Calm Parenting

Patience. It’s something many of us in the Empowering Parents community wish we had more of. In a recent poll, we asked readers about how you respond when your children act out. An overwhelming number of parents expressed the desire to develop more patience with their …Read More

Routine & Structure

Let’s face it: many of us are not morning people. And getting yourself and your family out the door can be a challenge. However, like with so many things, both you and your child can improve your morning routine by adopting a few organizational strategies. Why are mornings so stressful in general? …Read More

Backtalk and Attitude

“You’re not going to the concert and that’s final.” “Sam’s mom lets him go. Why can’t you let me go?” “I don’t care what Sam’s mom does. And anyway, why should that matter? I told you if you didn’t bring your grades up, you couldn’t go.” “That’s not fair! You never …Read More

Technology and Kids

Bullying incidents are no longer limited to the playground or the locker room. Cyberbullying, the latest form of bullying sweeping across middle and high schools, is pervasive. And the recent rash of suicides by kids who’ve been mercilessly cyberbullied certainly sets off alarm bells. Keeping up with technology can seem overwhelming and …Read More

Stop defiant behavior for good!

With her husband deployed, military mom Bobbi Pack experienced temper tantrums, backtalk and physical abuse from her son Ethan. "You think you failed as a parent." said Bobbi.

The Total Transformation changed everything for the Packs. "We were happier, we were healthier. I felt like I can breathe and get back to what's important."

Discover The Total Transformation
Health, Nutrition & Safety

I’m a psychologist married to a psychiatrist. And, yes, I know how many of us it takes to screw in a light bulb! Between us, we treat people aged 2 to 92 and attempt to raise three of our very own offspring. Ask us what we worry the most about with our …Read More

Effective Parenting

“It’s not fair! You’re always yelling at me, even when it’s not my fault!” Sound familiar? The minute you say no, or set limits, or try to enforce the rules, your child immediately says that you’re not being fair and that you always pick on him.  He overreacts constantly to routine requests and …Read More

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