynM

James has been such a blessing to our family. His wise words and practical parenting advice is wonderful. He never makes one feel judged. His teachings and wisdom will live on forever. God Bless him and his loved ones.

Comment By : Kathy M.

I'm so sorry to hear of James' death. I am an avid reader of the weekly newsletters and I hope that you will continue on with his work/message.

Comment By : Joy

The world is a better place because of this genius. Our condolences to those who knew him and knew of him, may we all honor him with continuing our practice of his teachings.

Comment By : A Transforming Mom of 2

My wife and I are in shock. We never met James but felt we knew him none the less. We lost one of our best friends. He has helped us more than most. We will pray for James but he already earned his eternal reward.

Comment By : Steve & Brenda in Charlotte

We are extremely saddened by the loss of James in this world. He "empowered" us to take back parenthood and be the best we could be. Our love, prayers and thanks go with all of you.

Comment By : JuliaKupas

He gave hope where there was no hope.

Comment By : Susan C


Comment By : B Abbott

My prayers are with the family and friends of Dr. Lehman. I am a Poppop who got so much out of reading Dr. Lehman. He will be missed, but he will live on in his works. Thank you, Dr. Lehman.

Comment By : Charlie

What can I say that others that knew James Lehman haven't already said. I feel a sadness in my heart because he helped me understand what real parenting is supposed to be like. I told my oldest daughter who has parenting issues I bought a book for you that will give you hope for your family. She called and said "mom I love this guy, he's good!" I told her I know it almost makes me wish I still had kids at home! He will be missed but his legacy will definetly live on! God bless his family take refuge in the great memories he lives behind. One day we will see each other again, thats a promise from the Lord.

Comment By : Yolanda from Kansas

I had read lots of child parenting books. Nothing helped until I had heard about the Total Transformation program. James Lehman made it so logical and best of all doable. He was a remarkable man who has without doubt helped many children and parents. In doing so, he has made this world a better place. My thanks to him for helping our family so much.

Comment By : Linda

I am a grandmother raising a grandchild, I have read many of James' emails and have the Total Transformation program. I am deeply saddened by the news of James Lehman's passing. Please keep up his good work. May he rest in peace.

Comment By : peekey

How can you miss someone you've never met - or so I thought! Now that I hear of his passing, I realize how much I will miss him and what an importance he was in my life and the lives of my children. I never feared any upcoming problems with my children because I knew I could just turn to James and find help. Even in death, his lessons go on . . never take any thing or any situation for granted, in all experiences in life, there is something to be learned and nutured and again, not taken for granted. My prayers are with James' family. He has left such a legacy, he will be remembered in our hearts for a very long time.

Comment By : Sharon

We run and adoption support group and James'comments and teachings have helped tremendously. I learned so much from him. He was honest caring yet firm with his teachings on how to be a n effective parent. I hope his teachings continue and the this Empowering Parents newsletter become an expert resource for those reaising children and teachers.I pray his legacy and memoray lives on and his family is comforted by God.

Comment By : Rev. Brenda Carter

About six months ago I was browsing on the internet when i came accross James website. I was immediately engaged by the stories and strategies he would provide. I refer to his website to look for suggestions on how to work with my 5 year old and share with others. I am exremely sad to read James is no longer with us on earth. However, his work will continue to guide us, which I am greatful

Comment By : Maria Espinoza

I heard a commercial on Bloomberg for Empowering Parents in 2008. I've been learning from James ever since. His work has definitely helped me be a better parent. Lord knows I needed it. God's speed Brother Lehman.

Comment By : Jeffrey Sykes in Reidsville

Dr. Lehman not only gave good advice for me to use with my son. He also gave good advice for me to use with myself. Sometimes my son isn't the one that needs changing, and I will always be grateful for the articles that point that out. I LOVE the quote "Don't parent the child you wish you had. Parent the child that you have." It's so easy sometimes to wish your child was somebody else, but I've learned through Dr. Lehman's teachings to embrace EVERYTHING about my child and how to deal with the things that need addressing. Thank you always, Dr. Lehman, for your wisdom. My prayers are with your family.

Comment By : sams_mom

I am shocked and saddened to hear of your loss. Not only for James' family but all the wonderful staff he worked with also. He was a pioneer in his field and should be remembered that way. His insight into youth couseling has shown us all what to do. As a music teacher "out there" I can attest to the fact that much of what James said actually worked in my classroom. I have dozens of students, written off by other staff members that were saved and are now hugely sucessful, not only in music but in business as well. Blessings & Condolences.

Comment By : musicman

What an unfortunate loss to society. I didn't know James personally, but I felt like I did because I've listened to his knowing voice a thousand times from the CDs I purchased. James had a way of making a child's behavior or illogical thinking clearer to an adult parent. He also had a way of getting right to the point in taking situations head-on. I really liked the fact that James didn't sugar-coat things, but also understood we are all human and we make human decisions, and human mistakes. James was consistent and matter-of-fact, but also understanding. He was also motivating in that, no matter where you are in life, no matter how much you've messed things up before, there is always a place to start. James helped us understand our son better and learn to love his weaknesses, as well as his strengths. I see my son differently now... with a lot less frustration and more nurturing. Because of James, I see my son as he is, and not the son I thought he should be. I hold my son accountable, but I am also more forgiving of him. James helped me to better understand my son - his thinking, his actions, and his reactions. I now see my son's unique qualities and not just his deficiencies. James also helped me learn to love my son just the way he is. I now actually love watching my son learn something all over again instead of getting frustrated. The joy of seeing him realize a new concept can be lost on a parent over time and I get to see this again and again thanks to James teaching me how to look through (not past) ADHD and see the little person struggling to cope with daily things we take for granted. Just knowing James is no longer with us is an incredible loss. The world needs more people like James. It's tough to lose one of the 'good guys'. It makes us feel more alone, and less confident that the world CAN turn out to be a good place for us and our kids. God bless James. He will be missed in many, many ways that even he never knew he impacted.

Comment By : A Fan in Iowa

I am very sorry to hear of James' passing, but if he suffered, I am glad that is over. My daughter is seventeen years old and just about to graduate from high school. I wasn't sure this day would come. I got the Total Transformation a few years ago and really believe it has helped me as much as it has helped my daughter. We both know that her success or failure in life--from here on out--is up to her. Thanks to this program, I am optimistic that she will make better choices to better manager her life and not resort to the tactics she practiced all her life, which kept her stuck. RIP James.

Comment By : debra

i thank me lehman, he has helped me understand the childeren i foster, because of his knowledge and understanding i just recently adopted a 10 yr old i feared i could not handle because of many behaviors. i thank him and may god bless him for all the encouragements and teachings he provided for my family. he is a remarkable angel. M ay the lord keep him blessed.

Comment By : becky1025

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing James personally, but his newsletter has been of great support to me as a single mother of an adolescent boy. His presence has been a part of my home, and will be missed.

Comment By : Michelle

I was shocked and saddened to get the news or Mr. Lehman's passing. His work was a gift. My story: because I have a blog and book on children's mental health, I was sent the Total Transformation package to review. I am often sent material like this and much of it poor quality or downright innappropriate. This was different. I never met Mr. Lehman, but his words, tone, and very astute messages for struggling parents were right on the mark. I now reference this material on my website and blog. His passing is a loss for all parents trying to be the best they can be for their exceedingly difficult child.

Comment By : Margaret Puckette

I am so sad to hear about James Lehman's passing... I had given up hope with my teenage son and Total Transformation came to my rescue... I signed up for the Parental Control program and was constantly on the phone for the wisdom he gave to them... My prayers go out to his family.. he was a blessing to so many..

Comment By : Appreciative California Mom..

I am sad today and suprised. I felt like he was a friend I knew so well. I have never met him face to face but felt like I knew him. I will include his family and friends in my prayers and I hope to see him face to face one fine day.

Comment By : Kelly

I will never be able to articulate in words what James has done for our family and how much I will miss him. His programs were the answer to the ultimate puzzle a parent is given in life. We have three kids and brought them up the same way. They went to the best private school and had two happy and loving parents. Then one turned ODD and was kicked out of school. I cannot tell you how helpless we felt meeting with the school principle when she was expelled. That look a parent gets that communicates you must be doing it wrong at home and the feelings of hopelessness are devastating. After months of bad counseling we found James program. The answer key to the puzzle. This changed our daughter and allowed us to help her get the problem solving skills that make her an all state basketball player and genuinely happy and productive person. Thank you James and God Bless your family

Comment By : kcross

I am shocked and saddened to hear that James is gone. I did not know him but feel I have lost a friend and a trusted advisor. Many, many weeks I would read his newsletter and think "does James Lehman live in my house?" He truly had a gift and will be missed. May God bless his family, friends and all those who relied on him for guidance, wisdom and support.

Comment By : Maria T

My heartfelt sympathy to all James'family and friends. His total transformation program has, and is helping me deal with being a new stepmom to four kids. Thank you for all you've done for families.

Comment By : DeeDee

Oh my goodness, why am I crying and can't stop? Honestly, I don't know James Lehman at all, yet I feel like he has been the father/mentor I have needed for years. I only discovered this program less than a year ago and I feel like it has helped me by giving me strength, skills and hope. When I first read about James' own troubled past, it made him real to me. I was so very inspired by and, how weird!, proud of him. I am very sad by this news and wonder at the mystery of life, death and the gifts we all have to give. Peace to James and his family.

Comment By : Jen

My thoughts and prays are with James' family. What wonderful help he has been to so very many. I have read every newletter gathering every insight I can. Thanks.

Comment By : June

To James' family, friends, and colleagues, my deepest sympathy... how fortunate we all were to have his influence in our lives... I feel as if I've lost someone who was in my corner encouraging me to be a better mother and person.

Comment By : Laura

I don't know if I will be able to write this through the tears...Over a year and half ago, we were in dire need of dealing with our sons behavior. I could see patterns developing that were starting to lead down an unfavorable trail. My husband and I really didn't know where to begin and in one of our low points, I was at a home and on came the program talking about the Total Transformation Program. I sat spellbound! I really felt at that time, a guardian hand was reaching out to me that day! I didn't hesitate about ordering it and putting it to use immediately! We saw change right away! It gave us the consistent methods to use that were so effective! Our son entered middle school and all around us, it seemed parents were seeing the problem behaviors with their kids! I have passed on the good works of James MANY times!! It has given us a new lease on life! Could there be a more worthy tribute than that??! James, your 'family' is unmeasurable and the circle you created will never be broken! Rest, peace and blessings to you!

Comment By : Central Wisconsin Parent

James Lehman has done a great service for his country by helping parents become better parents, thereby helping children grow into better people. Thank you, James Lehman, for all you did. Our prayers go to your family in this sad time. God Bless.

Comment By : Lisaq

I am not a parent, but I faithfully read James' articles on Empowering Parents. I have a friend who is somewhat overwhelmed with raising three boys. As much as I have recommended the CD's and the newsletter, it has been to no avail. I have filed the newsletters and hope that she and her husband will be open to reviewing them in the future. I learned so much from what James shared with the world. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. Blessings to his family, friends, and all those that he worked with.

Comment By : A fan in Maryland

Some of the greatest people in history became so because of hardship and suffering. James is no exception. I could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes, the absolute genuine care and desire to help others. The help I have received for myself and my children from James Lehman and EP has been unique, invaluable, and irreplaceable. My prayers this night will include James and his family. I hope they know how truly great James was. I feel even his passing will strengthen and bolster my patience and resolve with my children. As if I owe it to him to succeed with my children. God bless you James, the Lord placed you here and guided your way. You will be dearly missed.

Comment By : David T.

What a tremendous loss for the world in James' passing but what blessing he has been to the world in his time here. He will never be forgotten for the hope and encouragement that he has given to parents and grandparents around the world. My son introduced me to James' programs. It has not only helped me with our grandchildren, family but also in my work. He is a total blessing and gift to us all. Thank you for all you have given to the world and although most of us have not met you personally, we truly feel we have know you!

Comment By : Gail

I am hearbroken to hear of this "Hero" we have lost. He was a life saviour to many of us. My sincere sympathy to both his biological family and his EP family. Heaven's gain is most definetely Earth's loss!! My prayers are with you all at this very difficult time. Thankyou James for all you did and gave, May you rest in eternal peace, my friend.

Comment By : Theresa.

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to those intimately connected to James. Though I did not have the honor of personally knowing him, the Total Transformation has had a profound impact on my life. I will continue to use his brilliant advice, as I navigate the challenges of parenting, and will forever be grateful for his lessons. Thank you to James and to those that will continue his work.

Comment By : Mom of 2 in CO

So grateful his words and wisdom have been captured and can continue helping children and families. He lives on with each tiny change we make as parents, lives on with each child who grows up with a parent trained in the real life skills of good parenting. With so many families stronger for having heard his message, he will not be forgotten.

Comment By : Annita Woz

I cannot put in words how sad I am. This is a big lost for all us parents. I, will miss James so so much. When I thought that all efforts were in vain with my teenager daughter, then, I read James recommendations, and hope come back again. I never gave up, even if this was the hardest child have ever seen in my entire life. The results are that with love, perseverance and keeping the consequences, she is getting A's and B's ! All because of James.

Comment By : Isa

I bought Total Transformation to help my son, but instead James touched me with his insight! I discovered how much of me was contributing to so many situations with my son. Mahalo James and May God grant you peace...Aloha, Fabe

Comment By : Fabe

I am deeply saddened by Dr. Lehman's passing and really at a loss for words. God bless you.

Comment By : mom of 2

What an unfortunate loss to society. I did not know James personally, but I felt like I did because I have listened to his knowing voice a thousand times from the CD set I purchased. James had a way of making a child's behavior or illogical thinking clearer to an adult parent. He also had a way of getting right to the point in taking situations head-on. I really liked the fact that James did not sugar-coat things, but also understood we are all human and we make human decisions, and human mistakes. James was consistent and matter-of-fact, but also understanding. He was also motivating in that, no matter where you are in life, no matter how much you may have messed things up before, there is always a place to start in making a difference. James helped us understand our son better and learn to love his weaknesses, as well as his strengths. I see my son differently now... with a lot less frustration and more nurturing. Because of James, I see my son as he is, and not the son I thought he should be. I hold my son accountable, but I am also more forgiving of him. James helped me to better understand my son - his thinking, his actions, and his reactions. James also helped me learn to love my son just the way he is. I now see his unique qualities and not just his deficiencies. I now actually love watching my son learn something all over again instead of getting frustrated. The joy of seeing him realize a new concept can be lost on a parent over time and I get to see this again and again thanks to James teaching me how to look through (not past) ADHD and see the little person struggling to cope with daily things we take for granted. Just knowing James is no longer with us is an incredible loss. The world needs more people like James. It is tough to lose one of the Good Guys. It makes us feel more alone, and less confident that the world CAN turn out to be a good place for us and our kids. God bless James. He will be missed in many, many ways that even he never knew he impacted.

Comment By : A Fan in Iowa

This simply cannot be true....I just finished talking to a friend about the amazing "Total Transformation" I am doing right now on my 14 year old wonderful, compassionate ,difficult child. How i wish I had this program when my now 17 year old was just a toddler when I couldn't understand what the problem was with this amazing child. I need to read all the information on this page since I am new with this program and don't know much about Mr. James Lehman. Muy prayers goes out to his family and friends. Mr Lehman voice will forever resonate on my heart and my mind.

Comment By : Fatima

James really helped me a lot. I remember one time in particular when my son was giving me a hard time about something and he needed me to drive him to swim practice. We got in the car and I wouldn't budge until he did what I wanted him to do (can't remember what). I told him I had all day... and he was in a hurry. To my surprise, IT WORKED! I am thankful to James for helping me when I was pulling my hair out trying to get my son to act appropriately. I am so sorry for your loss. James will be missed.

Comment By : Nancy G.

I just recently signed up to receive the newsletters after searching for ways to deal with my 9 year old son and his ability to tell anything but the truth on first go round. James said "Stay consistent", repeat things daily, don't forget they are children and not little adults. This helped tremendously. I began telling other co-workers about the great advice I was reading and now today, I read he's gone. What a loss. While I haven't had the pleasure of being affiliated long, I feel a sense of loss. I will pray for his family and trust that he's in peace now. I'm sure his legacy will live on.

Comment By : LadyV123

I am so sad! I feel like I have lost my mentor. I am a single mom of a 15 year old boy that I have to home school, because he has so many behavior problems. James Lehman gave me real tools to use with raising my son. I will miss knowing that I will be getting another word or message that would be just what I needed at the time. I was just thinking the other day that we need James Lehman in all our schools. Hopefully, his message will live on. I know that I will never forget how he has helped me, and I will always be grateful. Rest in peace, James.

Comment By : Alice Birchfield

It's always such a pleasure to read what James has to say whether it related to my situation or not. Thank-you for being such a caring person JAMES.

Comment By : Jocelyn McCarthy

My wife and I were having very difficult problems with our 14 year old son several years ago. His behavior was aweful and we were clueless. Then we had an amazing stroke of luck and discovered James Lehman. We immersed ourselves into the methods and practices James taught and boy did they pay off. We read every newsletter and visit the website often. Today, our son is doing great. He's regained his self esteem and is very respectful of others, including his parents. We will never be able to repay James for the gift other than by making other parents (friends and family) aware of what James contributed to all of us in his lifetime.

Comment By : David K from Huntsville

although i never spoke with james directly,i could easily tell how much he cared about making our lives better as parents by teaching us ways to grow closer with our children. i will miss him.

Comment By : lenny b.

I never met James but I have tears running down my face after reading Elizabeth's beautiful memorial, and thinking about how James and his program changed my life and my family's life. I will always be grateful for his wisdom, and his decision to share his "gift" with the world.

Comment By : Ilise Welter

So very sorry to hear about James's passing. He helped me help my daughter to be able to control her children whom were having a difficult time in life. Will greatly miss his news letters weekly. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Comment By : Marie5

Without ever having met James in person I felt like I knew him. His down to earth attitude and non-nonsense approach to parenting has helped me and my wife in so many ways. "James Lehman" has become a regular part of my vocabulary. I quote him to friends and family all the time. His ideals and principals are a way of life for my wife and I. He gave us hope when we thought there was none. God bless his family during this difficult time. Your loss is felt by many including my family.

