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mother having negative thoughts about her child

What to Do When You Dislike Your Child



Parents don't want to admit an ugly truth—that sometimes they don't like their child. If you feel this way and are scared, it's okay. Parenting is challenging and often emotional, especially when our kids are defiant, disrespectful, or not who we wanted them to be. We all have expectations for how our kids should grow... Read more »

Mom talking with teen son on couch

Your Child Is Not Your “Friend”



The emotional role of the parent is built on love, affection, and esteem. It's an essential part of being a parent, and it's a beautiful thing to behold. But your role as a parent is not just emotional. And your child is not your friend. Indeed, much of the parenting role is functional. For an... Read more »

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Mom and adolescent son

4 Tips to Help Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms



"My 13-year-old daughter's bedroom is a complete mess. It looks like a tornado just ripped through it. And when I ask her politely to clean it up, she either ignores me or throws a fit!" If this sounds like your child, you're not alone. Many parents who use the Empowering Parents coaching service complain about... Read more »

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