Child Behavior Problems

Very angry teen girl saying "I hate you mom"

Anger, Rage and Explosive Outbursts: How to Respond to Your Child or Teen’s Anger

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Everyone gets angry at times—children and adults alike. Anger is an emotion that can range from slightly irritated, to moderately angry, to full-blown rage. And it can happen quickly. A child's anger naturally makes us feel uncomfortable. As a result, we may try to appease our children, give in to their demands, or avoid certain situations... Read more »

Mom talking to teen with attitude

How to Deal With Your Child’s Attitude



At Empowering Parents, we often hear from parents who feel frustrated at their teenager's bad attitude and irresponsible behavior. Whether it's doing well in school or keeping a job, some kids just don't seem to care. And many teens have what James Lehman, creator of The Total Transformation® child behavior program, calls a "dreamer" mentality.... Read more »

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Mother confronting daughter about lying

Sneaky Behavior: How To Manage Kids Who Lie and Steal



Sneaky behavior such as lying and stealing are some of the hardest issues for parents to deal with. When your child lies and sneaks around, it can feel like a betrayal and begins to feel like a moral issue. You start to question their character. You may start to dislike your child. Let’s face it—many of us were... Read more »

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