Comment By : 5boys1girl

I'm stunned. How sad for his family and friends. What a great loss for so many parents, me included, who looked so forward to his guidance, wisdom and suggestions. It's like the rudder has just been ripped from our ship during the stormy sea of kids with oppositional defiance syndrome. What a great loss, especially for his family and friends.

Comment By : Daniel whose son is still oppositionally defiant

Mr. Lehman's words were something I looked forward to reading, they were a source of support. My deepest condolences to his close family and friends, he was a very good leader, something all of us need. He showed up in my life just through the internet, but his wisdom was so relevent, esp on the difficulties of staying firm and consistent when kids sometimes want us to be their "friends".

Comment By : Mother of 2, raising them mostly alone

I never met James but I have tears running down my face after reading Elizabeth's beautiful memorial, and thinking about how James and his program changed my life and my family's life. I will always be grateful for his wisdom, and his decision to share his "gift" with the world.

Comment By : Ilise Welter

The Lord works in mysterious ways and the path of James' life reflects that!! I never met him personally, but his program puts life in perspective. The two things that I've taken away from his programs are that I'm a "good enough parent" and to "parent the child you have, not the child you wish you had". As a mother of 5, these are the mantras I LIVE BY!!! Farewell James!!

Comment By : Diane Beri

All I would like to say is that I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned (and am still learning) that have come by way of James Lehman. I am very inspired by his gift and only hope that I can be a better parent to my children and that my children will be healthier, happier children. Thank you, James and "Empowering Parents." Rest in Peace and keep up the good work!

Comment By : Kristen J.

Without ever having met James in person I felt like I knew him. His down to earth attitude and non-nonsense approach to parenting has helped me and my wife in so many ways. "James Lehman" has become a regular part of my vocabulary. I quote him to friends and family all the time. His ideals and principals are a way of life for my wife and I. He gave us hope when we thought there was none. God bless his family during this difficult time. Your loss is felt by many including my family.

Comment By : 5boys1girl

I feel so very fortunate to have met and worked with James, who we had come out to our center in California to train our therapists in his approach. I have been a psychologist for almost 30 years and James immediately stood out to me as the "real deal" who had a message parents and families desperately needed and that therapists needed to be trained in. Being around James brought out the best in people - his energy was unique and contagious - and I am greatly saddened that he is no longer with us. But I know he will live on in all the therapists and families he worked with and reached and that he truly made the world a better place. When supervising therapists who are "stuck" in how to best help a family, I know I will continue to frequently ask "what would James say?"!

Comment By : Debra Moore, Ph.D., Sacramento

He may have been called Home, but the lessons he taught all of us parents will carry on for generations.

Comment By : David

Doing work with children for the last thirty years, my wife and I found James to be the single secular voice speaking sense on this entire planet! He had a totally unique sense to cut through the politically correct psychobabble so common today and really touch where it hurt so that healing followed! I honor his memory and drew much encouragement from both his story and style.

Comment By : Dr. Art T


Comment By : SANDRA

Although we have never met personally, I am saddened to have lost what I felt was a good friend. Knowing how he changed the world to be a better place, one teenager at a time, one parent at a time, is an incredible legacy. God bless you, James, and may you rest in peace.

Comment By : maryinohio

Prayers are with his family. His teaching made sense to me, it works and it keeps me from pulling my hair out. He will be deeply missed.

Comment By : Janet

I am so shocked and saddened to hear of James' passing. My heart and thoughts are with his family. The newsletters with their wonderful, practical and truly helpful guidance have been a just what we have needed raising our two boys. I pass on them on to friends struggling with their children each time I get them and they are always grateful.

Comment By : sh

Wow, this shocked me. Now what will parents do? He definitely knew hs stuff and will be sorely missed and I never even met him.

Comment By : Lauren Sullivan

I feel so sad as if I knew this wonderful man. We have struggled for a long time with my son and tried many many things. The lessons we have learned from total transformation and the Empowering Parents newsletter have given me more hope than we have had in a long time. I didn't know I could be so affected by the loss of someone I never knew.

Comment By : Marg

I am very sad to hear this news i wish the family well and to know that he has came into everyones heart that knew him. God Bless him and his family

Comment By : marcy

I have been so impressed by EP's free online newsletter - common sense in a crazy world. I think overcoming such a childhood as he had gave him compassion and insight so many of us lack. I am so sorry to hear of his passing.......Thank you for carrying on in his tradition.

Comment By : Robin from Ohio

James' death is a great loss for parents and children. We are all so fortunate that he discovered his gift for communicating and shared that with us. I credit James and his philosophy for the open and healthy relationship I have with my boys. Whenever I hear a friend is having trouble with his or her child, I always recommend he or she consult the Empowering Parents website and listen to the cds. His advice to parent the child you have rather than the one you wish you had shows how deeply he understood a parent's shortcomings. The he would not let kids with ADD off the hook shows his level of respect for our ability to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and succeed. And his admonishment to never, ever exercise or tolerate abuse should be engraved over the doors of every maternity ward in the nation.

Comment By : Medea B

My prayers are with Dr. Lehman and his family. I am deeply saddend by this news. I've only known and use his advise for a over and have found it to be very useful and solid advise. Thank you for letting us share our thoughts and keep the newsletters coming. Mrs. S. Brown

Comment By : Shirley

Several months ago I was at rock bottom with how to handle problems I was having with my son. I decided to go online and I punched in "study help for 6th grade boys with ADHD". James Lehman's websit popped up. I read about " The Total Transformation Program" and bought it. Our life has changed greatly for the better. The last time my daughter came to visit she said,"whatever you are doing with Alec keep it up because its working. I feel like I did when Mr. Rogers passed away. A very special person has left us. I will always be very gratful for the knowledge I have gained from James Lehman.

Comment By : Mirashon

I'm shocked and so very saddenned to hear of James' passing. What a great teacher he was. We all are sometimes so wrapped up in our own issues and often don't stop to consider other people's situations, so James' passing really makes me reflect on the impact I have on other people's lives. I can only hope that in my lifetime I can have half as much positive impact on others as James has had on me. Rest in peace James knowing all the good you've done.

Comment By : james'fan

Not to often can we get good advice in this world. Thank you James for your great advice, I changed my family>

Comment By : Clint Lewis

A kids childhood is a one time thing...very precious. James, you have undoubtedly changed thousands of childhoods from being unhappy ones to kids growing up to be happier more productive members of society...thus making the world a better place!! God Bless you for that and may you rest in peace.......

Comment By : Single dad in Green Bay

I'm very sad to hear about James death and even I didn't know him in personal , I feel like I just lost one of my best friends. James's articles and cds were and still are an incredible tool for me to deal with my 15 years old daughter James gave me a lot of hope that its not too late... and I did see a big improvement when I used his tools, and I still do.My heart is with his loved ones, and I'm sure he will be missed by all of us... all the "strangers" he didn't know but Knew him. Thank you James for your wisdom. You will be missed by me and by many others.

Comment By : Iris

I am deeply saddened at the passing of James. His program has helped my daughter and me so much. I wish I had gotten to tell him that he has done so much to make our lives better. This world was a better place for having this man help so many families.

Comment By : Sue

I have thouroughly enjoyed being a member of his articles and so forth for the past 3 years. He has inspired me as a parent. Please don't let his legacy ever end! I love getting my weekly emails about all of the articles. He will truly be misses by many many people. May he rest in peace and god bless his family for all the blessings that he has given.

Comment By : Sweetpea

When I had talked with someone there, you had asked me to write a comment for your website. How sad am I that I never did this, so James could have read it. I am so shocked & saddened. Please know we will say prayers for James for 40 days - this is the Orthodox Christian Tradition! I will always, always be so grateful and thankful for James, his life, his perserverance, his faith, his strong words of great encouragement for us all. Our children are grown now, and his work will go on as we encourage our Grandchildren with his teachings!! They are still small, but the teachings already work with them. They encourage us. Please tell his family & friends how incredible we think he is and how many lives he has already changed, and how many lives yet to come to be changed!!

Comment By : Maria Lindsay

I cried after reading your tribute to James. He helped me in so many ways through E.P.. I am a single mom without any family around to help me with my daughter. Her father died when she was 3yrs old and I felt all alone in this until E.P. and James'. His words of wisdom and advise came to me via email. I never requested it. It just appeared one day.I believe it was a God thing. May you rest in peace and thank you James and Empowering Parents for rescueing me.

Comment By : Christia

James helped me recover the spiraling out of control relationship I had with one of my daughters and how to maintain a level of control and independence in our family through the total transformation process and these empowering parent newsletters. I am grateful for James Lehman being a part of my life and our family even though we have never met.

Comment By : Madarcey

I am so grateful you lived your purpose and HAVE HELPED so many parents feel empowered! You are and will always be a legend! Thank you Shelly California, Ky

Comment By : EarthJoy

God Bless you and your family. You will be missed more than words can say.

Comment By : Lynn

My sincere condolences to his family. His article has been helping me how to handle a teenager daughter. He will be missed.

Comment By : MW

I am so sorry for your loss, our loss. I have only recently become familiar with Mr. Lehman's work. I wish it had been sooner as I have 'children' ages 28, 23, 17, and 15. With the sudden serious illness of my 17 year old, about 1 1/2 years ago, serious emotional and behavioral issues developed. Several recent articles were applicable, believable, and able to be put to use. I have never before (and I am an avid reader) found such consistently sensible, useful, and followable (for lack of a better word) information on child rearing. What a loving, genuine, and knowledgeable man! I am so sad.

Comment By : kathleen

Words can't even begin to express my sorrow and the sense of deep loss of James passing. The world has lost a great teacher that truly understood the minds of the different generations and tools to help bridge that gap. I hope we can all help carry on his legacy and teaching by helping our children the way James had taught us. James, may you rest in peace!

Comment By : Bessy

What a tremendous loss. James legacy will live forever. God bless you...

Comment By : madam vi

God also needs people like James, Thanks James, for all the good advise!!

Comment By : Juan

I was saddened by the news of James' passing, yet heartened by his wisdom and that his legacy will be carried on. My life and that of my family will be forever changed for the better because of his love. Thank you , Stewart

Comment By : stewartok

I am so sad, we have all lost a great soul. I pray he is with the Lord and that his gift of helping us families will be seen and realized for the excellence the he put into it all. I am just learning these things so that I can give my daughter this gift to make her life better too. Thank you James and everyone at EP and Legacy Publishing.

Comment By : humbledmom

Thank you James for the power you gave me to control my situation. I love your work, it help my daughter, me, my husband and many other friends that had difficulties with their own children. May Jehovah give you peace and comfort in this time of distress. John5:28-29

Comment By : Vivien Moore

People who have a gift to listen and to enable others to help themselves, truly are blessed. Thank you James for sharing your wisdom in concern for others. We have benefited nobly even though many of us have never met you. Prayers to James' Family - both biological and community. His passing is another reminder of why it is so important to pay attention to the important things and the rest will take care of itself.

Comment By : karen

when i saw this news in my inbox i was heartbroken. i didn't know james and i just learned of this program last year. i watch the videos and listen to the cds over and over again. he was a truly remarkable man and was so glad to find his work. i am saddened that he is not on this plane anymore but i hope that you will keep his legacy going strong. my heart hurts at this news.

Comment By : amyshariat

James Lehman was someone who I didn't personally know, but who I knew so well because of what he shared - of himself, his knowledge, and his kindness. My heart goes out to his family. James made such a difference in my life, and, unbeknownst to him, my son's life. God bless him.

Comment By : Susan A.

I never met James but I have really enjoyed reading his suggstions on how to handle a teen,as we have a teenage granddaugter living with us who is ADHD and she can be very trying at times to say the least. I was really sorry to hear of his sudden death,as he was still fairly young.My prayers go to the family .Thanks Rita Ingersoll,Ont.

Comment By : Cindy

I am deeply saddened by this news. Like many others who've shared here, I benefited greatly from James' writings, DVD's and CD's. What a terrific person. I will pray for the repose of his soul and for the consolation of his family as well as innumerable people he's helped over the years. Rest In Peace, James. May Perpetual Light Shine On You.

Comment By : Brother Kevin M. Finnegan, sc

Every thing James taught was valuable! What a loss. He will be missed very much. God now has James with Him in a glorious place with no more pain and suffering. One day we will meet and talk face to face! God bless his family and keep them strong. Valerie

Comment By : valerie

I know you have a special place in Heaven! You helped my family when no one else could ... I can't wait to meet you when I get there and tell you "Thank You" in person! Peace to those who are still here and grieving this loss.

Comment By : Lauren

I'm deeply sorry for the loss of a great teacher. I always read your newsletter and it helped me a lot in parenting my 15-year old son. you'll surely be missed but not forgotten by many including myself. And I consider myself fortunate for getting a copy of your "Transform Your Child."

Comment By : Julie

What a shock! We lost really remarkable man. The programm he created was easy to follow and was really helpfull. I'm extreamely sad to hear this bad news.

Comment By : Irina Torian

Wow , we just purchased the Transformation and I am saddended by this news. We are just beginning

Comment By : sk8rtwinsactingmom

There are no words to express what a loss the world has now that he is gone. All I can say is God has called an Angel home. I don't think he knows how many lives he has touched. Just from reading his newsletters I got my life back. He was such a big help when my grandchildren came to live with us.

Comment By : Louise

I am truly saddend to hear of his passing. Most shocked actually. I know him only through the Total Transformation and by reading his article. I have definitely learned alot from him, he had such a wonderful, concrete way of dealing with parenting problems. My sympathies go out to his personal family and all of you that worked with hime I do hope that you will continue his work. Thank you, Colleen

Comment By : Colleen

I came across the James Lehman's Transformation program approximately 5 years ago. He made such a huge difference in my life and in the way I approached being a parent. His down to earth advise helped me to deal with a difficult, rebelling teenager and be a better parent to my growing toddler. I was finally able to enjoy being a parent again and come to accept my limitions and set reasonable expectations of myself and my children. I have shared his program with many parents who have come to me with parenting issues and know they felt some balance as parents after they checked it out. Thank you Empowering Parents for sharing James Lehman's wisdom. Hopefully his legacy will continue through your efforts.

Comment By : Carrie Howell

I was so shocked by the news of James passing. For two years I have used his advice and insight to make our lives better and more fulfilling. I lost my daughter 4 years ago and started over as a parent raising her two son. I learned of James from a friend and truly found his wisdom a constant in our lives that will truly be missed. Our prayers are with the entire Lehman family, we will miss him very much.

Comment By : Mary

I was reading my emails and get the news of Mr. Lemman passing, I really get the feeling that to him it was not about money it was a crusaide to help the young and the families for that I am sorry to have lost him. We need more people like him. May his soul rest in peace.

Comment By : Rab65

We have truly lost a wonderful, intelligent and understanding human being. My heart and prayers go out to James' family and friends.

Comment By : tamtam

Simple, straight foward discipline - Mr. Lehman's approach is no nonsense, no excuses. What a loss - but a great legacy. Mr. Lehman's program, especially the 1-800 help line has been a God send.

Comment By : grandmother

Sad to lose such a decent and smart man. For a brief tribute of his his approach inspired me as a writer and teacher, see http://www.thewritingcode.info/2010/06/unlikely-inspiration-for-a-writer.html.

Comment By : Charlie Euchner

I am saddened by the loss of James Lehman as though I have lost a relative. When I discovered his wisdom in 2003, I was at the beginning of a journey with a daughter who has borderline personality disorder -- a journey that continues today. I can't tell you that I am on the other side of the difficulties with my daughter, but what James Lehman did for me, was to make it possible for me to cope with my daughter's multiple issues without her storming out the door and without me completely losing my mind. And his words will be in my head forever: "You do not have to attend every argument you're invited to; Parent the child you have," etc. Make no mistake -- this man will live on.

Comment By : Carol

What a belessing James Lehman was to our family! I only discovered him and his wonderful parenting tools just a year ago. Our prayers are with his family; he will be greatly missed by so many.

Comment By : Brenda

James tools for empowering us parents can be even more effective for counselors who work with teens and their parents. I have suggested ideas to our own counselor who loved the approaches he outlined. This wonderful man has demonstrated how to deal with issues, firmly without lacking the sensitivity conveying the care and concern. He taught us parents how to be firm without 'losing' ground with our ourselves or our kids. I am grateful for James and all he has freely given to create this vast amount of information that help us all to succeed! God Bless You, James!

Comment By : Diane S. Lewis

My prayers and thoughts are with James' family, multitude of readers and all of us who have been inspired to feel like a part of a huge family, a community that only James and his team could create. His work will live on through this community and through our children.

Comment By : Angie

Thank God we had someone like him while we did. He made an amazing difference in my household and my girls were 18 and 23 when I purchased his program. What a legacy he has left us!

Comment By : db

I am very saddened to hear of James' passing. The gift he has left behind in his teachings will continue to help families well into the future. My sincerest heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. God bless you, James.

Comment By : Melissa

I work at a school where over 75 families have used his program to gain new skills to help them be better parents. I will miss his great practical advise. I hope that his message and company will live on to continue the important job of helping today's families.

Comment By : parentcoach

I am very sad I was hoping that He could help me more advice maybe in person with the situation I am having with my child. I was not able to purchase the material, nevertheless I did use the free advice that was available on the internet. My prayers go to his family and much thanks for all he has done in providing such valuable advice for parents who are doing the best in helping their child(ren) become the best person(s) possible. God Bless you all Sincerely KWAG Baton Rouge, La

Comment By : KWAG, Baton Rouge, LA

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Mr Lehman.Irecently lost my wife who was also a therapist As a teacher and parent I looked forward to james profound articles to keep me in check and to guide me with my work with children you have left a legacy for all of us Rest in peace.

Comment By : alex

God Bless you James for making a big difference in this world. You are an inspiration to every life you touched.

Comment By : Lonna

I have forwarded much of James advice onto my children, to be used with my grand children. (I have fifteen grand children). I believe that God was using James as an instrument to help our young. May he rest in peace and may God give his family mercy and comfort. I hope his legacy continues.

Comment By : Shelby

While I never met James, I felt like I "knew" him: his warm, direct words echo in me from his TT Program CD's and in his many articles featured on the EP website. It was a great pleasure and tremendous honor to be able to quote his work in my blog submissions to EP. We have indeed lost a pioneer and leader, but I have no doubt that his legacy will carry on in the EP site and beyond! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Bless your heart, James! =)

Comment By : Susan Engel

Just listening to your voice this morning. A Miracle breakthrough yesterday with teenage son that probably saved our relationship (thank you James L.) I feel so grateful to have been introduced to your work. Not only have you helped me understand my children with more compassion, but also myself, and my addicted love one. There is more serenity in my life today, with your help. May God continue to bless and hold you and your loved ones...beautiful, giving, courageous people...thank you.

