Child Behavior Problems

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How to Talk to Your Child About Marijuana: 4 Responses for Parents



In 2014, Colorado voters in the United States passed a landmark law legalizing the sale and purchase of marijuana. Fast-forward to 2020 and more than 40 states have laws legalizing marijuana is some form, including several states that have made possession and recreational use legal. Canada legalized marijuana in 2018 and similar movements are underway... Read more »

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Stop Aggressive Behavior in Kids and Tweens: Is Your Child Screaming, Pushing and Hitting?

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“You know the kid that no one wants to play with? The kid who stands alone at recess or lunch? Who never gets invited to birthday parties? That’s my kid. And it breaks my heart.” When a child is aggressive toward others—hitting, screaming, pushing, throwing things—the natural response of others is to avoid this child.... Read more »

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