Child Behavior Problems

Unmotivated teenage boy staring blankly

Motivating the Unmotivated Child



Over the years, many parents have asked me why their kids aren't motivated and what they can do about it. How can you get your child to be more motivated? To do better in school? To even go to school? The important thing to remember is this: your child is motivated. They’re just motivated to... Read more »

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Mother looking disapprovingly at teen daughter who violated her trust

Risky Teen Behavior: Can You Trust Your Child Again?



Do you feel like your child has messed up so badly that you might never be able to trust him again? Has he wrecked the car, been caught drinking or using drugs, stolen something from school, or gotten involved in vandalism? As a parent, you are probably feeling hurt, embarrassed, and disappointed—and you wonder, “Will... Read more »

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Teenage boy showing disrespect

The Jekyll and Hyde Child: Targeted Behavior Problems



For many children, behavior problems are not universal; they’re targeted. Targeted at dad, at mom, at the stepmother, at the fiancé, at a sibling. The following two case studies reveal how normally charming and compliant children can become defiant or even abusive with one person in the family. James Lehman examines why this happens and... Read more »

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