Comment By : gratefully humbled

Thanks Jim, You really made the most of your experiences, both good and bad. You helped me as a teacher the first job I had in the lowest income sector of PA. I really understood the kids and what their communication meant. Thanks.......good and faithful servant.

Comment By : Mr. K

To the family and friends of James Lehman ... in your time of such deep sadness your sorrow is truly and endlessly shared, by all who admired or knew him. God Bless you and yours.

Comment By : Julia Clark

Seeing your posting on James passing was a shock - enough for me to realize that I just took it for granted he would be around until my kids are grown - or forever. I feel like a personal friend has been lost!I have used the program at home and in my practice, read every newsletter, and referred dozens of people to the website over the last 4 years. I pray you will keep the wisdom of his voice going for a very, very long time!

Comment By : Caralee

I listen to his cd's over and over and love his way of dealing with children, I have a teenager who my husband and i have used and still use his program. What a tremendous loss. James legacy will live forever. God be with his family and may he rest in peace.

Comment By : Dot

I thank God for James life, & his counsel to me and my family via his Total Transformation materiails. I only wish that we would of had his counsel when we were raising our children, verses assisting in the raising of our grandchildren. My wife,I ,and our grandchildren will be forever grateful for James contribution to our lives. My hope is you will continue James never ending work of preparing the future generation via their parents. If there is anything I can do perpetuiate James' great work, please don't hesitate to ask. Rollin Jackson

Comment By : Rollin Jackson

To the Lehman family my sincere condolences. To James and staff Thank you all for the great advices. James you will be missed!

Comment By : G.C. Montreal

I began reading his articles when I began having trouble with my daughter, and was struggling to do the right things for her. His articles almost always applied to something we were going through. I will greatly miss his wisdom, I have hope someone else will be able to fill the void. He will be greatly missed by many. I am sad for his family and for his family of followers.

Comment By : Laura

This is very sad news. James has helped so many families, including mine. His wisdom and advice were invaluable. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Comment By : Carol

There are no words ... only tears ... He will be G r e a t l y m i s s e d!!

Comment By : pat

What a shock to find in my inbox that James had died. Such a sad day, but I'll be forever greatful for his insight, advice, wisdom, and his caring nature. I am married with 3 boys of my own, and almost 6 yrs. ago my sister's 5 kids moved in with us so you can imagine the chaos around my house! It wasn't until last year, right about this time, that I discovered James' EP cd's. I listened to every cd as fast as I could and then listened to them again and again. I loved his frankness and honesty, and was able to use many of his tools fairly quickly. I've added many more since then and have seen a tremendous difference in all my kids' lives. I wish I would have written sooner so he would have known how much he helped me and my family. My prayers are with all who have known and loved him. God bless, Lisa Knight

Comment By : Lisa Knight

Two years ago I found myself looking across the room at a daughter I barely knew anymore and feeling like the parent I never wanted to be. Thanks to my sister's suggestion, I clicked the link she sent introducing me to the program, Total Transformation, that brought sanity back to my home and heart within weeks. I listened to the lessons James offered on my iPod, CD, DVD player, and read the newsletters. He, at times, felt like our families personal coach and helped me to drawn important boundaries for myself while parenting which has allowed me to love my children in a deeper and more responsible way. He led the life he had and played the hand he was dealt with grace and vigor. Thank you, James! The world is a better place for your having been here.

Comment By : HeatherS

James' life is an example of a life well spent! It's hard to know who to trust these days, but this man made great teachings available for parents to use in their own homes, where they could be tested and found very effective. I thank God for the gift of James!

Comment By : IH

I am very saddened to hear of James' passing. The gift he has left behind in his teachings will continue to help families well into the future. My sincerest heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. God bless you, James.

Comment By : Melissa

I never got to meet James, but with four young children to raise, he is always in my mind as I try to prevent problems from getting out of hand. I am constantly referring back to the CDs for guidance. He has touched many lives and will be sorely missed. My prayers to the Lehman family.

Comment By : Paula

Just as Bill Wilson and DR. Bob had no idea what the legacy of Alcoholics Anonymous would be, so perhaps was Dr. Lehman unaware of the profound and likely divine plan he passed on to the world. Like the 12 steps of AA, this program saves lives. Through Dr. Lehman's personal experience he has shown how our darkest past can be our greatest asset. I could never have heard this message had it been delivered by someone who had not lived the life he lived. Our mission, if we chose to accept it, is to live this program and pass it on. Like so many things, it is not for those who need it but it is for those who want it.

Comment By : Another Grateful Parent

Tears, Tears... I have just made my second payment on the Total Transformation Program and I'm not even through listening to all the Audio Lesson as yet, and I was so greatful for what I have learned so far and in my heart was hoping to see or speak to Mr James Lehman some time, Tearsssssssssssssss aawwww. why does the best go first? However my prayers are with his family and friends, He is a great man I just wish I had meet him, Oh if I only knew. Sonia Mon of Angel. Your work has changed our life. Thank God for people like you James. RIP!

Comment By : Sonia & Angel

I am so deeply sad , my heart is broken, I can not express right now what I am feeling, he helped me so much, and I am sure he will help me even more when my 8 year old girl will become a teenager. I feel shocked. Thank you James for everything you did for me and for so many families around the world, you will always be in ours hearts and minds as a person that had save our lives, our kids, our families.

Comment By : Carmen Milligan

James Lehman helped more parents help more children and teens than anyone will ever know. RIP, James

Comment By : Bob Rennegarbe, Bowling Green, Kentucky

I did not have the opportunity to miss him, but every one of the articles I read really spoke to me. I was so glad to find his website and this newsletter. We are going through our troubles now, and his advice seemed incredibly wise and generous and hopeful. I am so sorry to hear he is gone. My condolences to his staff.

Comment By : a grateful parent

Having grown up a savvy, street-smart New Yorker, the first time I saw James' picture I understood what his story was. All the more reason to have admired his plain-spoken, no-nonsense approach to therapy and to life. He seemed to get the two most important things about seeing kids: 1. They most often can't express what's bothering them. 2. If, as a therapist, you don't understand how to manage the parents, you'll most likely lose the kids. Clearly, he won't be forgotten. Hopefully, he is at peace.

Comment By : Ira Wohl

While I started the program too late to help my son & my son left me shortly thereafter, I always applauded what James & his work taught me. He was the ONLY one out of all the social workers & psychologists who I felt listened & validated what I was going through. I never talked to him personally, but that's what I got from just listening to his CDs. James hasn't left us, he's just moved to another dimension. I'm happy he's at least pain free now as I didn't even know he was ill. Have fun James in your next journey. You have helped a lot of people here on earth. Michelle

Comment By : sensualspirit

I am sad to hear to news of James passing on but as we all know God sent him here for a purpose to help friends, family's and troubled teens to gain back control of their lives and live a life richer and fuller lives. To James Family may your many memories and love you have for James in your heart and mind sustain you during this time difficult time. My prayers are with you and in time may God heal your wounds of sadness and replace them with peace. Know that James is seated a the side of God and has no more suffering and his spirit will be with each of you always. I'm a firm believer in Angel's on earth and I feel James even though his life did not start out like you would think an angels would God had a plan for James and with some direction we are called to do his work. James has helped millions of families learn how to effectively communicate and meet the needs of their individual families and children and bring love and joy back into their lives. He will be remembered for years to come.

Comment By : cjw

Our country has lost an amazing man. James Lehman touched my lift and indirectly touched our childrens lives as I used his wonderful and positive advice to handle daily situations. He inspired hope! I thank him for his amazing gift of the monthly newsletters. Gods blessings to his family and friends. And God bless the current staff of Empowering Parents as they continue James Lehman's important work.

Comment By : Laura B./Washington

I am saddend by the news of James's passing and pray for his family. Now I wonder who will help me now with my out of control son? :)

Comment By : Alifair

May our Father in Heaven, who truly shows us how to be a parent, hold your family in the palm of His Almighty hand.

Comment By : heathervan

I am deeply saddened by his leaving us. He was an inspiring teacher in every sense of the word -- the life he lived, the obstacles he overcame and his success in helping others as an esteemed practitioner. His practical style and tone conveyed honesty, caring, humor and concern. He had the gift of strength and the ability to share it with parents and their families. My heart goes out to his family, colleagues and the entire organization that will carry on his wonderful and inspiring work. God bless you all in this difficult time.

Comment By : Ben S., Los Alamitos, CA

I love Empowering Parents.I love any human that is trying to help families in this world. He must have been a special person. God bless his friends and family that will miss him. May he rest in peace.

Comment By : Dee

I am deeply saddened about the loss of this beautiful soul James.His loss is a grand reminder of how our human connection with others has such a powerful effect on the lives of so many others. His empowering words with love, strength and kidness will live on forever, through us and our children. All blessing, love and peace to you, your family and your empowering parents family.

Comment By : denise

I work with young people in the looked after system in the West Midlands, I have I have got to know James,s wonderful way of supporting parents through his news letter,s I am very sad to hear of his passing away and hope it helps his family to know his words of wisdom and kindness reached far and wide. Bless you all.

Comment By : Karen hill

I feel a great Teacher has left this plane and as the Great Spirit he is, HE he has given all of us a great legacy: his work. Love&Blessings, Rosa From Spain

Comment By : Rosa

James was the best! I have been working with children for over 40 yrs. and his advice and counsel have been exceptional. What a loss! He will be very missed for a long time, he leaves a gap that will not be filled.

Comment By : Sandra

I was shocked to hear this news. James seemed infallible! James and his program helped my husband and I "save" our son. We listened to his CD's over and over again and used the parental support line many times when no one else could even comprenhend what we were going through. We are proud to report that our son is now respectful, getting good grades and picking much better friends. He takes responsibility for his own actions. I only wish that I had written sooner to thank this wonderful man for all of his insight and support. May God Bless you James and our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and coworkers....we know he will be greatly missed.

Comment By : Mary Beth Wolpert

Thank you for providing hope during times of transition, frustration and well, life. My prayers go out to your family and all those still in the trenches. We will all stand strong because we believe in the tools you have left behind to have the families we have always dreamed of. And become the parents we never knew we could be. Your gift was my blessing and you will be missed!

Comment By : elizabeth

He was the real thing. His soul will continue to live in the 1000's of people he has helped. I thank God for the gift He gave James.

Comment By : Blessed

We will never know the far reaching impact James had on children and families. His legacy will continue long after he has gone. I am a special needs educator that prints out the newsletters every time they show in my mail to share with parents. There is a wealth of information that needs to get into the hands of parents on how to deal with difficult children from the newsletter that comes timely to my mailbox. Thank you James for your efforts to help us all! RIP.

Comment By : alfadoc

I am sad to hear of James passing. I wish I had discovered James teachings years ago! His wisdom and advice has given me hope and strength in dealing with my youngest son. He has left a legacy for all of us and left the world a better place for his presence here. God bless him and his loved ones who grieve his absence.

Comment By : janeair

I have never been able to afford to buy the total transformation but think that by all the emails I have a book. I was so sad to hear about his passing. I will truly miss his input into my sons life. I think his Total Transformation should be put into every library. I would like to be able to check it out. I treasure the info I have. I am sure he will be caring for all the angels too. I hope peace for his family and friends. Please carry on his legacy.

Comment By : Bryce

What a tradic loss!! I learned more on how to handle my parenting issues from his books and newsletters and The Total Transformation program than anywhere else. What a great man.

Comment By : specialk

James' program helped my family in so many ways. His direct and matter of fact coaching made it easier to find the words to help my stepson get past his anger and learn to make better choices. What a wonderful gift I feel I have been given by a true educator.

Comment By : Kathryn

I stumbled onto Jame's website during one very dark day in the midst of my son's drug addiction nightmare. I was desperate, sad, alone and terrified. Months, 3 years actually, of therapy, IOP, drug testing and punishing and living in hell...James' Total Transformation Program and his wonderful phone staff gave me the courage and the strength to say NO MORE! We took back our home and our sanity. Thank you for being there. James, you didn't know me but I will miss you...

Comment By : Cindy L.

I am very sorry to learn of Mr. Lehman's passing. My deepest symphaty to his family and friends. I learned so much from his teachings and wisdom and will always treasure in my heart. He will be missed very much. My prayers are with all his family.

Comment By : Carmen L.

I was so grateful for the hope and sound advice James gave. With every newsletter I felt that I was receiving the care and wisdom of a trusted friend who lived what he preached. James helped people all over the world (I live in Australia) and much of his work was free like the newsletters which somehow touched on just what my family needed at the time. We will miss you, James, but your legacy will live on through the lives you have helped heal. My deep sympathy to your family.

Comment By : Mary anne

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Lehman. I know I along with many other parents have been very grateful for the support and wonderful advice he has so graciously given over the years. It has helped my family in many tough situations. He was a good man and a caring soul....he will be greatly missed.

Comment By : Shelia

I wish I had known him. He seemed like a no - nonsense , matter of fact guy which is what we need more of. He no doubt spent his time well and helped hundreds. Just the small captions Ive read since getting this news letter have help me in rasing a sometimes difficult 12 year old. Thanks James. bob- Boston

Comment By : rgm50

I am saddend by the news of Mr. Lehman's passing. My deepest symphaty to his family and friends.He was a great HUMAN BEEN God bless him.

Comment By : anabela

I am so sorry to hear of James passing. My heart and prayers are with his family, friends and fellow followers. I have a son and I too receive his Empowering Parents Newsletter and apply his advise to our every day life. James will live on always in the hearts of his family and all of us who's lives he touched. My deepest heart felt sympathy to his family.

Comment By : Sherry Ann

What a tremendous loss to humanity! I am so shocked (not having realized he was sick) and saddened to hear of his passing. My condolences to the Lehman family and friends

Comment By : Jenn

His program did more to turn around our dysfunctional home (3 teenage boys) than any counseling we ever used. His logical, guilt-free way of handling life scenarios was a breath of fresh air! Sounds like he was a really great guy, from the comments of those who knew him personally.

Comment By : Dan S.

I am so sorry to hear of James passing. My heart and prayers are with his family, friends and fellow followers. I have a son and I too receive his Empowering Parents Newsletter and apply his advise to our every day life. James will live on always in the hearts of his family and all of us who's lives he touched. My deepest heart felt sympathy to his family.

Comment By : Sherry Ann

we became parents again with our GR.grandson.we r 64 he 's now 10 we've raised him since he was an infant.he has ADD & ADHD we need help.James was our connction to reality.He has helped so much.We 'll miss his wisdom and understanding.The best to his loved ones.

Comment By : Nappy & Sue

My heart is saddened by this news. Mr. Lehman has left a life legacy to the many who have been blessed and helped by his program. He has reached generations, he has reached those thought ‘unreachable’. Sincere condolences to the family and all who have known and worked with Mr. Lehman.

Comment By : Marilyn

I credit James with helping us save our relationship with our teenage son. I also recommended his program to many friends and colleagues. His work has truly made a difference in many families lives.

Comment By : Renee

My prayers are with Mr. Lehman's family and his friends. Mr. Lehman is a wonderful example of God's grace. He is a man who fought all odds and made a difference in this world. I believe God chose him and used him the way He intended. Mr. Lehman answered the call. Thank you Mr. Lehman, may you be forever at peace.

Comment By : Cheryl H.

Our deepest condolences on the passing of James. We feel the loss too. Nearly every day, we quote James and think about how he would handle a situation and constantly refer to his manual. I have encouraged many with difficult children to go to the website to learn a better way of dealing with their children. I am eternally grateful to him for sharing his knowledge with us. Though he will be missed, his wisdom will help many for years to come. Well done James!

Comment By : Melissa

My heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Jim's family and to us as parents in his passing. His insightfulness, recommendations and understanding will be missed. I feel as though a great resource is gone.............Kathleen

Comment By : Kathleen

I'm so sorry for your loss. I bought James program to help raise my grandson. Even though I am no longer raising him due to his mother coming back. I still read the articles and listen to the tapes. They help me in dealing with the problems in our lives with our adult children relationship. Although, they are no longer children they still act like it and this gives me insight to their behaviors. I'm truly grateful for all that I received and still do. Thanks and please keep up the good work.

Comment By : Lilliane

Thanks to James Lehman who published his works in The Total Transformation. The skills and tools I have learned to become an effective parent have given my life purpose. Thank you James. You have helped an entire generation. Deepest sympathy to the family.

Comment By : Carol

I am deeply saddened that we have lost a giant in the arena of empowering parents with knowledge and wisdom and methods that work best with kids and teens.. he left a invaluable legacy which will last through hundreds of generations to come..he was so authentic and gifted..he truly made the world a better place..

Comment By : Angel Adams

I am saddened by the loss of James. I have gotten so much out of the Total Transformation Series. He has equipped me with a priceless tool that I tell everyone I know about. To his family, I want to say God has used his life to bless so many hurting lives. I am so sorry for your loss.

Comment By : Jaylee

When we discovered The Total Transformation, our life changed-- to put it bluntly, the man literally saved our sanity.

Comment By : jpgrfb4

I am the mother of three grown children with children of their own. I enjoyed his articles and would print or forward them to my children for advice or inspiration to help in their daily lives dealing with the many problems of raising children. God Bless

Comment By : Karen in Michigan

Mr.Lehman has helped more families than he will never know.

Comment By : Buddy

what sadness i am feeling hearing this news today. what a gift james had and how lucky we were to have him share it with us. he diffently touched my life, as a single mother with a 13yr old son. what a wonderfull wonderfull man. he has left his mark in this world and he will live on in many of our lives. thank you for blessing us with having you.

Comment By : gina

I am sorry to hear the loss of James Lehman. I would appreciate the free newsletters. They gave me lessons to deal with my children. May God bless him and his family.

Comment By : Minh

I have learned so much from James Lehman, and it has transformed our family. He was a very effective teacher, as well as a very good person. It is said the value of ones life is measured by the positive impact on the lives of those around them -- in this regard, James was a giant among men. Thank you for your life's work!

Comment By : JT

Angels come to us in many different ways.....James may have had a troubled start to life but he has sure been an angel to me. Our prayers are with his family.

