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mom hugging her teen son

4 Steps to More Patience as a Parent



Patience. It’s something many of us in the Empowering Parents community wish we had more of. In my coaching sessions with parents, I often ask parents how they respond when their children act out. Most express the desire to develop more patience with their kids. But what exactly is patience? For many people, including me, patience... Read more »

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Mom hugging daughter

Less Is More: The Perils of Over-Parenting



Have you ever noticed that when things aren’t going right, particularly with your kids, your knee-jerk reaction is to do more of something—not less? If they are not listening to you, you most likely raise your voice, rather than lower it. If they are struggling with something difficult, you jump in with loads of ideas,... Read more »

Chronically Late Kids: Let Them Pay the Price



“My 14-year-old son is late for everything. It’s always, “In a minute,” or “I’m almost ready.” He’s not a bad kid, but he just doesn’t seem to understand that there are people waiting for him. The last straw was when he made us miss the beginning of our daughter’s high school play recently, even though... Read more »

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