Adolescent & Teen Behavior

Are Teenagers Selfish, or Just Cocooning?



Just a few years ago, it was, "Can I get you anything while I’m up, Papa?" and "Look what I made for you at school today," as well as "Let me make you breakfast in bed." Today my daughter Riley is fifteen, and I consider myself lucky if I can get her to look me... Read more »

Does Your Teen Have Senioritis? 5 Tips for Parents



Does your teen have a bad case of senioritis? If so, he or she may be skipping school, slacking off on projects, and generally treating school as if it's elective rather than compulsory. Needless to say, this can be challenging for you, your child's teachers—and your teen, too. It's useful to remember that this too,... Read more »

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How to Say “No” to Your Willful Teenage Daughter


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I realized recently that if I'm going to protect my daughter, sometimes the answer has to be "no."  This isn't the fun part of being a parent. My daughter looks so mature. She tells me she can handle it; I can trust her. She has it under control. She’s so convincing. It sometimes feels like I'm talking to someone... Read more »

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Dealing with a Rebellious Teen? 4 Ways to Manage Their Behavior



If you are living with teenagers, you know that they want their freedom and they want to do things their way.  These years can be stressful for both the teen and the parent.  Here are several reasons why I think teens might behave rebelliously... along with some stress management strategies that, in my opinion, can help you... Read more »

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