Comment By : Karenn

James truly left a legacy and will continue to impact families for many years to come. He will be truly missed. Our love and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Comment By : lisetrise

I am deeply saddened with the news of James' passing away. What I learned through this website is more than anything I learned about parenting elsewhere. I agreed with a comment above that "he made thsi world a better place".

Comment By : Yeshim Oz

I feel like I lost a good friend, so thankful for his work, I continue to listen to his cd's and feel really lucky to have had his wisdom and strength at a time when I was at the end of my rope. His family is so lucky to have had him in their life, he has made such a difference in mine. God bless you James!!!

Comment By : Jeanne Hahn

My sympathy to James' family and friends. I would love to read his autobiography if one is written. He is very admirable. I have saved all my email information and use it on both my grown children and my grandkids. His wisdom was/is so useful and down-to-earth. Thank you, James. May you rest in peace.

Comment By : GrannyJ

How sad to hear this news. I felt as if I knew him personally. His wisdom and caring came thru every newsletter. As soon as I would logon to the site, I would feel the anxiety drain away because I knew there was a wise person there to give guidance. My prayers to his family. And now he is with God knowing he has fulfilled a very important role to so many....may God bless.

Comment By : Jacqui

We bought the total transformation when my daughter was on a self destructive path and running away to be with an abusive boyfriend. I knew we were "getting it" when, at a meeting with her case worker at Dept of Juvenile Justice, he asked her who was the disciplinarian in the family. It took her a few seconds to answer "they are equal". I just smiled and to myself thought, thank you James Lehman. He was truly inspirational.

Comment By : Alina's Mom

This event came as a shock to me when I was informed of it. James had ideas that worked in his Program. I am a Waiver Service Provider for kids with Serious Emotional Problems and have introduced frustrated Parents and Kids who behave inappropriately that want to do the right thing but have no recourse but to repeat their environmental attitudes. I have witnessed the ideas work in the families I work with. He was young in my eyes and at age 63 it seemed too early for him to go beyond to continue his work. I sincerely miss and thank James for the resources he made available to me so that I can help others the same way he has.

Comment By : Doug

I am very saddened by this news. I felt like James was a wise uncle. I only wish I had heard about Empowering Parents and the Total Transformation Program earlier in my parenthood. He had a very commonsense approach to child rearing. He will be missed.

Comment By : Grateful Parent of 2 Teens

We would have loved to meet James in person. We have greatly benefitted from listening to the Total Transformation DVD's and working thru the workbook. If ever a person should be praised for his genuineness and practicality, it is James. I am seriously impressed that he came from such a harsh background, and has persevered, to help so many people. He definitely had a gift and WILL be missed :(

Comment By : Thankful! :)

I did not personally know James however always read and learned so much from his teachings. Such a kind soul bringing so much peace and happiness to so many families. Rest in Peace James and thoughts and prayers to your family.

Comment By : Lynn DeGrazia

I am so terribly saddend to hear that James has passed. His wisdom & love were conveyed in every single article. I have forwarded this website to so many parents. We all need help in some way. He did truly have a gift & I am comforted to believe he is in the heavens & smiling at the wisom & love he has passed on to countless parents. What a truly wonderful guy.

Comment By : Barbara

I'm brought to tears to know James has left this life. His dedication to helping people is rarely matched by others. He spent his life helping parents, kids, addicts, felons and troubled people of many kinds. He was truly given a gift and found the strength to use it and empower others to use it too! I relish the knowledge he left us and will always try to remember what he taught. I hope those who were closest to him find peace in celebrating his life instead of sadness in his death.

Comment By : 3crazykidsmom

I am sad to hear that James Lehman has left us for the great beyond. This site has been a source of greater learning for me. A truly gifted man. Thankyou James. RIP.

Comment By : khar59

I bought the "Total Transformation" program about three years ago. It helped me so much with my bipolar son. It's amazing how I feel that I personally knew James just from ordering his products and reading his newletters. His passing is such a terrible loss. I hope and pray that his employees can carry on his legacy. His work is so critical!

Comment By : Bonny

The wisdom and sincerity of James Lehman came across in every word he spoke. He was more than a gift to my family, he was a miracle. Thank you Dr. Lehman, whose crown will be glorious and whose memory will be a comfort to us all.

Comment By : Natalie

I am a high school teacher who uses James's techniques daily. They have totally reshaped my attitude toward my job and the kids. May God bless James's soul and comfort his family. Best of luck to all subscribers and the Empowering Parents family!

Comment By : EnglishTeacher

Thank you James for helping me be a better person & parent. My family and I wish you peace.

Comment By : jhc

My husband discovered James from his advertisement on PBS. He immediately bought the program- that moment changed our lives. Every time I listen to a disc and use his words, I get a positive response from my kids and feel like a good parent again. His advice was, is , and will always be priceless. Thank you, James, for sharing your gift. Thanks to James' family for allowing him to share so much of his time and himself with all of us.

Comment By : Manley101

Thank you James for being the first person to really help me understand ODD. I suffered from it as a teenager and now my 17 year old suffers from in. I learned so much from your total transformation program. I never knew you personally, but I was impressed by your insightfulness and your willing to help parents struggling with an out of control child. My you rest in peace!

Comment By : MEK

It is surely a terrible loss of such a wise man. Although, I did not know Mr. James Lehman personally, he has been an important part of our family's lives for over a year. We wouldn't have come this far without your advice. Our prayers go out to his family, friends and all the "Empowered Parents" he touched. Thank you Mr. Lehman, rest in peace.

Comment By : Marian

It is a sad day for all of us who are left to live without Mr. Lehman's earthly presence; however I am filled with joy when I think of the peace and glory he has transitioned into. I and my Husband never were able to afford his program- (we are a combined family with 6 children); however, through his work that he provided out of the goodness he held in his heart we have overcome some of the most difficult issues with our children. At some point we will be able to purchase his program to finish the teaching he began in us . What a truly honorable man. He leaves such a legacy and I am honored to say that it is through his work in his Empowering Parents Newsletter that I have become a better parent. His mark will forever be on my family that is growing into wholeness even through his writings that were gifted to us all from a place of total love, and he gave so much without greed or selfishness. My family and I wish much blessing to all of you who were fortunate enough to know him personally.

Comment By : JennyG

DEAR FAMILY, FRIENDS, STAFF AND FANs OF JAMES LEHMAN I am also greatly saddened by the loss of such a great voice for children and families in these troubled times. A teacher of 30+ years, a mother and now grandmother caring for 3 young children, I have found the best help from James Lehman out of all the many behaviorists contributing to the attempt to help kids in this confusing society. He will be greatly missed but his guidance will better equip many generations to come. We have been blessed by this man's courage, determination, vision, and kindness. There is a star shining in his honor tonight and it is shining brightly for the kids, parents and families he will still help and encourage... his legacy has just begun. May you all find comfort in the wisdom and work he has left behind. The Almighty, Eternal God certainly accomplished His divine purposes through James and blessed us all. Because of James Lehman,others will grow into the divinely appointed positions and good works. James is only lost to our mortal senses, not to our hearts and lives and future society. Indeed, we all are deeply saddened and grieve with, as well as, for you who were so close to James.

Comment By : Nana Langham

James was a school of thoughts and inspirations, His articals taught me to be confident and do it any way. I know he has renewd my spirit with tools to deal with my parenting issues.His efforts have made a great differences in lives. You will be missed James

Comment By : singlemom

I ordered the program over 5 years ago. I resisted for a year because it was offered on the radio and everyone knows their stuff is just a sales promotion! Yea well. I refer to it to this day. We parents need help. We were raised by a generation of well meaning people who were finding themselves and I believe we missed something in the parenting dept. I still use the 'hot line' once or twice a year. I have 4 sons ages 7,11,17,20 so I am glad I found this program. It's like having a parent (a responsible loving parent!) help you raise your kids. Thank you, Thank you.

Comment By : rainie

There are people in your life that you never meet but you just know you love them. James changed my life with his Total Transformation Series so much that I turned many people on to his work. They too, grew to love him. I cannot say enough to his family that I am saddened to hear of his parting this world in a physical sense. He and his powerful affect of listeners will never be forgotten! His Legacy will live on! I am so sad but know he is with his Creator and is watching over us now. Maybe he is giving some lessons in Heaven!

Comment By : sunterrawoman

We will miss you James. And even though I am just a parent who never knew James personally, he has touched my life and my family's life, along with so many others.

Comment By : Naomi

A friend gave me an ad in the paper about The Total Transformation when I was having problems with my daughter. When I received it and started listening to each lesson, I felt like I was listening to an old friend that came to help. His wisdom and knowledge got me through a rough time and now my daughter and I get along wonderfully. This would not have been possible without James Lehman. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time, he truly was a great human being and though he is gone, he will definately not be forgotten.

Comment By : kathleen

I'm so sorry to hear this news. He meant so much to all of us. He has indeed been a very special influence to us all. Please carry on his wonderful work!

Comment By : Karilyn

What the Caterpillar thinks is the end of the world, the Butterfly knows is just the beginning. One of my favorite quotes! Several years ago, I bought the Total Transformation program largely as a way to bring peace to my family relationships. My husband and I had fundamentally different ways of looking at childrens behavior and at times it caused great strife between us and between the children. It helped tremendously! Since then, I have begun working with incarcerated teens using many of the same principals that I learned and it works. Like the caterpillar, James has transitioned. Like the Butterfly, he gives us the wonderful gift of his beauty and takes it with him onto new ventures. I do not believe for a minute that his wonderful, dedicated, compassionate being will stop doing what comes so naturally to him. Go in Peace James, with all our love, thanks, and prayers for a safe journey. We promise to keep your legacy alive and thriving.

Comment By : Lorraine R

James was such a blessing to so many and I feel so very thankful to have found him as he brought me and my family HOPE! He is surely a testimony that no child is without HOPE. With discipline and love and consistency we can make it. James gave everyone HOPE and that is LOVE! Yes, he will be missed but how lucky we all are to be blessed with his Life! James Lehman is one of Gods Angels and his words of wisdom will live on through generations! MG

Comment By : Michelle from KCMO

I am a 76 year old step-great grandparent who for the past 11 years have driven a school bus for our local K-12 School District. In this capacity I meet several children, some of whom come with some pretty disturbing problems and backgrounds. Empowering Parents Newsletter has been very helpful for which I am very greatful.

Comment By : tim navilus

What the Caterpillar thinks is the end of the world, the Butterfly knows is just the beginning. One of my favorite quotes! Several years ago, I bought the Total Transformation program largely as a way to bring peace to my family relationships. My husband and I had fundamentally different ways of looking at childrens behavior and at times it caused great strife between us and between the children. It helped tremendously! Since then, I have begun working with incarcerated teens using many of the same principals that I learned and it works. Like the caterpillar, James has transitioned. Like the Butterfly, he gives us the wonderful gift of his beauty and takes it with him onto new ventures. I do not believe for a minute that his wonderful, dedicated, compassionate being will stop doing what comes so naturally to him. Go in Peace James, with all our love, thanks, and prayers for a safe journey. We promise to keep your legacy alive and thriving

Comment By : Lorraine R

I cried when I read this. I do not even know this man, however, I have looked through his articles a million times to try to help my 8 year old daughter who is having such a hard time with anxiety, panic attacks, tantrums, etc. I did read that he had a very difficult life & I thought it was wonderful how he turned it around. I cannot afford to order The Total Transormation as I am home taking care of my daughter & cant work, however, I hope that someday when I can it will still be available. It is awful that the world lost such an incredible person. We were lucky to have him in it. I never got to know him, I never got to meet him. I wish I could have. You all are very lucky people to have had him in your life. I would have given my left arm to have a man like this as a friend, co worker, family member. I pray for his family & friends. May you find peace & know that he is in a wonderful place now, where wonderful people go.

Comment By : kasskenz

We purchased the Total Transfermation Program under the promotion that we would get out money back after we filled out the survey, and about 6 months has gone by and because of the business of time we havent quite got the survey completed yet, however, even if we never do (which I hope we will so that we can help your program) I am so glad that we took that leap of faith and got it becuase the peace in our home has returned and the love and respect we share now with one another as a family of 9 (children 13 down to 6mo) is totally a gift from James himself through his work and this program that he poured his heart out in to! Thank you James so much for living, LIVING out your mission, for LOVING your mission, and for gifting all of us with the gift of LIFE through YOU. Empowering Parents, we love you, we mourn with you! Love, The Benedicts

Comment By : Tennille Benedict

Wow, I am so sad and surprised to hear of James' passing. I was very inspired by the parenting techniques he taught. You could sense his sincerity in every word he ever spoke, or wrote. I will continue to try to improve my parenting skills, using his advise. In that small way, he will live on through so many parents and children that he has helped.

Comment By : Arianna R.

My sympathy goes out to James' family and friends. I have come to value the Total Transformation Series which has helped me to reach families seeking effective parenting skills. His passing is our loss.

Comment By : Jeannette

James' voice and message cut through the clutter when I was having extreme difficulties with my son. I heard about his program on public television and what he had to say was exactly what I needed and different than therapy. It was real and hopeful. He made me realize that there were other parents out there with similar problems like homework issues, temper, anger and accepting responsibility. I thought about his message and tried the TT program. His voice was reassuring and I listened on my ipod daily. I learned so much from him and I did get through to my son and was able to stay calmer using James' words. I really connected with James and admired his commitment to helping children. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. I know he will be missed but we still have his gifts of wisdom. I will always remember his as a 'good' person.

Comment By : Joann SJ

Some years ago, as the Diector of Youth and Family Ministry, we needed some solid and practical guidance to share with our parents. Some of the things we investigated were beautifully done by the instructor by not really easily duplicated outside of the 'classroom'. We also wanted to work with someone that was not theory and actually had and demonstrated and communicated the skills in easy to understand, common sense, empowering ways. I was so happy to have the tools that James gave us and absolutely know just how powerful and transformational James ideas and advice was. The man simply and clearly gave - to all of us. He sure made my job easier and our program better. Our families are stronger becuse of his influence. I never got to meet him and we will all miss him. Thank you God - for James.

Comment By : Steve Smith

His were the only email newsletters I read from start to finish. I only wished I had known him longer, but we have been blessed for the time we have had him as part of our lives. He will be sorely missed by many. Truely a great person.

Comment By : John from Pittsburgh

The world has lost a wonderful person. I am so thankful to James for his programs. His thinking has helped my husband and I enormously with our challenging child. His approach has been priceless in teaching us how to develop the tools we needed. Our son has come so far and much of it has to do with the help we got from James. God bless him.

Comment By : Caryn

Wow. So sad for us but happy for him to be in a wonder and peaceful place...just the way he likes it. Thanks to James for putting a backbone in me and allowing me the confidence to know that I can be an awesome parent no matter what. He was quite an example and definitely a gift from God with a gift from God that he so willingly shared.

Comment By : Veronica

By just reading a few articles written by James, one could tell this man was specially blessed by God. Though my family of four has had serious struggles and challenges; we had the opportunity to implement for a while, family meetings with our 18 & 20 year olds about a year ago. Things are not perfect, but, I can certainly say, it brought a NOTABLE improvement, and how we spoke and related to each other. a 1 1/2yr later, we do the officially meet, but we have better communication, where there use to be total chaos. I know he is resting in the Lord, in peace, till the Lord comes a 2nd time. My prayers and sympathy are with the Lehman's, at this sorrowful time. The Lord, His Spirit and your Faith keep you.

Comment By : b4lee

A dear friend (who happens to be single and childless!) heard about the Total Transformation Program and thought it might help me with my struggles with my oldest son (9 yrs old at the time.) I researched it and bought the program without telling my husband because I knew he'd complain about the cost. But I knew we had to learn more effective strategies for dealing with our difficult child, and I felt like this program would really help. And it did. It's still not easy (he's just hit 13 years old!) but I use the techniques we learned and continue to learn through the EP newsletters. I so appreciate James' life story, his sincere interest in helping families, and his straight-forward, straight-talk approach (to kids and parents.) I'm saddened to hear of his passing at such a young age. I hope the EP newsletters continue. They are so helpful. A prayer goes out to James, his family and friends from this very appreciative mother.

Comment By : MPA

What an awesome man of God you have been! I too have gone through many adversities in my life but like you have been more than a survivor! It's what I call having "Job" like moments from the Bible," but I too continue to dig myself out of those trenches, like you did through your testimony of your life...only to come up stronger in order to do a great and mighty things in this world we live in, and to be selfless instead of being selfish! When a person loves people with such intensity, sometimes even more than themselves by giving as you have it's what I call a blessing! You have been a blessing in my life James! This type of job isn't an easy one by no means. I'm sure it's been tough teaching and loving on people even when those that you may have tried to help have probably turned against you, rejected you and have hurt you in many ways....and usually for no reason. Only God knows, but your reward will be in heaven. That's when forgiveness comes in. People like you and me and others like us never give up in pouring out love, kindness, truth from what we've learned so that others may have a better life! There are so many lost individuals in this world that need our help and I pray that God will empower more people like James and I to never give up. I say this as if you were still alive James, but I say this because I know that you're legacy and the impact that you have had on thousands of peoples lives will live on forever! You are right, there are many who have received "Gifts" from God to be used to bring about a wonderful change in the way we relate to one another, the way God intended for it to be for all of humanity to live! We can all learn from this great man who turned his adversities into something very beautiful, something very loving, kind and truly devoted to his calling! I pray that more people will come to learn what you have spent years teaching. I also pray that more energy will be expended on loving one another than finding fault or finding ways to hurt one another. It's been a heavy cross that you have carried all these years James, but now it is time for you to rest! You've made an impact on people lives just by your testimony! I pray that many will finally open their eyes like Saul did in the Bible and see life in a different way, to live life the way that God intended it to be lived! Working in this type of environment "your calling in life so to speak" carries a huge price doesn't it? I know from experience that it hasn't been an easy life, but something awesome awaits those who believe in the mighty savior, because in the end we as believers in Jesus Christ have won the victory! I'll continue this journey this "gift" that I've been given, and I'll continue to reach out to those who are lost and try to instill hope into their lives as you have, afterall that is the name my parents gave me "Hope"! I commend you James for being a TRUE man of God, one who devoted his life in helping humanity the way God intended life to be lived. You've been an inspiration to me, because I too have been there in the trenches, always being sensitive and loving to others no matter what. I'm grateful for what God gave you and I'm also grateful for those people who are trying to do what you have done for so many years. I too have helped many people that God has placed in my path all my life and will continue to do so until His son returns. If only this world would learn to expend their energies on learning to love one another, vice hate, fight, or find fault with one another, this world would be a far better place for everyone. I've been working as a counselor for 30 plus years and have continued to work in this field even whenever I have receive a bad medical report from the doctors for having cancer and other major illnesses and adversities. I've learned to never give up. "You're only defeated if you think you are...isn't that right?" I pray that whomever is reading this that they too will never give up, that they too will provide love, hope even when it seems impossible at times to those who are lost and uncertain as to what to do. I was told a long time ago to never focus on the problem, but to focus on the one that has the ability to fix the problem! I pray that everyone will continue to walk in love and forgiveness as this man has and to put aside any racial, gender, upbringing, color, creed, race, sexual preference or whatever to one side and to take a good look at themselves first, to work on themselves first and then take what James has spent most of his life trying to teach people how to live in harmony with one another. James, your body may be here on this earth and I am very sadden by the news of your death, but one thing I know for sure is that your spirit and your legacy will live on forever. So you rest now my friend and enter into those pearly gates that God has prepared for you, because I know that His words to you will be "Well done my faithful servant for you have done such great and wonderful things in my name!" I pray that our Lord will continue to love, bless, protect, comfort and provide for all your love ones needs! God Bless you my brother in Christ Jesus!

