Child Behavior Problems

Is Boot Camp the Only Option for Your Child? Read This First



Have things become so difficult with your teen that you’re considering sending him to a boot camp? You’re not alone. Many people first find Empowering Parents and The Total Transformation® Program when they are searching the web or information on behavioral boot camps for teens. It’s not unusual to reach the point where you consider... Read more »

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School child being bullied in school hallway

My Child is Being Bullied—What Should I Do?



Empowering Parents caught up with Peggy Moss, a nationally known expert on bullying and a tireless advocate for the prevention of hate violence, to discuss bullying and what parents can do when they suspect their child is being bullied. And what they can do—together—to try to stop it. Q. Are name-calling and teasing just part of... Read more »

child having a temper tantrum

Managing Your Child’s Meltdowns and Tantrums



The parents I've worked with often have ineffective ways of responding to and managing their child's meltdowns. They either go to one extreme and yell, threaten, restrain, or even spank the child, or they go to the other extreme and give in. In both cases, the parent may stop the meltdown, but they haven't taught... Read more »

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When My 13-Year-Old Son Hit Me



This week, my 13-year-old son's verbal abuse turned physical for the first time. Needless to say, the incident really shook me up, and I ended up scheduling a call with my Empowering Parents coach for help. Here’s what happened: My son refused to eat leftovers at home the other night. He wanted to go out for... Read more »

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Ask Parent Coaching: How to Help an Antisocial Teenager



Dear parent coaching: Help! My teenage son is a basement vampire. I have a problem with my 14 year old son and have not read anything similar about this on other blogs. My son doesn't want to be involved in ANYTHING! We have tried sports, dog training, piano lessons, drums in band, church activities, fencing, 4-H -- you name... Read more »

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