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How to Manage Aggressive Child Behavior

By Janet Lehman, MSW


I’ve talked with a lot of parents who feel out of control in the face of their child’s anger and aggression. In fact, I can’t tell you how many moms and dads have said, “I feel like I’m failing at parenting." In my opinion, it’s not so important why you as a parent aren’t effective... Read more »

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Poor Hygiene in Children: “My Kid Stinks-Help!”

By Sara Bean, M.Ed.


“My kid is such a pig! I can’t take it anymore!” Every day we talk to parents on the Parental Support Line whose kids won’t shower or brush their teeth for days—or weeks—on end. Maybe your child refuses to put on deodorant or wash his face. Perhaps your daughter wears the same lived-in clothes every day... Read more »

Your Child Is Not Your “Friend”

By James Lehman, MSW


There is a purely emotional part of the parent/child relationship that is built on affection and esteem. Parents and children are genetically geared to love each other, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. But there’s a stage where parenting becomes a functional role, not just an emotional role. With infants, the emotional role shows when... Read more »

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