Comment By : Hope

I have been touched by the advice that James had/has to offer and took everything to heart and I and my family have been blessed that his suggestions have been working miracles in our family. I know for myself that his void will be missed and his legacy will continue to inspire and help other struggling families. God's Blessings to him and to all.

Comment By : ljsWisconsin

We never met, unfortunately, but he was part of my life,... his program helped me with my son in my darkest hour of desperation about 4 years ago....Now all is well, thanks to James Lehman and his sharing of his knowledge and caring....Many young people owe their wellness to him, although they may not know it...He came to be who he was and gave parents hope and understanding. May he rest in peace and I will never forget him.. I am very saddened by his loss.

Comment By : Felicita

When I read that James had died, I felt as if I'd been kicked in the stomach. it took my breath away. And I've never even spoken to him. It just seemed that if James was around, nothing could be that bad. We could work it through. His son is one lucky kid.

Comment By : Carol S

As a single parent, and full time unemployed student, divorced from an addicted husband, my household was a mess! I had skills, and great ideas about how I thought my children should behave. James helped me to make it possible lovingly, and compassionately. Today I have a wonderful relationship with my older children, and my eleven year old did not have to suffer the same consequences of my mistakes. But James helped me to dig for the courage necessary to make the changes; all this, through a newsletter... I guess I just thought he would always be here, writing and making a difference. Though He will still make a difference, each time it is necessary to make a decission, I will remember what James said. God bless you James, and all of your families! Rest in Peace.

Comment By : missieve43

I was quite shocked to hear of James' passing. You could tell from his recordings that he really cared about kids and their parents. I will miss his great New York accent. I learned some good things from him about how to deal with my son. My prayers go out to his family.

Comment By : Crumpet

I am very grateful for Mr. James Lehman's CD Total Transformation series as well as the email newsletters. I have gained so much wisdom and insight from Mr. Lehman. I am so saddened by his death. My heart goes out to his friends and family.

Comment By : Sharon Peruffo

You have really helped me learn that my children are very special for who they are rather than who I want them to be. Thanks...your wisdom to deal with children will be forever missed!

Comment By : Santee, CA Mom of 3


Comment By : JV

I love reading Empowering Parents..............I so look forward to getting the monthly edition through school. James Lehman, EP and Total Transformation are synonomous. I hope the letters continue with his pictures.........the association is KEY. God Bless his soul and his family

Comment By : RM

uncommon comon sense---as a grandparent I always felt ahead of the game with my grandones. My son and duughter are "natural" at understanding how each of their children are different and require varrying wethods and empowering parentes provided them the help they needed

Comment By : brittanypl

As a mother of four gifted sons, former daycare director and an advocate and mentor for children and youth, I was so excited to discover James' parenting techniques. I was continually annoyed and frustrated with the textbooks I was instructed to read in college and wondered if I were the only person who disagreed with the ridiculous approaches to discipline and behavior modification. James' approach is realistic and respectful to all concerned: children, parents, teachers and even friends. I am so grateful for every word this wonderful man has written. He has helped more children and families than he could possibly ever have imagined and those techniques will be passed on through generations. What a tragedy, but what a legacy.

Comment By : kt

I first hear James Leham a little over 2yrs ago. My husband had died suddenly and I was trying to comfort my then 10 yr old grandson. James help us both through our grief. He taught us how to deal with each other and how to deal with the everyday task of living. We both are so much better for knowing his work and we will continue to use the skills he has taught us all of our lives. I know my grandson will be able to deal better in his life both now and in his future with his children. He will be greatly missed by all. My heart and prayers are with his family with the lost of such a person in there lives. We are all better for knowing him and his work.

Comment By : Lori from Redwood Valley

My most deepest and sincere condolences to all his loved ones! May God's love comfort you as you pass thru this difficult time. James will be missed terribly! The teachings I bought thru EP came to my home at a very crucial time with my son, today he declared to me just yesterday (he's 17 now) that I, his mom, are his best friend after God! That is truely a miracle in our day and age. God bless you all!

Comment By : filipbunches

Your legacy will live on forever . . .

Comment By : Walker.plumbing

My condolences to all of James' family and friends. The world has truly lost something special. I started the total transformation program about a year ago and never made it past the 5th dvd due to time restraints and total lack of energy my son leaves myself and my wife. I have made it a point to stop what I am doing and read every email news letter the program send and have to say that they are just so spot on and often made the comment to family and friends that I would swear that James had a video camera and microphone in our house. Every letter seemed as if he were talking directly at us and seemed to be directed at what ever we were dealing with at the time,The timing was just incredible. I can't say that my self and my wife have made any huge gains with our very out of control 16 year old son but James has given us Hope and the most important thing of all is that he let us know that we are not alone in our struggles. I wish we could have met James and would have done anything to have him work with us personally. I would like to think that he will be looking down on us all and watching over us.

Comment By : Bill

My condolences to all of James' family and friends. The world has truly lost something special. I started the total transformation program about a year ago and never made it past the 5th dvd due to time restraints and total lack of energy my son leaves myself and my wife. I have made it a point to stop what I am doing and read every email news letter the program send and have to say that they are just so spot on and often made the comment to family and friends that I would swear that James had a video camera and microphone in our house. Every letter seemed as if he were talking directly at us and seemed to be directed at what ever we were dealing with at the time,The timing was just incredible. I can't say that my self and my wife have made any huge gains with our very out of control 16 year old son but James has given us Hope and the most important thing of all is that he let us know that we are not alone in our struggles. I wish we could have met James and would have done anything to have him work with us personally. I would like to think that he will be looking down on us all and watching over us.

Comment By : Bill

The world has truly lost something special. I started the total transformation program about a year ago and never made it past the 5th dvd due to time restraints and total lack of energy my son leaves myself and my wife. I have made it a point to stop what I am doing and read every email news letter the program send and have to say that they are just so spot on and often made the comment to family and friends that I would swear that James had a video camera and microphone in our house. Every letter seemed as if he were talking directly at us and seemed to be directed at what ever we were dealing with at the time,The timing was just incredible. I can't say that my self and my wife have made any huge gains with our very out of control 16 year old son but James has given us Hope and the most important thing of all is that he let us know that we are not alone in our struggles. I wish we could have met James and would have done anything to have him work with us personally. I would like to think that he will be looking down on us all and watching over us.

Comment By : Bill

James was a great guy, and great psychologists. He had a deep knowledge and understanding of human nature and psychology. His tried, tested, and seasoned advice was avidly consumed! I have benefited from his wise counsel. James legacy lives on.

Comment By : Beeban

My deepest sympathies to James family and friends. God Bless.

Comment By : Karen

As a LCSW working in both private practice with kids and families and a professor in a University social work school, I found emails from James Lerman, MSW exciting to add to my own repertoire and share with clients and my students. What a gifted man. What a contribution he and his life has made to all of us. I am shocked and saddened to learn of his untimely death. He will be sorely missed by all of us but most of all his family to whom I send my sincere caring condolences. I know his memory and the work that he so ably did will live on as a legacy and monument to James Lerman, MSW. I am proud he was a member of my profession. A. Halperin LCSW

Comment By : fellow social worker

We are so shocked and saddened to hear James has passed away. In a world of insanity his voice was the voice of reason. Not only did he genuinely root for the success and happiness of children and families, he was a true champion of the 4th Commandment of God. We never knew you personally James - only through your words. We grieve beside your family and friends. We pray for their peace and hope one day we will all be together in our Father's Kingdom. God bless you James. Thank you so very much for helping us.

Comment By : Catherine and Brian Coughlin

its really sad to hear the news of his death. May God give peace his soul in heaven

Comment By : Beera

James's work has been a God send in my home and in my work. He truly left this world a better place for children and parents. May you enjoy the many blessings you have given as you rest in heaven.

Comment By : Debbie@bestyoucanbe.org

He had a lot of great things to say. I have not listenend to the tapes as much as I should, but have read each newsletter. I will get those tapes out now and be a better parent.

Comment By : mb

James was answer to prayer for me, he gave me a gift. To have an insight for myself and my children that I would have never had if not for him. I am forever grateful. My children are forever grateful to him (they just don't know it yet). I am a stronger parent with the tools to help them through life. God has a special place in heaven for James.

Comment By : gratefulmom

I have been listening to James on tape for over 2 months now and have come to throughly enjoy listening to him. He is so brilliant, what a way he has. His program has helped me soo much. I teared up as soon as I saw in my e-mail that he had passed away. He has left so much wonderful and helpful information behind. I will continue to count on James methodology to parent my child and the kids I work with at school. God bless him.

Comment By : GG in Hull

We have two boys adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage. Both have issues, the eldest pretty extreme. James work has given us effective tools, and ways of explaining our parenting philosophy to teachers and others who initially think we're extreme in our discipline. I will always be grateful to James for being so open about his past. Knowing how he went from one extreme to the other in his life always gives me hope for my boy. Even if he goes through rough times, maybe he'll turn out well, just like James did. Rest in peace James.

Comment By : Mom in NJ

So sad to hear my New York friend has passed. James changed my life, his teachings and straight forward techniques dealing with teens are fantastic and they work. Thank you James, rest in peace dear James rest in peace.

Comment By : pameladarling

James....there must have been times in your life that you were not sure you were loved. Look at the love here...there was no question that you were sent with a plan. Your humble beginnings gave you the understanding and compassion to help so many. I loved reading your articles and listinging to your webcast minutes. Thank you for agreeing to accept the plan and challenge and living it with passion. Go home now. Peace and comfort to your family.....

Comment By : Louise

I am very saddened by Jame's passing. I alsways looked forward to listening to his voice in the monthly newsletters. He always looked at situations for what they were, without all the emotion, and had great advice. I'm still learning. He will be greatly missed.

Comment By : dmt6

"Energy cannot be created nor distroyed... only transformed into another form." Although Mr. Lehman is no longer in his earthly body, do not believe for one moment that his work is done. He will gladly continue to assist and help others. Keep your heart and ears open. Be patient. Mr. Lehman's helpful words will come into your thoughts. He is now an angle among us. He must be so proud of publishing his first book. What an accomplishment. I just published my first book, Inspirational Reflections in Teaching Today's Kids. Like Mr. Lehman, I too share the joy of looking back at this accomplishment while continuing to positively help people move forward. Rest in Peace Mr. Lehman. I know that your journey has just begun, my friend.

Comment By : Cheryl Kaye

I'm a new member to EP and Total Transformation. Yet from what I have read, this has been a good start in the right direction. I'm currently helping a cousin with her child's frustration not having a father home and not having a purpose or direction in life. James Lehman is still helping us cope with the problems before us. But more than cope he's giving us direction. He continually directing our efforts to make more out of our relationships with family. That's a very good start, even at this point in Lehman's life. It's a trust that keeps on giving. I'm going to make sure all of my family and friends get involved in solving their family problems. Thank you James, thank you EP, thanks a million!! P.S. I hope this will help me with my own son. He's out of the house, past his thirties, but we can always hope. God is good!

Comment By : Harry!

I was shocked and sorrowful for hearing the news about James. He was someone that I relied on tremendously and felt so blessed to receive each and every newsletter. It has definitely meant a lot to me and my son (and his father). He helped to resolve so many arguments that we had raising my sweet baby. He turned 18 last year and graduated. James will be missed greatly and I am so fortunate to have known such a precious helpful soul. God be with you and his family. He will be greatly missed! Sincerely, Renee and Sean


I'm sad to learn of James' passing. As I read his articles and teaching, I realised that this wonderful man had the courage to tell his readers what it takes to do the right thing for their children even if it was difficult to do. I admire his no-nonsense attitude. He made a difference. May James' soul rest in peace.

Comment By : Ag from Singapore

James will be missed he was a good man,I used the advice in his news letters many times.He was trully just trying to help people raise their kids. You felt like you knew him through these news letters.He is with God now and maybe he can continue his work up there through him and you guys.

Comment By : DLH

I was shocked to read this news, May the Lord grant strenght to his family. His work truly inspired me.

Comment By : Natasja Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

My husband and I are deeply saddened about the loss of this amazing man. We discovered his program after a radio ad kept playing and I said to myself....is he talking about us?? We purchased the program four years ago and continue to use the skills we developed. We had immediate success when we needed it most. We are forever grateful for everything James created. Our thoughts and prayers are with James Lehman's family, friends and co-workers. Bless you James...bless your courage and passion.Bless your memory. You will not be forgotten.

Comment By : Judy and Steve

Our prayers are with James's Family. He will be greatly missed. His work and wisdom have touched families eveywhere including ours. We are continuing to work with our 18 year old son using what James has taught. We wish we could have met him in person but hope we all have a champion "Guardian Angel" in Heaven!Thank You

Comment By : Mary and Tom

I also wanted to add that I pray that somehow the Total Transformation & his newsletters will still always be available for us parents who need this help. There is nothing else like this program in the world & it is very important to me to know that I will still always have access to James' information. I so need it to aid me in helping my little girl. I'm sure others do also, & people that do not even know this help exists can find it someday. This man has left a legacy of teachings that many parents need desperately. God bless those who keep this site running. I thank you & with James continued help I can guide my daughter to a better life. Thank you James.

Comment By : kasskenz

How inadequate are words to express my feelings of sadness of James passing, what a legacy he left for all who knew of him. I bought, "The Total Transformation," Program,watched and listened to the tapes, and have passed them on to members of my family, who have been amazed at how much this man has helped them, I will continue to pass it on to whoever needs his help. This man is incredibly awesome, this gift was from God, and he used it to help others. Do keep on with the newsletters, I read every one of them and print them off and re-read them, and pass them on. I pray for the Lehman family, and know that he is in the presence of our Lord, he truly did the Lord's work while here on this earth. He will be missed, and his legacy will live on.

Comment By : Shirley

I am saddened to learn of James' passing. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but his dedication and committment to help others reached and impacted so many lives. He will be greatly missed. And the task of carrying on his legacy will be big shoes to fill. But I think we all have some nuggets of wisdom to go on. Our condolences and prayers go out to the Lehman family. It is true that passion and dedication of one person can make a great impact in our world. God speed to you all.

Comment By : kj

Great people leave a great legacy. As a social worker, I have tried to instill his wisdom in the minds of my clients.

Comment By : Pam

James helped me see my oldest daughter for who she is not how I want her to be. James settled many arguements between me and my girls and all without being physically present. He will be truely missed.

Comment By : amy jo

My heartfelt condolences to the Family of Lehman. O'pe each one of us may grow to keep his legacy. Today parents, children and teenegars are struggling and help like Lehman's is lacking in our society. May God make us strong to continue his works and touch as many more people.

Comment By : bk

My heart goes out to James' family for their loss. It is not often someone with such wisdom crosses your path. I am thankful for all of the advice I got from this site. I'll continue to try and learn something every day. James provided a great service that came from his heart, and this was apparent in every communication for parenting. I want to go back and read it all over again. He made us all better parents.

Comment By : momtoCandK

I pray comfort for James' family -- and many friends, personal and through his ministry. May his soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Comment By : julsawyer

I'm sitting outside, enjoying a cup of coffee and the coming of summer, and this news of James Lehman's passing is fills me with the sadness I have felt at the passing of a dear friend or a life-changing teacher...I never met James personally, but he truly felt like both of those: friend and teacher. As a fellow social worker, I was dismayed at the absolute un-helpfulness of the counseling and advice that came our way during the year, almost two, when we felt as though we had lost meaningful contact with our son and were filled only with dread and despair and powerlessness. Then, there was the Empowering Parents program and the steady, real voice of James Lehman showing us a way to the other side. He was the first professional who seemed to understand our loss and fear, and he provided my husband and I with real solutions that were completely based in real life. I am grateful to you James, for sharing your amazing gifts with our family; I am profoundly saddened by the news of your passing. It is a comfort that your voice will continue on...may you Rest in Peace.

Comment By : Susan B.

The world has lost a wonderful man full of knowledge and wisdom he chose to share with those in need. God bless him forever! He will be missed .... Julie

Comment By : Julie

This man was someone very special, the world has lost a great presence. His work will live on forever.

Comment By : valigirl17

James has co-parented with me in raising my two boys now 15 & 16. I couldn't have done it without him. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Comment By : donmit

Thankful and blessed for everything I learned from James' program. Glad I can still listen to him (on CD). I'll remember him as a great friend, encouraging us all onward. Please continue his work.

Comment By : Wendy C.

My condolences to the Lehmans and his extended family, us. He taught me how to deal with a particularly difficult, brilliant, child. I will never forget James.

Comment By : Doug Messenger

I am truly saddened to hear of James' passing. His advice has helped me so much with my youngest son. I wish I had known about James & Empowering Parents when my other children were young. It is not easy having children with special needs but James' has helped make it a little easier. God Bless you and keep the legacy going!!

