Effective Parenting

Chasing the Myth



A little while before my son was born, I started on a quest to track one the world’s most elusive creatures. There have been times when I think I am really, really close and have caught glimpses of this rare beast over the past 20 years. I’ve seen something out of the corner of my... Read more »

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7 Reasons Why Nagging Doesn’t Work



No one starts out wanting to be a nag -- it just seems to happen.  If you're the parent of an ADD or ADHD child, it can even become second nature, since these kids get distracted easily and are often forgetful. It may seem like reminding your child to do his homework is a good... Read more »

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4 Tips for a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship


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With today’s climate, there seems to be more focus on the concept that “more is better.”  We seem to allow our kids to participate in “more” sports, “more” music, “more” friends, and “more” toys.  Somewhere along the way, have we lost the focus of parenting and substituted indulging in its place? I think the key to... Read more »

Raising Children of Character: 10 Tips For Parenting



This week, EP Blogger and counselor Scott Wardell shares his thoughts about how to build character in kids. We think you'll get a lot out of what he has to say! And please chime in if you have some good tips of your own to share. — Elisabeth Wilkins, EP Editor Make Parenting Your First Priority:... Read more »

“My Child Has Bad Manners — What Can I Do?”



We all want our children to have good manners, but it can be a hard thing to teach them at times!  I think you should start early with kids -- manners can and should be taught to children as soon as they begin to talk.  (Saying “please” and “thank you” are the basics.) I've found... Read more »

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