Comment By : kw

I am so sad by this news. I was have been reading and re- listening to James since 2007. I was hoping to meet him one day as I live in maine. He was real people with a common sense approach. I have incorporated much of his methodology into my parenting. I am glad the universe gave him to us, glad that he heard his calling from the universe. I hope that his teaching will continue somehow................ All of us that have used his wisdom are carrying on his work. Thank you James you will be missed.

Comment By : Peri

i cry and cry because i erred while i raised my children. i thought i was a terrific father. now as adults they hate and despise me. i wish i had known better. James i wish i had known you sooner. pray for us all who live with this pain cause you must be at His side, because you cared and tried to help. God bless you.

Comment By : r d

He gave me back hope when I'd nearly lost it. He gave me tools when what I had wasn't enough. He helped save an entire family not once but again and again. God bless his.

Comment By : blessed

To his family, my sincere condolences. As a colleague, even though we never met, I referred a lot to the families that I work with. I enjoy the articles and I have said similar advice for awhile and it's great that James put it all together so that everyone else will here the advice. Blessings to his family and the rest of his staff.

Comment By : Kelly S

I'm a new parent in empowering parents I have just 2 months in the program, My Hat is Off for James he was just the best. My condolence to his family and friends

Comment By : FZ

I am deeply saddened by the loss. He is such an inspiration. Thank you to the family for sharing him with us. May God be with you and comfort you at this time.

Comment By : Kelly H

My sincerest condolences to James's family and closest friends. He exemplified the saying, "One person can make a difference." His practical beliefs and advice are appreciated and will endure. When my son is grown and perhaps has a challenging offspring as he is, I will pass along the Total Transformation!! Thank you, James.

Comment By : Nancy K

I not too long ago purchased Mr. Lehman's program. It was interestingly when a particularly hard bump in the road would come with my three teenagers, one with adhd that when I'd play the CD and his voice would be heard in our house the kids would start acting better and a calmness, if you will, would enter our home. I'm a single mom left with three kids for a long time now. Never thought we'd make it this far. Two are twins so it was three in diapers. I'm very thankful for his good work. May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace.

Comment By : pamela goeppner

My sincerest condolences to the Lehman family, first of all. Secondly, I wish to add to the many awesome thoughts and words of people like me who are acknowledging and being grateful for the works of love James has brought to all of us. As a nun and Dean of Students of a small, inner-city, gang-besieged high school, I have no children of my own. However, I have used James' clear, time-tested and wonderful points upon my own troubled students with great results and I have helped the students' parents as well--always giving them the Empowering Parents website to aid them further. I am forever grateful to James and his inspired work and will use Elisabeth's (the Editor) words to inspire my own life-weathered students. Bless all of you... Keep James' memory alive as we empower our next generation!

Comment By : Sr. Diana Francis

peace out, my friend.

Comment By : mmd

I have dreams of helping parents the way James did. I have forwarded his awesome newsletters to friends that I thought could benefit from it! I am sad for the loss of such a great guy! My condolences to his family and friends. What an honor it must be, to have known him, for he was such an inspiration to others!

Comment By : Kellee

God gave us a person who went through the fire and came out as pure gold. I looked everywhere for help for my daughter and then I found James Program and realized he was that child we are dealing with. And he was here to teach me how to become the parent she needs, not how to make her the child I wanted.What James did with his experiences and his honesty and his compassionate but sensible approach to parenting, will affect thousands of families for years to come. He gave us all a chance to become better parents, children and families . The far reaching effects of that will last forever!!!!!!God Bless and keep his family at this time of sorrow.

Comment By : M.L. Mom

I am so sorry to hear this. He has touched so many families and made us better! He has helped me so much in disciplining my children. His has encouraged and inspired me and I will always be grateful. I pray his techniques, ministry and vision continue to live on. May God give his family comfort during this time and may they know that he will be missed by so many!

Comment By : Brenda Riney

I came across James Empowering Parents site a couple of years ago. The info published were bold and striaght forward. I was struggling with my son's behaviour at school and home. The suggestions he provided were bold and wierd. However those that I had the courage to implement, did work....the talk back, tamtrums and defiance went out of the door. Thw world had lost a great spirit to the heavenly population. May his soul rest in peace knowing that he fulfil his heavenly appointment on earth. Sally

Comment By : Sally

James was a very wise and generous man, to help others after having been through so much himself.....I purchased one of his programs and it has helped our family tremendously! My heart aches for his family, and friends who knew him personally. I am glad to hear that his work will continue, the world needs it so much.

Comment By : Vicki M

What a beautiful gift James has left the planet...he must be feeling quite grateful and fulfilled knowing he accomplished such an amazing purpose of helping improve the lives of those he touched. Blessings and Peace to all those who forward his legacy of work, his family, and those who will miss him.

Comment By : SanShines

Two days ago I phoned the help line to say a big thank you to James for the changes his program has helped us implement with our children. The next day he died. We send sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. His message is a beacon of hope to parents who are ready to give up. It is a path back to love, responsibility and a connected family. Thank you to all of you and courage as you continue to teach his empowering ways without him there to guide you.

Comment By : Maggie and Fred

The world was a better place with James in it. He will be greatly missed.

Comment By : CAROL

I was having problems with my teen ager and I was desperate and saw this site. It helps me in a lot of ways and I have also recommended it to other parents I know who is having the same problem as I do. Hats of to James he has been such an inspiration and I would say HOPE to parents like me... my prayers goes to him and his family.

Comment By : K

Thank you, James, for all your common sense advise. My condolences go out to your family and all your friends and I just know that your legacy will live on forever. You made something wonderful of your life which could very well have gone in another direction and I hope and pray that some folks you have advised will follow your path. I'll just bet that where ever you are now, that you are doing something wonderful and helpful. Thank you and may God bless you. Lore

Comment By : Lore

It is a truely beautiful thing when someone uses not only their God given talents but experiences to touch others lives. James you are and will always be respected. Thank you for touching my families lives for the best! We will miss you. The Kennedy's

Comment By : symmetrictile

i am saddened by this news. The world has lost a wise, loving teacher....but I believe he is in a much better place!!! In the short while I've had my materials, listened to James CD's and studied my book, I've felt like so encouraged and hopeful...and like I had the support of a friend. My heart and prayers go out to James' family and loved ones. He blessed so many.

Comment By : Julie

What devastating news. We need many more Dr. James Lehmans!! His approach and words seem to make clear and validate what a special counsellor here was saying when we needed help with our son. A huge lesson I have had to learn is that we must learn from pain and allow others to experience and learn from their pain. Maybe as awful as Dr. Lehman's beginnings were it made his life such a gift to us all. I hope his leacy will be able to live on. Many many thanks Pam

Comment By : Pam

I am so sorry to hear the bad news. I am so hurt.

Comment By : Debra Palmer


Comment By : GRACE

It was with great sadness that I learned of Dr. Lehman's passing. 5 years ago, I ordered his Total Transformation program to help me deal with my then 13-year old son. In short, the applications of Dr. Lehman's principles saved my son, who was rapidly "going down the drain." My son has still got a ways to go, but now he has a future, and he and I have developed the skills to recognize and deal with the challenges that face him on life's terms. My gratitude to Dr. Lehman, his program and his staff is boundless.

Comment By : TK, Honolulu HI

Wow what tragic news. I wish to thank you Mr. Lehman for you wealth of knowledge and experience. I will continue learning and implementing you lessons learned, farewell and goodnight.

Comment By : abe...

I was surprised and saddened to hear about James's passing. I remember my mother and my sister trying to convince me to get his program. I've had the program for 2 years now, and it helps ground me as a parent with every newsletter. James gave his all, and I thank him for choosing to help so long ago. Our condolences to his family and friends, we will miss him, but will not forget him and his service.

Comment By : Lynn A.

James advice and program was the best ever. I have had many counselors for my children, but nothing ever worked until I received James program, he really knew what he was talking about. It's was the best thing I ever did for myself and children. Thank You James.

Comment By : Kristi

Dr. Lehman will be missed. His weekly email newsletters has been a life line for me in dealing with my son. Through his (and his staff's) weekly advice and comments I've been able to become a stronger and more understanding (if not always patient)parent. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Comment By : NOLABEAR

A Garden of Thoughts Just for You "Life is a beautiful garden, an ever-growing thing. As the blooms unfold sharing whatever the day may bring." We've been planted in God's garden where we're learning still to grow. There's so much He wants to teach us, so much we have to know. It is certain we will blossom with His tender love and care. For He placed us beside others that He knows will help us grow... There's a special kind of beauty in the ones the Lord God chose. And we know we have assurance that He sees how each one grows. We've been planted in God's garden and we'll never be alone. For the Father is the gardener gently caring for His own. If in a single flower we see the wonder of life's mystery. How beautiful this world can be - how filled with possibility! Your life can be a garden and a lovely place, indeed. Where understanding is the soil, affection is the seed... And if you tend each little plant with love, hope, and care. Soon the flowers of happiness will bloom and flourish there. Therefore let not your flowers wilt. Know in your heart that they will always be there in full bloom reflecting the rainbows of the dew upon you. Embracing you with their fragrance in the air. Soothing your soul with their beautiful melody in the gently breeze. By Angelique Fleming Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, know that you are very close in every thought and prayer. My family and I are very sad of the news and I pray you will continue Mr. Lehman's vision for many generations to come. His Total Transformation and the emails have helped with my grandchildren as well as with my son in his teens. Thank you.

Comment By : Fleming's

This comes as a total shock. I cannot believe he is gone. I have enjoyed James Lehman's newsletters. I hope that Total Transformation does not stop with Mr Lehman gone. He did a wonderful job.

Comment By : Sandy

Wow - I am very saddened by this news. Dr. Lehman's advise is priceless. I felt like I knew him personally - his advise helped me with my 2 kids..thank yoy Dr. Lehman and my condolences to his family and friends.

Comment By : navi

Just today, my husband and I were talking about some of the principles and applications from James Lehman's Total Transformation program. "What would James do" is my mantra when dealing with our "difficult" child. We grieve the loss of a voice of hope calling in the wilderness of effective parenting. Our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and associates of this remarkable individual.

Comment By : Ceci, Ohio

I deeply saddened by news of his passing, our prayers to his family on behalf of our family. I will always remember him and what he taught me he said "A CHILD MAY FORGET WHAT YOU GAVE HIM AND AND EVEN WHAT YOU SAID TO HIM BUT HE WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU MADE HIM FEEL"

Comment By : Nando

I didnot get to use his program, but tried to get my daughter to use it for her troubled teen...I had heard nothing but great results..still praying my daughter will use it and I do send her the link when I get it..hopefully they will still keep coming...what a great gift and Im sure God will continue to use his gift, even though he is gone home...my prayers go with the family

Comment By : Dee

God gave Dr. James Lehman a momumental task, which I believe he has completed. His wisdom will be missed my many. God bless him and comfort his family.

Comment By : RV

I am so sorry for the loss. He was constant in sending the emails and helping out so many people. He will be missed. I hope someone can carry on his legacy. With sympathy Sandra

Comment By : msnanny

James changed my life and the way I parented my children. The best thing that I took of o the CD was You are not allowed to talk to me that way. We don't talk like that in our house. Also..walking away...Not continuing on trying to win the argument.Thank you James for changing my life and many others. May you rest in peace...

Comment By : happier parent

This has not been a good week. Legends as John Wooden and now James Lehman; great men, are now gone. Their work and greatness, however, will forever be pillars to lean on when we need uplifting and inspiration. Thank you James, in particular, for helping to transform a league of parents who needed your gentle and logical nudge to become better moms and dads.

Comment By : ellengo

Our condolences to this family. James has been my grounding force for several years now. Whenever things start to get unbalanced in our home I pop in the CD and get direction again. His voice is always in my mind. Well done James, you have made a huge difference on so many lives and Empowering Parents will continue to do so in your honor.

Comment By : dianedri

I was very sad when I heard that the Lord called you home. But I know you are in His presence with your new body and I pray that He will hold your family close during this difficult time. I also pray that the Lord gives your colleagues the strength and guidance to carry on your legacy.

Comment By : Angela

Whoa! I have, and the world has, lost a wonderful and adept teacher and human being role model! Words cannot express our familys remorse.

Comment By : Mike

I am so shocked and sad to hear of James' passing. His Total Transformation program was truly the only program that ever made sense to me. He told it like it is and gave you practical useful advice. I am so grateful for his program. I read every Parenting newsletter and always came away with useful advice. He will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Comment By : Priscilla

This is so sad, why did he go now-he still had so much to do on this planet? Not only did he help with helping me deal with the children in my classroom but I came from a similar background. He was an inspiration to me to not be ashamed of my past but know there is hope, that we all have worth, and still have the capacity to contribute to the this world even more so because we have been there. Peace to him and his family and staff.

Comment By : cacb, florida

I was deeply saddened by the news of James Lehman's passing, but I am certain he is at peace. He was truly a godsend to our family, and his teachings will continue to offer hope and practical application on a daily basis to many families now, and in the future. May god bless your beautiful spirit and assure that your legacy continues. May God keep your family and friends surrounded by love and strength during this time of great loss.

Comment By : Laura

My name is Grace Gela and I live in Papua New Guinea. I first got James Lehman's information through the internet and I subscribed to his website and weekly updates comes through my email address. I have three son's who are at the ages of 15, 18 and 22 now. Information I got from the website has been of great help to me in controlling and guiding my 3 boys. My first is in Uni doing his second year, my second is now doing first year in an IT institution and my third is doing year Nine in a Secondary school. Iam very saddened at the loss of a very inspirational person whom I have indirectly excessed to make a great change in the lives of my 3 children. Although the distance is far, my condolences goes to his family and staff members at this time of sorrow.

Comment By : Grace Gela

I am shocked and deeply sadden to hear of the passing of James Lehman. This is a man that gave so much to others and I wish he could have gone on doing that for many years to come. I know he has left a legacy to carry on and for that many people will be blessed and lives changed. I wish I could have met Mr. Lehman personally and ye I am very thankful I have had the chance to experience his wisdom. My children are grown and even now I need some strong guidance and was recommended The Transformation Program through my counselor. What a blessing and gift he still is in my life and maybe will be in the lives of my children. My gratitude, love and prayers go out to his family and friends/staff and may they be surrounded with the numerous friends and loved ones to give them support and loves during this very difficult times. Rest in peace Dear, Dear James Lehman and thank you for everything you've given, and will continue to give, to family throughout the world. You will live on in all of us!!!!

Comment By : Sunshine

I was stunned to hear about James. I sat staring at my computer screen with tears running down my face. What a trubute to a man who has touched so many lives in such a profound and sincere way. James you saved my life; as a single mother you gave me serenity where there was fear and uncertainty. I will continue to use all of the tools that you have made available to me and will hold you close to my heart & prayers. Bless you, your friends and family.

Comment By : Gina Curtis Marlborough MA

Deepest sympathy to his family. Such a great leader in behavioral therapy. The validation of this science through its actual and practical application will help millions in the years to come. Thanks for helping us to better understand who we are and why we behave as we do. Rest in peace.

Comment By : Charles Rose

I was so saddened to hear of the passing of James. We have lost a remarkable man. I have the Total Transformation in my car and listen to it often for the best advice on bringing up my children. I loved his voice and demeanor..he didn't talk down to his listeners, and he never said hinted that you were a bad parent. My condolences go out to James's family, friends and staff.

Comment By : Bonnie from Calgary,AB

I never met the man, but felt he was talking directly to me and answering my concerns about how to handle issues with my teenage son. If he could have, I think he would have been in each of our home's or on the phone personally to help us at the very moment we needed it. His wisdom will live on. He will be missed.

Comment By : Lori C. Watsky

My deepest sympathy to James' family and friends. His legacy will go on and aid in helping families around the world. I am fortunate to have been a part of it and continue to pass on his program to others. Geri

Comment By : Geri

His legacy will live a loooong time.

Comment By : Jackie Ramirez, NJ

"Love the child you have not the child you want" is a profound statement full of wisdom, that simply is what James shared with us all. He will be missed,rest in peace James.

Comment By : DC

James was not just a knowledgable man, he was a wise man. Wisdom is earned through life experiences and he had many. We will miss you James! Thank you for all of your sage advice and down to earth answers!

Comment By : Shari

Reading James lessons on the Empowering Parent's website was always helpful to me. I have a very difficult, oppositional son who suffers from ADHD and OCD. He seems to be at his worst in my presence. For 11 years, I have struggled with his educational and emotional needs, while trying to steel myself against his verbal battery. There have been too many times when I felt as if no one else understood my daily existence. James did. Whenever I read his columns, I was amazed at his insight into my agonizing world. Thank you James for caring and for sharing and for giving my relief when I thougth no one could.

Comment By : JLS from Las Vegas

My prayers and blessings to James family, I teach families and the information I used from James was always very very helpful. Thank You Thank You. Mary.

Comment By : Mary.

Our prayers are with the family and friends. I know this is a cliche' but I believe it to be true. He was needed in Heaven and his legacy will live on. I too would have loved to have personally asked him a question or two like, " Who says woman live longer?" or " Oprah really needed to have you on her show!" Thank you for letting me know that I wasn't off my rocker and I'm still dealing but that's life..

Comment By : snuzee

I am so sorry for James' family and sad for the rest of us who respected and followed his wisdom over the years. His warmth was spread throughout all that he touched. We will miss him dearly!

Comment By : Kathryn Padovano, Elementary School Principall

Jame was a wonderful coach who was able change lives of so many people, his voice teach me how a parent can be strong and loveing. I have had worked his method with so many people. He was a loving and great coach who he brought such a great gift in our lives.

Comment By : giti

I am deeply saddened to hear of James' passing. Listening to his Transformations Program and reading the Empowering Parents Emails has been a huge blessing in my life. I often tell my husband about information I read or forward the articles to him and say this if from "James" as though I knew him. Referencing "James" gave it authority in considering the advice or ideas. His wisdom and practical guidance has helped me as I navigate difficulties in my parenting with my adolescent son. In many ways, I have felt I am not alone. I will pray for his family and the continuing of his ministry through Empowering Parents.

Comment By : Genene Nisbet

I am shaken by this news, I didnt even know He was Ill. I have never used the kit but I subscribe to the newsletter. What I've been able to gleen from the articles has truly encouraged me not to give up and that is very empowering to me as a parent. I see this as a tragedy and know that there is nothing that could prepare a family for this. You have my deepest sympathy.

Comment By : Bobbie

I have never spoke to or met James. Only purchased and watched his DVD /CD. But he became a freind that helped me through many family issues. I feel a deep loss with James passing, as I know many others must feel the same way. I'm sure James was the kind of person that will be missed greatly with all the good he has brought enriching peoples relationships through his teachings. Thank you James for all you did.

Comment By : Dale Ullom

When I read the e-mail subject "In memory of James Lehman," I got an instant sick feeling in my stomach. In his TV and radio ads I could tell that he was a very sincere guy and really cared about helping parents. Between seeing him on TV and purchasing his program, I feel like I knew him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Comment By : Colin T.

It is said that we don't know what we have until it is lost. I wish I had wrote to him while he was alive. James throught his program and articles made me felt empowered as a parent from the very first moment I started listening to the CDs. I am cryinng, I am deeply sad. My heart is with his family. I felt as if I lost one of my own's and I never met him. I give thanks to God for his life and legacy.

Comment By : Dulce J.

James will be miss ... I will miss reading his letters ,, Blessings to his family .... He accomplished his call here on earth ,now he is back in haven thank you James Maria

Comment By : maria

I was so surprised by this news. My sympathy goes out to his family and close friends. I started listening to James in Boise, ID on the radio and thought what a blessing he was to me and others. I work with children with disabilities that have behavior problems and the things I gleaned from James helped these little people and their families to have some relief in their life and learn ways to enjoy one another. I will deeply miss his wisdom and knowledge, but I know what he learned through the years has been passed on to others that can continue his good works and what God has given them to pass on. Love you, James

Comment By : Mary

Oh what a loss am deeply sadenned by this news, my heart felt condolence to the lehman family. May his soul rest in peace

Comment By : carol

I have always thank God for stumbling into this website.Losing James as a teacher and a dear friend is too much for me. My condolence for his family. Your loss can never be replace. Thank him for everything he have taught us. Thank You James.THANK YOU.

Comment By : shahida

There is no doubt in my mind that James Lehman was one of the fortunate ones who discovered his purpose in life and dedicated every ounce of his being to fulfilling it. The ripples his impact left will be felt for generations to come. I am relieved that his legacy and contribution to society will not be muted by his passing on but through our testimony be heard as loud as the jet that soars upon takeoff as it ascends to the heights. May those who knew him honor his memory by carrying the torch and illuminating the lives of others as to how a family can live in peace and harmony despite the challenges that face society today.

Comment By : Mom in Distress

i am very sad to know of Mr. Lehman's passing. I too like many other readers, read the news letters religiously. All the insight and advise I have received from the articles is invaluable. I am at a loss of words to mention how shocked and saddened I am to know that Mr. Lehman is no longer with us. My prayers go out to Mr. Lehmans family and friends. May Gods grace comfort you during this very sad time.

Comment By : Sonal

I opened my email to learn of Mr. Lehmans death and am just hearbroken. I always wanted to meet him, but never did. He made a huge difference in my life with my children during very difficult times. What a great and kind man - I can't express my appreciation enough. My sincerest condolances to his family and friends.

Comment By : M. Fairbanks

James's commonsense attitude and ideas about raising children with and without special "issues" has helped me help my daughter parent my challenging granddaughter with kindness and love. I especially conjure up his quote,“Don’t parent the child you wish you had. Parent the child you have.” My thoughts go to his family and I hope they know the tremendous reach his life has had. I know they're proud of his lasting legacy.

Comment By : Grandma Jan

My family used Mr. Lehman's program to help our teenage son. I wish he knew what a positive difference it made in our family life. We continue to follow his advice on a daily basis as challenges arise. I wish I could have met James and told him this myself. Sometimes when you have serious family problems you feel like no one understands and you have nowhere to turn; but if I listened to one of Jame's CD's, I felt like a friend was there with me giving me good advice.

Comment By : Wisconsin Mom

I was shocked to hear of James' passing! My heart is heavy, and I don't know this man personally! What a perfect example of turning something " his life story" that we would all judge as terrible, into something that is full of growth and inspiration, and overcoming adversity! I often tell my 17 year old son who having a diagnosis of ADHD from almost birth, which has been to his detriment, that sometimes these things which seem like the worst part of ourselves,or our lives, can be used to access the very grandest versions of what we are here to do! For ourselves, and for others! God bless you James, and thank you for the way in which you supurbly demonstrated, through a life so well lived! You certainly have helped us!Blessings and love to your family and friends!

Comment By : Mary Ellen,Media,Pa

I am saddened to hear of Mr. Lehman's passing. He was a voice of reason in the emotionally charged world of parenting. Thank you Mr. Lehman for leaving us with your wisdom. Rest now.

Comment By : Teresa in NC

I am deeply saddened by the loss of James. He has had the most amazing impact on myself and my children. What a strong teacher and messenger to be able to deliver such guidance in such an effective way. I have recommended his program to many friends and am blessed to have had him be part of my life. Thank you James, Bless you. May his family relish both their personal memories and the memory of his dedicated work with others. My condolences. with love...

Comment By : dambrophy

Though we did not personally know James, he became an instant "best friend"because his words of advice in EP have helped our family immeasureably!! Before you have children you never dream of having behavioral problems or not parenting effectively. Before reading and taking James' advice I never thought the nightmare would end! He has changed so many lives that "sainthood" is in order! Thank you James, for a life well lived. It pains me to think that someone as wonderful as you has suffered. You shall be missed dearly.

Comment By : asully

My heartfelt smpathy to James' family & friends. I have only recently been receiving information over the internet, and it was extremly helpful to me in dealing with my adolescent son. May God Bless you all at this very difficult time.

Comment By : Tina

I am at a loss for words and saddened by James's passing. I work with family workers who help families and children and I look forward to getting the newsletters to pass it along to them since so many families are in need of such wonderful words of wisdom such as James Lehman's. His work is just amazing and even though I don't know him personally, I feel like I have connected with him through his work. May God bless his family and the Empowering Parents family to be able to continue the work he loved.

Comment By : Zuleika

I am at a loss for words and saddened by James's passing. I work with family workers who help families and children and I look forward to getting the newsletters to pass it along to them since so many families are in need of such wonderful words of wisdom such as James Lehman's. His work is just amazing and even though I don't know him personally, I feel like I have connected with him through his work. May God bless his family and the Empowering Parents family to be able to continue the work he loved.

Comment By : Zuleika

Thank You James, I know you still live in the Realms that our eyes can't see,and can now help and inspire people as you always have from your new spiritual home. You overcame adversity and helped many do the same. Well Done Our Friend.

Comment By : Robb

What a great legacy James has left. He made such an impact for me and my family. I often wondered why children never came with a manual. Next to my bible James' program was the next thing I turned to. He had a special gift of teaching us parents how to parent, resulting in a more loving, respectful home. My prayers and heart go out to his family and co-workers.

Comment By : Kim from Texas

James, Your insights and guidance has helped our family to navigate through life's emotional rollercoaster with kids. You will be sorely missed, but know that you left quite a legacy, helping many, many families with your wisdom and no-nonsense approach. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and your very capable staff who will continue the great work you have built!

Comment By : Nadine Sudnick

I can not fully express how much Mr. Lehman's message and classes have meant to my family. I can honestly say he helped to save my marrage. Life is so much fuller with the knowledge he shared. Thank you for your gift and yes everything happens for a reason.

Comment By : Lisa H

My husband and I purchased the Total Transformation two years ago and it has been a tremendous gift to our family. I am so sorry to hear that James has passed. Listening to his voice on the CD's makes me feel like I know him. He was so generous to share his teachings and to build a legacy of helping parents. I am very grateful for the lessons I have learned. Our prayers are with his friends and family during this sad time.

Comment By : ladybugjodie

I am so saddened to hear the news. James was such an inspiriation. His teachings have really helped me to be a better parent. He had an incredible way of getting his message accross. Through all the years trying - and being so ineffective with my son- I now have some tools- all due to Jim. He was amazing. It makes me sad to realize that he is no longer here. My heart goes out to his family at this time. I will continue to read the EP Newsletter as I know James has taught his team well to carry on in his footsteps. I'm so glad I have the CD's and Videos. I hope to teach my children to be effective parents to carry on James' teachings. He will truly be missed. I have never met James yet he has made an enormous difference in my life and my family's life.

Comment By : Lucy

I had the pleasure of working for James as the typist for all of his audio recordings which assist in the editing processes. Over the last five years, learning how to be a better person and aunt through James has given me insights that I otherwise would never have known I needed. He was the type of man that, though not as well known as he should have been, was a TREMENDOUS person in all that he said and did. His heart was indeed larger than life. His words will be the legacy that he deserved to leave behind. I have never had such respect for someone I have never met. He will NEVER be forgotten and I thank him every day for doing what he could to give our world a hopeful future by bringing us back to common sense basics and taking our ego out of being parents and caregivers. My thoughts are with all of Legacy Publishing and James' wife and son every single day. I will miss hearing his anectdotes on a weekly basis. This loss is undeniably tremendous and hard to wrap my head around. Thank you James for all you have given and will continue to give!

Comment By : hthrweight122

My deepest, sympathy to all. I also have been a reader for aprox. 1yr and was able to follow through with the techniques shown and I had positive turnouts with my children. I wished I could have heard him in person as I let my other parents and friends know of this site Empowering Parents. I will continue to read and gather the strategies to be a better parent. Thank you James

Comment By : momma wolf

Wow, a good soul leaving this earth too soon.

Comment By : heartfelt

wow, so sad,his tapes have been so insightful to understanding my a.d.d. son. I see his face every week or so on the newsletters. He will be missed!

Comment By : gloria g

I never met you in person, James, but I feel like I know you. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have used your "Empowering Parents" newsletters often as a resource for my own personal life, as well as for my clients. Your many words of wisdom have been so incredibly insightful and inspiring, and I will truly miss your physical presence in this world.

Comment By : Compassionate

I was so sad to hear about James passing. Even though I never got to meet him, I felt like he knew me, my husband and our family. His advise and strategies for dealing with issues that come up with our children have made a profound difference in our lives. He taught us that even though one of our children has PDD and ADD it still does not excuss bad behavoir. Our daughter was very verbally and physically abusive because of her PDD and ADD, I think my husband and I excused the behavoir because we felt bad for her. What James taught is that we cannot ignore the behavoir and its OK. We applied the statement (that I will never forget) "There is no excuse for abuse" This one statement gave us the courage to make the changes that we needed to make. We have applied what James taught us and it has greatly improved our family life and helped our daughter learn the "appropriate" behavoir that she needs to succeed in life. We still struggle on a daily basis, but without James's advice and strategies I don't know were we would be at this point. He truly saved our family.

Comment By : Very Thankful

What a great legacy James leaves behind, thank God he was able to share with such love and care all he learned through his life what a great inspiration of his faith and love for God. I am thankful that I have had the privelege of having recieved for myself and 11 children wisdom, in child training, blessings and comfort to his family and friends.

Comment By : Jesus girl

Thank you James, you help to create a better world for me and my family.

Comment By : Claudia

Total transformation had and still helps our family tremendously. Utmost respect for James. His passion for children and helping others I believe was his response to God's love for him. Thank you James and his family for all you had done while here and his legacy will continue to help others forever. May God bless his family.

Comment By : Lin and Brian Barker and Family

When I found Total transformation I was so relieved and so guilty that I was doing everything wrong. After reading and listening to James' advise I started to feel better about myself as a parent and could be a better parent. I use his advice and have had great results. I look forward to the newsletters that always seem to arrive at the right moment. I was very saddened to hear of his passing and extend my condolonces to his family and friends. He was a man who has left his imprint on so many and will be remembered for his dedication to families. Thank you James.

Comment By : Marlene

The statement "Where are you supposed to be" was the most profound 6 words he ever taught my wife and me as we raise 3 teenage boys. It is amazing how they popped to attention and went to do whatever the request was, whether it was doing homework, taking a shower, doing chores around the house. It was an opened ended question that the boys didn't have an argument for. God Bless Him.

Comment By : Wade and Rhonda Belote

I feel that I lost a great friend. He has helped me to get through rough times with my difficult child. His guidance has given me hope and the necessary tools so I can help my children. I feel that I was so lucky to be touch by his work. He has been one of our biggest family's blessings. We well keep him and his family always in our prayers. May God's love helps them find comfort.

Comment By : Mrs. Stevens

To Mr. Lehman's family and friends, heartfelt thought's and prayers. I was introuduced to this newsletter by my sister-in-law. YES what a Gift Mr. Lehman gave. I pray for the staff to keep the faith in your good works. My his family feel God's peace and love now and always, as they journey forward.

Comment By : Thankful

We are so deeply sadened over the loss of James Lehman. In the short time that we have been reading the newsletters, we have realized what a wonderfully insightful man James was. I only wish that we had found out about him sooner. Just this morning, I was struggling to deal with our 15 year old son. I thougth to myself, "I've got to get on the computer and check out the latest news from James to help me to become a better parent and help my child and myself get through these teen years." Please pass along our heartfelt sympathy to James's family and friends. God Bless.

Comment By : The Osborn Family, NY

The TOTAL TRANSFORMATION program is very helpful. I really appreciated Mr. Lehman's down-to-earth approach. I also respect him as someone who overcame adversity. What a loss.

Comment By : Patty

Some of my favorite pieces of advice from James that I use constantly are "When the disrespect starts, you disconnect", "Parents have to become more comfortable with their child's discomfort" (I discovered I was guilty of being a "fixer" and not often enough letting my child suffer consequences or work out her own problems and lastly, "Keep your tone business like and brief...no explanations". I subscribed to the Total Transformation when my 9 yr. old daughter was going through a difficult year at school which was greatly affecting our home life as well. The results were immediate! I loved that they were concise and in "everyday terminology"...I often take out the program and listen to it as a refresher when I am feeling defeated or uncertain of how to handle a situation. I know, for a fact, that his wisdom and knowledge has helped me to become a better parent and I am deeply grateful for that. What a wonderful teacher he was. My condolences to his family and friends.

Comment By : JW

I had only recently began reading this newsletter to help my 7 year old son who has started to act up in school and had already found some good strategies for him when I read the news about James. I hope his legacy will still live on to further guide parents like me who are struggling with raising good kids.

Comment By : monica

Empowering parents/James has given me alot more useful information/advice than we received from a psychologist my son was seeing for several months. My deepest sympathy to all.

Comment By : karen

We will miss him very much!! Thanks for all of the advice! I hope the website continues, it has brought our family great advice and hope for the future!

Comment By : stotmom

He had a soothing voice. I always learned something from his one minute messages. I am sorry to know that he is gone but I pray his work lives on. Prayers sent out to his family and friends.

Comment By : Mary

Mr. Lehman's legacy will live on in his down to earth programs. The lives he has changed are a testament to his dedication and wisdom. My family has used his advice and I think we are all better people for it. When we stray or come up upon adversity with regards to our personal relationships all we have to do is listen to the words and follow his advice. Thank you James Lehman for what you have done. You will truly be remembered as a great influence on many people. Our family included. Our prayers to the family of Mr. Lehman.

Comment By : R. B. in PA

I wish that I was writing this thank you to James instead of to his memory, but I would like to thank his family for sharing him with all of us through the years. I pray for God's comfort and blessings to you all. I don't know how long I have been receiving the Empowering Parents newsletter, I only know that once I discovered it I was estatic to be empowered with such a wonderful down to earth resource that I could use both as a parent and professionally in my work as a social worker. As many people said, I didn't know James Lehman personally, but felt like I did. For those of us who had rough beginnings in this life and used that to make us better people to help and serve others because of it, we had that in common. I learned so many things from Mr. Lehman's work, but the most profound for me personally was about Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Finally I had found insight into my oldest son and learned tools that I could and do use to help him be a better and happier person. I have shared many of the articles with the families that I serve and will continue to share this resource with the families and community I serve. James Lehman, in sharing his knowledge and expertise has made me a better parent, social worker and human being. To your journey!

Comment By : dapple

What a great loss! As a parent, educator, and counselor I have relied on James as a valuable resource. His work has helped me to help so many others. He leaves behind a great legacy. I hope his family and friends continue his work.

Comment By : Lola44

I so looked forward to James' email updates - often passed them on to my sister and friends. He was so helpful and really turned my thinking around on parenting my teenagers. I am more calm, less crazed parent because of his wise words. You are a blessed man, James, and we will miss you so much. Rest in Peace.

Comment By : margaret



I just want to say THANK YOU! James!!! I know he is now in the arms or our Creator from whom, he never was separated. Im spanish mom who learneed from his invaluable program how empower my self and my daugther, too. Gracias. I always will love him.

Comment By : Luz Marina mom from New Jersey

I am saddened to learn of James passing. I ordered the program "Total Transformation" and tried to implement technique which worked during the time I used it. I also enjoy reading the weekly newletter "Emplwering Parents." Best wishes to James' family and continued success for his legacy on Parenting.

Comment By : PRJohnson10

My prayers are with James' family; may GOD's arms wrap around you and bring you through this difficult time. GOD only takes the best and he definately found a wonderful Angel in James....So glad to know EP will continue on!!!

Comment By : Mommyof3

With all these glowing testimonials of how James Lehman helped hundreds of thousands of parents and children. It will be important to have James and his message live on, through effective marketing, and word of mouth, by parents who swear by his method. I know I have done my share of advertising. God Bless James, his family, and the company / people who supported him.

Comment By : wb/oregon

I am very sad to hear this. He has helped me tremendously. I am grateful for his advice. God bless him and his family.

Comment By : Michele

I am saddened to hear about James. Please give his family my condolences and tell them they are in my prayers. I have been trying to use some of his techniques with my son and am starting to see some small improvements. My son and I aren't fighting like we used to and it's nice. I'm sure he is up in Heaven smiling down on all of us.

Comment By : mtmom

I am so sorry to hear about James' passing. I am a new aubscriber to his newsletter and I am already feeling much better about myself as a parent. I thought I was such a failure but reading James' articles has made me understand that I just did not apply the right skills. I am now feeling more confident and hopeful of guiding my teenage son on the right path. He will be missed but I am confident his team will continue his good work in helping parents in the guidance of their children. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Comment By : Elizabeth Kenny

James Lehman will be missed. Thanks you for all helpful tips with my son. The Lehman family will be in our prayers. God Bless & confort all Mr. Lehman's family, friends & collegues. April, Florida

Comment By : April

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of James Lehman. It came as a complete surprise and I am ashamed that about my second or third thought was, "Where am I going to get my advice?" What a loss for so many people. Please give my condolences to his family.

Comment By : Hazel Daniels

I am so sorry to hear of his death but so very proud to be one of the any people effected positively by his life. I work with families daily to help empower them in parenitng their children. I cannot not tell you how grateful the program and newsletters are to families. My prayers are w/ his family, friends, & co workers...God Bless & continue this wonderful legacy.

Comment By : kenoshafamilies

I only got to know James through his ads and products but there was such an admiration for him in me that it made what I know of him very personal for me. He is one of only a very few media personalities that I wish I could have met. He has obviously touched and helped the lives of countless people with his wisdom and I intend to share his story with everyone I know that could benefit from his teachings. Thank you James for being there when I needed you.

Comment By : Tom V.

'Well done good and faithful servant'- may you be richly rewarded! I am moved to tears for a man I never met, because he brought me the precious gift of hope. He cut through the confusion and frustration and showed us a clear and good path. May his family find comfort in the knowlege that they had the privelge of holding dear a very, very wonderful man. My prayers are with you.

Comment By : Jan

James has been instrumental in my dealings with parents in that I relied heavily on his sage wisdom on how to help students. His work will live on and on.

Comment By : Wisconsin school counselor

James will be missed dearly by many! I am very happy for that day when I bumped into the website. James' topics and newsletters has been instrumental in my service with youths I've worked with in my community. My heart has been very sad since I've learned of his passing..but I'm also happy that his work will continue to help our children and youth all over the world. Thank you!

Comment By : DJ

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. He will truly be missed!! I have relied heavily on his newsletters and special articles to guide parents through parenting out of control teens.

Comment By : Michelle A.

My heart felt sympathy to James family, friends and co-workers. He will be missed. Through his articles of out of control teens has helped me deal with my teen. God bless.

Comment By : MW

I have always enjoyed learning about how people think and learning about how I think. Learning to Total Transformation has alot to do with understanding why behaviors occur, a person's way of thinking and how my thinking can change the situation into something positive. James had a gift of just sharing common sense approaches that made people accountable for what they did. It seems simple but is something we overlook and protect ourselves from. I think that is what I remember most. Don't make excuses, just be accountable. I have read many books and listened to many speakers on the subject of raising children and James was by far the most informative. He told you why something was happening and what you could do to change the behavior. I found him fascinating, really really fascinating.

Comment By : TeresaQ

Like many of the people here, I also only got to know James from his ads and products. But what a great ads and products they were. I truly admire James and his dedication for this cause to raise kids with behavioral problems. May God bless him and his family and all the people he has helped worldwide.

Comment By : Ruslan

I never met James, but viewed his CDs and read most of the "Empowering Parents" newsletters. I am a grandma and so appreciate the help for my grand kids' parents. James' advice was so practical and possible; one knew it came from a heart that cared, and a life that has experienced both ups and downs.

Comment By : Mary Kate

My initial reaction to the news James had passed was a deep feeling of loss. Not that I ever met James face-to-face, or talked with him and had a personal connection of a personal nature, but that he has given me hope, strength and insight in dealing with the difficulties with my son. As is the case with everyone who knows of The Total Transformation Program, James gave so much comfort and aid in the sometimes horrible and seemingly unending conflict of dealing with a child with extreme behavior disorders. The gift James gave was verifiction that you are a "Good Enough Parent" and the peace of mind that comes with the understanding you can draw the lines and stand for the right, not feeling guilty or powerless. In my son's case, the transformation came within me. With the tools and points of view James communicated, I began to see how to accept my child as the child I have not the one I wanted him to be. The struggle for my son, James, continues and it is with the hope that James Lehman has given me, both through his example and his words, that my child may yet see the life that James offered for kids with behaviorial problems. I want to say Thank You my friend, you will be remembered with great fondness.

Comment By : MDHall

For years, I have devoured each eletter, and it's always been pertinent information for the time. James had such wisdom and insight, and such a succinct way of presenting that information to the masses of hurting parents. He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with his family now as they grieve.

Comment By : Dawn L

My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of James. I never met him but would have loved to. He was such a wise man and truly wanted to help the troubled teens of the world. The articles are so helpful and make the parents feel like someone really cares. I am truly saddened and may God Bless his family. He will be missed.

Comment By : Marsha

I celebrate James's life and the legacy he leaves behind. What a remarkable man. He made a huge difference in so many lives, and found a powerful way to bring his message to so many people. Blessed, blessed man. Thank you, James.

Comment By : Alexandra

James was a blessed man, he was God's gift for us, parents. I am deeply sorry and May God be with his family always.

Comment By : Consuelo

Never have I heard news like this about someone I never met and felt such a sense of loss. James helped my wife and I so much with parenting and we still listen to the CD's regularly. The program has been our anchor to becoming the parents we want to be. I feel like I've lost a friend and a coach, and in a wierd way, almost a parent. He truly gifted and will miss him greatly. Luckily he left enough of himself in this world that his gift will keep giving for years to come.

Comment By : Church Saufley, Shelbyville KY

What a great lose! What!! How? Its really a bad news to hear, a bitter pill to swallow, James a man of great reputation to leave us suddenly to eternity with all the good stuff is painful but God knows why he allowed this to happen to us when you are so much needed. May God keep you till end of time when all shall meet and share the good things once again. James thee well. And to your family may the good Lord be their comforter in this hard times. James may God be with you.

Comment By : Augusine Baiden

I will be forever grateful for James and his common sense approach to parenting. I am a therapist and used his program to educate parents who had sent their children to me to improve the child's behavior. It turned out after their parenting classes, they learned they needed to change, as well, and learn more effective ways to parent. It has turned it around for every family. The biggest thing I think the program does it make each person aware of the deficits in how we were parented and allows healing and aa change of direction from the core out. Awesome! Thank you, James and God bless you and hold you till we meet again.

Comment By : Dr. Sally Beck, Minnetonka, MN

God's blessings on his family and friends. As a Grandmother who was at her ropes end with a Grandson, James clear call for respect and discipline was hope extended to me and I was able to continue. Thanks for your wisdom and grace, James. God's speed to the reward that awaits.

Comment By : P.Berry

How fortunate are we all to have been enlightened by the teachings of this positively amazing human being who was so driven to share his knowledge with the rest of us! To change another's life in a positive way just one time in life is surely admirable, but this man was truly a prophet for guiding those involved in any aspect of a child's life and helping us to be the most effective teacher to allow them to reach their fullest potential. We are all responsible to honor his memory and carry on his message so that future generations will continue to benefit from his invaluable insights in to the mind of a child. Condolensces to his family, friends and coworkers as their loss is greater than those of us on the outside can help with. Just know that this man has and will continue to help our world become a much better place because of his legacy. This gift is truly the greatest that any human being can leave behind. There are very few people who have had such a positive impact on the psychological advancement of the human condition as James Lehman has and his gift to us must be forever indoctrinated and never be forgotten. James may you rest in peace knowing that your followers will carry on with your mission. Love and peace to all....

Comment By : alyssa in towson, md

What a blessing it has been to have heard the wisdom James had to offer. It was truly a gift. My prayers are with his family. He will be missed.

Comment By : Marian

Very sad news, may God bless him and his family in such a big loss, we are going to miss him.

Comment By : Laura R.

This is a terrible loss. If the world had more people like James Lehman, it would be a much better place. The things he taught were from his own personal experience and were definitely from the heart. My sincere condolences to his family and all of his friends. Although I didn't know him personally, I feel like I did. He was a very wise man and knew what it took to turn things around in a positive way. He will be missed. God rest his soul forever.

Comment By : Loving Grandmother

James changed our lives. My son is a cancer survivor with PTSD, anxiety, and a lot of anger just below the surface. A few years ago I learned theres no excuse for abuse. This one thing that I learned from James program had huge impact on our communication, even in the worst situations. When I add to the mix all the other pieces of wisdom that I received from the program and emails, the results are too great to sum up. All I know is that my son is a 23 year old and when I say in a rational voice, dont disrespect me, he stops mid sentence and says, Im sorry mom. I owe this to James and I think about the lessons I learned every time I say it, which is not very often now. I have shared his lessons with many parents struggling to communicate with their children. James is a legend and his work will bless families through generations to come.

Comment By : Tish

I have only had the program for two months but have learnt so much! There is a big change around our house on how we handle the kids. They are responding much bettter and I don't feel helpless or like any situation is hopeless. James was indeed gifted and I thank him for sharing with us all. He is an inspiration to others; to come from his background and to make great choices and then help others can insire us all to pass it on.

Comment By : Rebecca

What a tremendous loss for the "lost children" of the world. James brought out son back to us after we used his program. We discovered that our son was both ADHD & Bipolar Disorder and his program was the key to getting him back. Dealing with a teen is hard enough, but throw that all into the mix and you have a ticking bomb. James' philosophy of life gave us new hope to have a relationship with out son. Because of his teachings, we very proudly attended his high school graduation Wednesday night and today are going to visit the college that he has chosen to attend. I NEVER in a million years thought this would be possible!!!! We have shared his programs and teachings with all our friends!! My only regret it that I cannot thank him personally. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Comment By : Thankful Parents

My mother in law had a great grand son who lived with her. He gave her very little respect. I ordered the program to learn how to help. One day she called me and asked me to come over. The boy had refused to get ready for school. I told him he had to get ready, his response was what if I don't. You will have to answer to your teacher and principle. This I had read in the course. He got up and got ready for school. No back talk or any problem.Thanks for the answers. They worked. Lowell

Comment By : Lowell

Our family's thoughts and prayers are with Jame's family. What a great loss to all, a man who could transcend so many levels and be so genuine. We all will miss his quick whit, his smile, and his guidance to us all! Rest in peace.. you will be missed sir.

Comment By : kwk2325

I was so saddened to learn of James' passing. I purchased the Total Transformation program over two years ago and found it to be the most helpful of all other products and therapy combined. No matter if your child is a difficult child or not, if a parent can start out using the principles and techniques James teaches, your entire family will benefit and your child will have the self-esteem and understanding of his/her responsibility of their own life and choices. I could not wait to get the newsletters and shared them with family and friends. James Lehman is an amazing man full of God like wisdom when it comes to raising kids. He will be missed.

Comment By : LeAnn

Definitely the best parent's and kids counselor. I'm appliying that in my own life and it is a bless. The world will miss a great man but heaven is receiving an amazing human. Thanks.

Comment By : aurora14

What a tremendous loss. My heart goes out to the family of James Lehman. His goodness and great knowledge will live on. He has probably helped more people than any one can imagine. A great human being indeed!

Comment By : A Grateful Mom

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the great memorial for James. And how great that he was able to build the Empowering Parents organization in the time he was with us. He has left us a legacy of powerful love and common sense. More importantly, he returned to us the legacy of our own children, so many of whom would be lost had we not had his teaching and example. We probably won't know for a generation just what a powerful influence James has had on our society and culture. But I believe it will show in how they live their loves and parent their own children. May God bless and comfort James' family in this time of sorrow.

Comment By : Dr Bob T.

So sad to hear the news of James. I once thought of moving to where he was so that I could see him in person to get help in raising my son. Just not good news. Sorry for everyones loss.

Comment By : Joni S.

I hadn't checked my email and now I am in shock. I can't even tell you how James has helped us to parent. He is and was an amazing person. Now I have to abosrb all of this. My thoughts are with all of those who loved him and his family.

Comment By : Mary

"There's no excuse for abuse". What a powerful message that reigns in my mind everday. When I 1st heard it, I thought my child does not do that but when I dug deeper, I realized that his argumentative nature that he freely and disrespectfully exhibited to me was just that, abuse. I am a new subsriber and am working through the program with some success and lots of work ahead. I am so saddened to hear of the loss of such a wonderful man that has truly been an influence on so many parents in search of answers to common issues for the ones they love so much, their kids. I pray that God will bles his family in his honor!

Comment By : Sharon

The lessons I learned not only helped me be a better parent but it has helped me in all of my relationships. James legacy will continue to go forward through the generations. Thank you.

Comment By : Sandra

I'm so sad to hear of James Loss. The world has lost a great man and a wonderful person who has helped so many young people. His advice has been so helpful to me in giving me hope with my teenage kids. I was so distraught the first time I called in to order the Total Transformaton Package. I remember James got on the pnone with me and talked with me, there was no rushing me off the phone, just giving me advice & reassuring me that I could work through the situation I was dealing with my Teenager at that time. James was so helpful & I felt so much better and more empowered when I got off the phone thanks to his advice. The Total Transformation package & the Empowering Parents newsletters are such powerful tools in helping me with my two teenagers (1 girl, 15 and 1 boy, 18) and I'll be prepared for my 10 yr old boy when he becomes a teenager (actually I'm using alot of the advice on him now too). And now we get the news that James has passed. I was so shocked to hear he was even sick. My prayers are with his family. God Bless.......... Thank you James Lehman for all your knowledge you have shared with us!! YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!!

Comment By : crjoncin6

What a lovely man he was and how inspirational for all of us to learn to make the most of what we have and to see that life's challenges can be a blessing if we choose to find the positive that is hidden in all things. How we choose to look at things can change the things we look at!

Comment By : cassel50

I will hold James' family and loved ones in prayer. James has left a wonderful legacy that will live on in all the lives he has touched, directly and indirectly. He developed something he was truly destined to develop. It is powerful. It is good.

Comment By : Alan

I am all sympathy for family,and friends,his vision and clear style really helped and still rereading his articles helping deal with our 14yr old boy..lot of THANKS ...Thankyou MR.JAMES


Where do I begin to give incredible thanks to the Program that James created, when our now 23yr. old (only child) daughter was 20 decided to move to southern California, we live in the Seattle area that was a journey that began done a long road, 1 month after turning 21 we knew it was time to try and reach out and bring her home, she was heading done the drug and alcohol path. We spent a month back and forth on the phone during her journey back up to us partying all the way, my good friend Jeannie had shared with us about James and we got his program, daily we would listen to his coaching and then communicate with our daughter, we are so grateful for the tools we learned that changed ourlives on how we communicate as a family and with our daughter, who is on the Deans list in college and just this morning told us she got a 3.7 for this past semester! We want to send our love and prayers to his family, he will be missed! What an amazing Man!

Comment By : The Piester Family


Comment By : RJH

James work has touched many lives. As a private practice clinician I am always exploring wasy to help the teens I work with. The Total Transformation has been the one program that WORKS! I have set up groups for the parents to attend to learn more about the program and for additional help and support with implementing the program. This has really been a benefit to many parents who ust needed the support and understanding of kowing they are not alone nor are they "bad parents". I have learned that being an ineffective parent is something we can change and praise the LORD for James pointing that out...I am certain this is one man I will have the opportunity to meet in heaven...until then remember the next thing James will see is the gloroius face of our Savior Jesus Christ!!!

Comment By : hope, health & healing

Having spent some time with James when he came to Maine on a regular basis for his visits he always managed to find the time to sit and talk with me. It was always an enlightening experience. His childhood was similar in some sense to mine so we did connect. I am pleased to still be helping others for over 4 years now and always have James in my mind when I do.

Comment By : a friend

James touches the lives of our family everyday; so much that we often say, "Now, what would James do?". Our prayers and sincere appreciation goes out to his family and staff for being there now and in the future. The principles and techniques we are learning are shaping our family to communicate in the most positive and productive ways possible and for this we are forever indebted to this program. The Beard Family

Comment By : The Beard Family

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. His legacy will live on as his wise teachings will pass to many generations to come.

Comment By : Renee CT

James, Thank you for giving me the tools to deal with the garbage I have carried into adult hood, the courage to re-parent myself, and the freedom to embrace parenting my children. I am just completing the program, and already the change is fantastic. It gives me great joy to know that the skills I have learned here will affect the generations that come after me. I thank God for all you have done for families everywhere.

Comment By : Stac

I just came across the email now, of his passing, so I am sorry to send a belated story and thankful that you continue on in his memory! Your emails are so helpful to me that I never delete them! In my Inbox, I have a huge list of Empowering Parents, that I refer back to and am happy to know they're right there. I think you should compile them into a book, if you haven't already!

Comment By : psmary

It took me about 5 years after hearing of The Total Transformation Program from my dad, to purchase it for use especially with my son and step-son. James Lehman is a God-send, and he will be sorely missed by his family and friends, I'm certain. I will think of his family often, as you all go through continued healing of losing James, your loved one. To all his friends, family, and fellow family-helpers, my love and sympathy go out to you. Thank you for all you do. God Bless You All.

Comment By : Cindy B.

I'm sorry to hear of James' passing. I have many emailed articles from him in my file I still refer to, even after my daughter is now a 20 y.o. single mother and still difficult to deal with at times. He was truly gifted and I thank God for his life and calling, and am grateful to know his teachings continue even now.

Comment By : judy cpa

Today is October 31, 2011 and I have just learned about the passing of James Lehman. I discovered his wisdom only two weeks ago while searching frantically on the internet for ways to help my 14 year old daughter and our family. I've printed stacks of his aritcles for my husband and I to gleen as much information as possible. His words made so much sense to me as I read about respect, responsibility and consequences. I do feel much more "empowered" as a parent! I was looking on the internet to find out where I could hear James speak when I read about his passing. I wish I could have had the privelage to experience the energy of his passion first hand. His wisdom will live on and thats the greatest legacy anyone can hope for. My deepest symapthy to his wife and family.

Comment By : Janice

I too have found great comfort in his program. It is logical and helpful. I started using it when my kids were small and it's giving me a foundation for consistency and avoiding manipulation. I'm very happy with it. My condolences to his family.

Comment By : brandi

I just learnt to know that Mr.Lehman passed away in 2010 .It is a great loss for all of us!My deepest sympathy to his wife and his son.

Comment By : htwe

Was just watching TV at 3 AM. ( March 2, 2012) Couldn't sleep. Listened to James on an old infomercial by chance. My son is now 22 and in trouble. I heard what I should have done and may still be able to do. Was sad to see James had passed when I Googled to try to send him a message. James was a genius and his knowledge lives on. Thank-you

Comment By : enlightened

Thank You James.

Comment By : Don

We just got the Total Transformation Program and LOVE it. I was googling to send a 'thank you' note to James because this material is amazing. I just found out that James passed away in 2010. So saddened to learn this. Thank you all for continuing with his work and making it available to the world!

Comment By : Shannon

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